Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani talking to Harish. She says I will meet Nilofer and explain her that Ayesha loves Adi. Adi runs after Ayesha. He catches her and says now where will you go. She says please no, leave me. He holds her hand as she was about to slip in the pool. Adi holds her face and she looks at him. She holds his hand and it starts raining. He says you won’t be able to take off my hand now. She runs. Music plays……………. Tu hi tu mere paas hai…………….plays…………… Adi looks at her as she goes to stand under the shade.

Adi walks towards her. Adi gets closer to her and she hugs him. She moves away and he holds her. Aur mohabbat hai………….plays………….. Adi touches her and kisses her hand. She holds Adi’s face and they have an eyelock. Adi goes ahead to kiss her. Ayesha surrenders and they have their first kiss. He senses something and moves away from her. He steps back looking at her. Ayesha is puzzled with his sudden strange reaction. Ayesha thinks what did she do.

Nani comes to them and says I m happy that Ayesha likes Adi, why don’t you accept this. Nilofer says no, I spoke to her, she is doing this for humanity. Nani says I know she came in Diwaan Mansion at night and told him that she remembers about Pankhudi, why can she lie to her mum, she loves Adi and wants to be see him happy, this is her love which is growing for Adi. Nilofer leaves annoyed. Nafisa says aunty, you took right decision, thanks for the support. I will explain my mum. Nani thanks her and leaves. Nafisa smiles.

Sheela is excited for the function in pub. She asks Shanky to call Anuj. Sheela and Payal argue. Nani says stop it now, go and get ready. Adi thinks about him and Pankhudi’s intimacy which he did not feel with Ayesha. He leaves that place to go home.

Rubel comes home happily and says Avantika is upset as she is missing this out. Harish comes and Sheela says whats this, I was finding you, how can I do all work alone. Nani asks Harish not to worry. Harish says this would have not happened. Rubel says lets call Adi now. Sheela says lets wait, Adi went with his Pankhudi. Rubel says fine. They see Adi back alone and looking lost. Everyone get worried seeing him in drenched in rain and asks where is Pankhudi.

Adi says I don’t understand dad, I don’t know. Nani says we will ask him later, Ayesha will also come now. Ayesha comes home and is upset too. Ruksaar asks how was the date with Adi. Ayesha says what did I do, I can’t stay here now. Payal brings water for Adi. Adi starts crying and says Pankhudi……….. He says my Pankhudi……….. Sheela says what happened to her, where is she. Adi says I could not find Pankhudi. Payal asks what. Ayesha packs her bag and tells Nafisa that she can’t stay here. Nafisa asks what happened, tell me.

Ayesha says don’t trouble me, I have to go, I can’t stay here. Nafisa asks whats the matter and thinks maybe something happened between them, what will I do if she goes, I have to stop her. Rubel asks Adi to go and change, when Pankhudi comes, we will send her to your room. Adi leaves crying. Rubel asks whats wrong, listen to me Adi. Adi comes to his room and shuts the door crying. Nafisa thinks maybe Arif can stop Ayesha now, I have to meet him. Shanky comes and asks Ayesha to come as Adi is behaving weird.

Adi looks at Pankhudi’s pic. Nilofer comes and asks Ruksaar whats going on. Ayesha runs to Diwaan Mansion. Adi breaks down as he has understood that Ayesha is not Pankhudi, and he failed to find his Pankhudi. He hugs her pic and cries. Everyone is tensed thinking what happened between them. Ayesha comes there. Everyone look at her. Nani asks her what happened to Adi. Adi comes and says wait Nani. He walks down the stairs. Ayesha gets tensed.

Adi asks Ayesha who is she. Sheela says she is your Pankhudi. Adi says she is not my Pankhudi. Ayesha looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. It was high time for Adi to realis ! Finally !!

  2. Yeah n this is better for him

  3. Pakhuni had tattoo of Adi’s name Na…wat a twist

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