Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts wit Adi hugging Ayush and saying thank God you are safe. Ayush laughs and says I won, I told you they will come to come me. Adi asks what. Rubel says they are my friends, and Ayush’s so called kidnappers. Adi asks whats going on. Rubel says I did this to make you come back home, and I started thinking, then I saw Ayush, and he was leaving home really, I stopped him. The FB shows Rubel seeing Ayush leaving with bags. He stops him. Ayush says he is leaving home, as everyone is fighting and mum is sad. Rubel says you want to stop this fights and want to see Maa happy, so do as I say, sit I will explain. Rubel says lets play a hide and seek game. He says you hide somewhere, and Adi, Pankhudi and Avantika will find you, and then when Adi meet you, he will hug you tight and not let you go anywhere, and Maa will be happy. Ayush agrees to play.

Rubel says all thanks to my friends, we executed this plan. He thanks the men and they leave. Avantika asks Rubel are you out of your mind, how can you behave so childishly. Adi says no, Rubel did the right thing, as we were behaving maturely. He says after knowing about Ayush, I did not understand that my anger and leaving home can’t change the fact. He says I was running away from Ayush, blood relations does not break easily. Adi cries. He says when I came to know Ayush is in problem, I came here without thinking anything, I will take my brother with me. Ayush smiles.

Adi hugs Ayush and apologizes to him. Ayush says its fine, I have forgiven you. He says a brother can’t be annoyed with his brother. He says I have a condition, you have to regard me as Rubel. Rubel says no, he will regard more than me. Adi talks to Avantika and she thanks him. She cries and says you gave me life’s biggest gift by accepting Ayush. Adi and Ayush hug her. Pankhudi thanks Rubel for uniting family. Rubel says we are family. Avantika thanks Rubel as she got Adi and Ayush today. She smiles and says lets go home.

They all come home, while Sheela is worriedly waiting. She asks Anuj to call Rubel. Anuj says see they came. Sheela gets happy seeing them and says the money bag also came, great, I knew my children will beat the goons. Adi says no beating needed. She asks what. Rubel says I will tell you, Ayush was not kidnapped. He tells everything. Payal is shocked. Anuj says you did great work Rubel. Sheela says he is my son, intelligent one. Adi gets Harish’s call and goes out. Payal seems to be unhappy.

Adi goes out and meets Harish. Harish asks about Ayush and Avantika. Adi says Ayush came home and mum is fine. Harish says I was so restless. Adi says I will tell you superhit film story, come. Avantika thanks Rubel as she got Adi back. Sheela says give some time to Harish. Payal says yes, if there is any mistake, I m blamed. Rubel asks why are you talking like this. She says Rubel did not inform me and I got to hear scolding. She says no one cares for me in this house, else no one would have blamed me for kidnapping. She leaves.

Harish says what was the need for Rubel to do this, I was worried for Avantika. Adi says why are you hiding it, I know its tough, but after going far from mum, no one is happy, and we should end this now. Harish says I don’t want to talk. Adi says till when, whole life, till finish this relation. Harish says what do you mean, is it easy. Adi asks do you love mum so much, that it hurts even to think this. Harish says I m happy you accepted Ayush and your mum, but for me, I have just one son and will always be. Avantika hears this standing far. Harish leaves. Adi comes to Avantika and leaves.

Anuj says blood calls blood, else Adi would have not run for Ayush. He asks Rubel are you sure your friends won’t tell anyone about Ayush. Rubel says don’t worry, they are my close friends, they won’t tell anyone. Everyone start getting calls together. Sheela says no, nothing like this, you are mistaken. Sheela tells Anuj that newspaper people called and asked about Ayush. Adi and Avantika say yes, we got the calls. Payal thinks she did this, sorry, but as everyone blamed her, she informed the media. Adi says how have done this, please ignore this calls. Rubel says I think we have to take help from media houses. Avantika says no, its better to ignore calls. Ayush asks what happened, tell me whats the problem, I will solve it.

Pankhudi says really, fine, we will do painting. Ayush goes with her. Sheela says who told this to media. Payal says such things don’t hide. Sheela doubts on her. Rubel asks Payal to go to her room. She leaves. Avantika comes to Ayush. She says I wish Harish was there with me, I don’t care about society. Adi should learn to control anger, take care of him. Pankhudi leaves. Avantika sees Ayush’s painting and he keeps a place for Harish, as he is annoyed with her. She thinks.

Harish calls Adi and says who informed the media, how is Avantika, it will be tough for her, take care of her. Adi tells Pankhudi that life is unpredictable. Pankhudi says yes, we have to face it. Shanky says media came to talk to Avantika. Adi says I will handle them. Pankhudi says handle well, don’t get angry. He says I can’t let them talk to mum. They go out to talk to reporters. They ask is Ayush Avantika’s son? Adi says calm down, Diwaan Mansion always kept personal life away from media. They ask him to call Avantika.

Everyone come out. They ask Avantika, the city mayor to comment is this son illegitimate, they have to answer us, it means she had an affair, don’t run. Adi starts bearing them. Avantika stops Adi. Payal looks on. They ask Avantika about her affair before marriage. Avantika looks on.

Avantika talks to Mr. Singh and asks her to know duties of the chair, and she has to resign from her post as people will point on her character. Avantika stops Adi from saying anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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