Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Latika interexchanging the mobile numbers of Payal Sharma and Payal Mittal with each other in Rubel’s mobile. She thinks now it will be fun. Rubel comes to his cabin to take his mobile, Latika hides, Rubel takes the mobile and leaves. Latika smirks. Pankhudi thinks why the meeting is in Dad’s house. She calls Rubel and asks him to give credit card for shopping for his marriage. Rubel says it is going on a fast pace as he didn’t talk to Payal. He sends message to Payal 2 that reads their families are going to fixed their marriage and asks are you willing to marry him. Payal 2 replies she is willing to marry him. Rubel gets happy. Pankhudi asks Kaira about her health. Kaira says she is unwell and thinks she don’t have dengue fever. Pankhudi says she will take her to the hospital. Kaira says everything is speeding up. Pankhudi says Rubel and Payal likes each other. She says Payal said she likes Rubel. Rubel is driving his car and is smilingly about Payal’s saying yes to him. He thanks God and Payal.

Latika tells her mum that she needs to find out about Payal 1. She says she appointed a spy who will keep an eye on Payal 1. She gets a call informing her that Govardhan mama is going to some restuarant with Payal 1. She thinks to go there. Payal 1 and Govardhan mama waits for Rohit in a restuarant. Rohit comes and says you should have booked the table in a five star hotel. Govardhan mama says Mumbai have so much traffic always and you will get time to adjust here. Rohit says Mumbai is made for him. This city needs me. Govardhan mama asks him to share his business plans. Rohit says you won’t understand and but marks my words nobody can stop me when my plans gets success. He says he can only make Payal happy and asks him to convince her Dad else he have to elope with her. Govardhan mama says you can’t do that. Govardhan mama says we shall leave now. Payal 1 says she wants to talk to Rohit for 2 mins. She asks him, why you talked to him in this way. Rohit says he can’t pretend and presented him as he is? Payal thinks what if Govardhan phupha ji didn’t like him. He asks her to trust him. They hugs each other. Latika takes their photo in her mobile.

Sheela tells Avantika that she distributed sweets in her dholpur. Anuj pulls her leg. Avantika asks him to stop pulling her leg. Sheela says her bahu is laughing on her. Anuj tells Payal 2 that Sheela is good at heart and assures Payal’s mother that they don’t differentiate between Kaira and Payal 2. Sheela suggests engagement/roka to be done tomorrow. Payal’s mother agrees. Adi says it is final.

Kamini tells Govardhan that Payal 1 have refused to go to Deewan mansion. Payal’s father asks about Rohit. Govardhan mama says he is good for nothing. Kamini says they have a good alliance of Rubel and asks him to understand Payal 1.

Sheela tells Pankhudi that she is thinking of doing the roka and then engagement and followed by marriage. Sheela says lets hope Kaira will be fine by tomorrow. She asks her to call Kamini and asks them to come with Payal 1. Pankhudi asks her to call herself as it is a big thing. Sheela says she is my friend and will come. Pankhudi calls Kamini and says Sheela mami wants to have roka tomorrow. Adi says to Pankhudi that mom is excited for Rubel’s marriage. Pankhudi says she is excited for Rubel’s marriage. Kamini tells Payal 1′s father and Govardhan that Sheela wants them to come to Deewan Mansion tomorrow. Payal 1 refuses to get engage to Rubel. Govardhan mama tells her that Rohit is not a good guy and he is bad characterwise also. She says she will adjust with his earnings.

She asks them not to emotionally blackmail her and says she will marry only Rohit. Her dad says ok, get marry to him and see my dead face. Kamini asks him to speak good. govardhan mama says we want your happiness. Payal 1 agrees. She calls Rohit and tells everything. She says they will think of a plan. Rohit says they have to eloped. Payal 1 says she will think something.

Avantika asks Payal 2, whether she is nervous? Payal 2 says yes. Avantika says it happens with everyone. She says life is big with so many ups and downs. And says she have to take care of the ups and downs. She says Rubel is a nice guy and his trust have broken down once and he won’t break your trust. She asks her to rest for the big day.

At the roka ceremony, Both the Payal’s gets up while Sheela proceeds towards Payal 2 surprising Pankhudi, Payal 1 and Kamini.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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