Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela asking Payal to take care of herself, and come back till afternoon. She asks where are you going. Payal says why do you want to know and leaves. Sheela thinks to stop Ayesha and asks her to be at home as she has called a Baba ji to help her in getting back her memory. She says I loved Pankhudi a lot, and she also used to share everything with me. Ayesha says was she a fool. Sheela laughs and says go but come home before afternoon. Ayesha says yes and leaves. Ayesha says where is Adi. Adi comes and asks where is she going. She says Arif’s office. He says I will drop you. She says no thanks.

She asks him to control Gabbar else she will kill him. He says I will drop you, come. He says wjhy did you get so much ready if you are going for internship. She says what problem do you have. He says fine. They leave in the car. Payal comes to meet the doctor and is tensed. The doctor asks are you ok if you need some time, you can think again, take your time. Payal gives her the consent letter. She says she is sure. Payal does the payment by Rubel’s card.

Adi and Ayesha are on the way. She eats a lot on the way. She says we will be late. He says I will drop you on time, don’t worry. He ties the seat belt and the juice falls on her. She scolds him. He says we will go home, you change there. They come back home. Ayesha calls Arif to tell him she will be late. Adi says she does not understand it’s a mistake. Ayesha tells Harish that Adi did a big mistake today, I can’t act like Pankhudi anymore. Adi comes there and hears this. He is shocked. He takes her phone and hears Harish.

Harish says relax, I will talk to Adi, don’t stop acting please. Adi asks what acting dad. Harish is shocked. Ayesha thinks its good if all this stops. Harish tells Adi that Ayesha is acting to be Pankhudi. Adi says what, but why. Harish says even she don’t understand. He says she is under pressure and now she is acting, to keep up everyone’s hope. Adi says I did not pressurize her, I promise you I won’t do this. ADi says for all of us, she is Ayesha. Harish ends the call lying to him. Adi tells Ayesha that he will wait his entire life for her. He leaves. Ayesha sees Pankhudi’s pic and says Adi loves her a lot.

Payal does the abortion. The doctor says don’t worry, you can go home in some time now. Payal cries.Sheela tells Pankhudi’s family that she called a specialist to check Pankhudi. Bau ji asks where is everyone. Adi comes and meets them. He says I will call Ayesha here. He asks Ayesha to come. Ayesha comes there. Ambika says we are leaving for Kullu now, take care. Diwakar asks Adi to bring Ayesha there.

Bau ji asks Ayesha to be happy. Mama says lets leave now. They leave. Sheela sees Ayesha and says be at home. Ayesha asks why. Sheela asks her to rest. Sheela says the Baba ji should come now. Adi comes back and says I have work at home. Sheela calls the Lakkad Baba and says don’t come here today, as Ayesha is not at home. Payal comes home. Sheela meets her and asks her is everything fine. Sheela says I know you are going to give good news, I saw pregnancy kit in your room, its good you did not tell anyone, we will tell everyone.

Rubel comes and Sheela runs to him. Sje says it’s a good news, Payal is pregnant. Rubel is shocked and looks at Payal. He asks her did you not feel bad for once, did you not feel to take my support in this decision. Sheela asks what happened. Rubel shouts on Payal and says who gave you this right to take this decision. Everyone come out. Sheela tells Adi that I said Rubel he is becoming dad and he is angry on Payal, ask him why. Adi says congrats. He hugs Rubel. Rubel starts crying. Adi asks Shanky to bring sweets. Rubel says there won’t be any celebration now. He says Payal has aborted the child. Everyone is shocked.

Rubel asks Payal why did she do this. He says I m your husband, you should have asked me once. Sheela calms down Rubel. Rubel says I hate her, she has killed my baby. Adi consoles Rubel. Everyone cry. Rubel says I m saying the truth, she killed my child. Rubel says she has showed us that everything is over between us now. He says what was the need to write my name and number on the consent form, so we got to know this. Sheela says why will Payal do this. Rubel says I just came to know this.

He says when I was in office, I got a call. The FB scene shows the doctor confirming the consent issue with Rubel. He asks Payal why did she do this, she would have said him if she was not ready. Adi also scolds Payal. Payal says enough now. She says everyone are saying Rubel’s child, what was not my child. She says it was not an easy decision for me, I tried to talk to Rubel, but he does not have time for me. She says did I not call you, say, you said you will call back, did you call back, no. You did not meet me in morning. Rubel says shut up this nonsense.

Sheela kicks out Payal from her house. Payal says even I won’t leave here. Ayesha stops Payal.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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