Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Avantika thanking Pankhudi. She hugs her and smiles saying I m so proud of you. Anuj says yes, we all are proud of you, your trust won once again today. Everyone smile. Avantika says lets go home now. Everyone come home. Varun says Amrita is fine now and Vikram took her home. Vikram and Amrita come there. Vikram says I came here directly from the hospital. He apologizes for everything he did with them. He says he understood his dad today. He says I was mistaken to think money buys everything, but now I understood you will win hearts only by goodness, not by money. He apologizes to Varun. Varun forgives him. Vikram says my name is not mine. I m sorry Varun. He apologizes to Kaira.

He thanks Pankhudi for teaching him to win by losing. He says you are very good and this is the difference between me and you, I m sorry, forgive me please. Everyone looks on. He says Adi is really a lucky guy to get a wife like you. He says I felt I will lose my child and I understood the importance of children for parents. He apologizes to everyone. Amrita and Nani smiles. Harish hugs Vikram. Harish says you did the mistake, but you are regretting now. Avantika also forgives Vikram. She says whom am I to forgive or punish you, she says everyone wants to lead in business, but you should not take the wrong way.

Vikram asks can I take Varun and Kaira home. Varun says lets go. Adi says Kaira will not go from this house. Everyone are shocked. Adi says Kaira will not go, I would have stopped Varun too, but he is your brother, so take him. Pankhudi asks Adi whats the problem, Vikram has changed. Adi says its Vikram’s house. He says I can’t trust Vikram again, maybe he is acting, its just a game. Vikram says I understand your point of view. He says trust me, I really want to take Varun and Kaira home. Rubel says I m sorry Vikra, but I agree with Adi. Sheela says Kaira has to go. Adi says I don’t believe in old traditions.

Adi says I can’t risk Kaira’s life. Vikram apologizes to Adi. Adi says we all accepted your apology, but its about Kaira. Pankhudi says Adi is being selfish. Adi says I m a brother, you won’t understand this. Adi says I m sorry and leaves. Pankhudi asks Avantika to take the decision. Avantika says I think Adi is right. I think Varun should become independent now, he has to survive. Rubel says she is right. Nani says yes Vikram, we should not hurry up. Pankhudi says ask Varun and Kaira first. Amrita needs her family too. Rubel says we need to think practically, Varun and Kaira should stay with us.

Vikram says fine, take some time to think, I know I did wrong and you can’t trust me. He says I will accept your decision, I will call for your call. He leaves with Amrita.

Avantika apologizes to Varun and says Adi is concerned about Kaira, if you want to go to Vikram, you can. Varun says I don’t want to stay apart from Kaira. Everyone smile. Sheela says I don’t understand. Anuj says Adi is saying right. He says we have to think wise. Bau ji talks to Nani and says I feel Vikram accepted his mistake and we should not break any house. He says I m going back now, I request you to send Pankhudi to our home for one week. Nani says you can take her now. Pankhudi says no, there is so much tension here, I will go later. Bau ji says fine and leaves. Sheela asks Anuj how can we keep Kaira here. Anuj says we will send them later, not now. Kaira and Varun should live independently.

She says if Nanu was alive, he would have also wanted Kaira to stay with her family. Vikram apologizes to Amrita and asks her to trust him. Pankhudi comes to meet him with Bau ji. Vikram welcomes them. Bau ji says I m going back. He praises Vikram for taking the hard and true path. Vikram holds his hand and thanks him. Pankhudi says give us some time, everything will be fine. Vikram says yes, I want Kaira and Varun to be happy. Vikram and Amrita greet Bau ji. Bau ji asks them to be happy. Amrita asks Pankhudi to keep visiting and brings Varun and Kaira too.

Varun is upset thinking about Vikram. Kaira comes to him. She asks what do you want. He says I don’t understand. Kaira says I want to stay with Vikram and Amrita. Varun smiles. Nani hears them talking. Kaira says I will talk to Adi and explain him. Bau ji asks Pankhudi to follow her heart. Pankhudi says we should not separate the brothers. Pankhudi comes home. Sheela tells Avantika that Varun can’t be here. Avantika says Varun has to be make his identity.

Pankhudi says yes, but he has to stay with Vikram, I met Vikram and he really changed. Adi comes and tells her that its Vikram’s planning. He says I don’t trust him. They argue. Avantika says we will discuss it later. Khanna comes to meet Vikram. Khanna asks Vikram to think about the deal and ruin the Diwaans. He asks what did you get accepting your mistake, call Varun and Kaira back and make Adi caught again. Vikram is shocked.

Khanna plans against Adi and asks his man to do Adi’s accident..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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