Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poonam saying Adi is nice. Ayesha gets sad and says yes, I told you. Poonam says I will see you tomorrow and leaves. Adi comes and says Poonam is interesting. He leaves. Ayesha goes to Adi’s room to get her phone. Ayesha sees the drums and says I don’t know anything. Sjhe cries feeling inferior. Adi comes and asks what happened. She says I came to take my phone. She leaves looking at Adi. Payal knocks outhouse door and is drunk, saying Nafisa come out. Poonam hears her and comes out. Rubel comes and says sorry Poonam, she is my wife Payal, she is drunk. Payal says she will not leave her, as she tried to separate them. Rubel lifts her and takes her to their room. Poonam helps him. Rubel thanks her. Poonam says Payal has muscle cramps. I will get medicines.

Payal says Rubel…….. Rubel holds her hand and cries seeing her. He kisses her hand and cries. Poonam comes and sees this. Poonam gives the medicines. Rubel thanks her for her help. Poonam says don’t worry, she will be fine. She leaves. Its morning, Ayesha wakes up and says I woke up without alarm. She sees its 7 am. She says she had to make Adi and Poonam meet by jogging plan, Avantika will scold me, I will first go and wake them up. She comes out and Avantika stops her. Ayesha says she planned to make Adi and Poonam meet. Avantika says follow me and shows Adu and Poonam jogging together. Ayesha is shocked.

Avantika says I think they met yesterday night, and they became great friends in one meeting, they look happy together. Avantika says I was telling Ayesha, see Poonam she is particular about her fitness. Adi says yes, she is particular about her career too, its good I got company. He asks Ayesha to wake up early as she can join them. Avantika says she can’t get up early. Adi leaves. Avantika says she felt glad seeing Poonam with Ad, and she can take how much time she wants to take her decision. Ayesha gets upset.

Poonam asks Ambika did she take her medicines and shows her concern. Ambika says you talk like Pankhudi. Adi is shocked. Poonam manages the situation. Adi leaves. Ambika says Poonam managed well. Avantika says I have meeting and she is busy. Poonam tells Ayesha about Payal’s state at night. She asks who is Nafisa. Ayesha says she is my elder sister. She says Nafisa was the reason between Rubel and Payal’s complications. Poonam says Rubel cares a lot for Payal. Ayesha says Payal should understand this.

Poonam asks Rubel about Payal. He says she is fine, thanks to you for medicines. He apologizes to her. Sheela hears this that Payal was drunk and created scene, She says she has to talk to Payal. Payal comes there. Sheela scolds her. Sheela asks her to be careful as Rubel can go out of her hands. Payal says he is already gone. Sheela says Rubel will go to someone else, if you do this thing. She leaves. Payal says I know you don’t want to be bad infront of Rubel, its fine, I will not be quiet and won’t let Rubel do this.

Avantika gives the cheque to Harish. Harish thanks her. She asks him to do his film’s preparations. He is thankful to her and hugs her. Payal sees Poonam watering the plants. Poonam introduces herself and says you came yesterday night at outhouse. Payal does not remember. Poonam says you were over drunk and was calling Nafisa, Rubel was with you and took you to the room. Payal asks was he with me. Poonam says I don’t know, but Rubel was very concerned for you, I felt glad and I wish my husband is also like Rubel. Poonam says you are lucky and leaves. Payal thinks about Rubel.

Poonam says her brother’s shopping list came, can you take me Ayesha. Ayesha says yes, but Adi will take you. She asks Adi to take her. Adi says sure, but I can’t be along with her as I have important meeting. He says Ayesha you also come and you both do shopping. Ahyesha says she is not well, you guys manage. Adi says there is no fever, don’t do drama, I will get your fav icecream, come. Adi takes Ayesha, leaving Poonam behind. Poonam gets irked.

Poonam asks Ayesha does she not love Adi, if he is so concerned about her. Adi brings water for Ayesha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. What is wrong with Avantika…same story that happened to Pankhudi. Initially when Ayesha was shown, she was different, but now everything is like before, same dresses, same style.. how can two strange people be exactly same. I think the writer and director forgot what they wanted to show us.

  2. Guys, did u get this.. When these happened in pankhudi avantika fixes lathika for adi now it’s poonam.. I guess these writers will make marry poonam with adi’s next cousin.. As lathika was married to rubel,May b nani’s son’s son.. This drama is the same.. Please writers change the track..

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