Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Harish urging Adi to eat something, but Adi says I can’t and says I am sure Pankhudi would not have eaten anything there. Avantika tells Pankhudi that Harish might surely make Adi eat the food. Harish says Pankhudi must be eaten the food by now. Avantika says, Harish doesn’t want me to donate the kidney. Harish says, if she faces any problems then…Adi says your wife is stubborn and my wife too. And we can’t live with them for even two hours. Avantika says, they will call us for sure and asks Pankhudi to eat the desert. Pankhudi eats the kheer. Sheela gets angry and calls Payal’s dad but he didn’t pick the call. She thinks to call Govardhan mama. Kamini wakes up and asks Govardhan to take the call. Govardhan pick up the call and asks, what

is the matter? Sheela says, your niece didn’t leave any wayout for us. She asks him to make Payal understand. Govardhan says sorry and says I will make her understand tomorrow. Sheela says I am keeping quiet because of you else I would have….Govardhan mama tells Kamini that Payal will cut our nose.

Payal recalls Rubel’s words and cries. She recalls seeing Rohit with Latika in the club. She gets Rohit’s message that reads I am waiting for you outside the deewan mansion. She goes to meet him. She thinks everyone have slept as the light are off. She comes outside and pushes Rohit. Rohit asks, what happened? Payal asks, why you did this with me? you lied to me and I trusted you. You said you served me mocktail but you lied. Rohit says I got a call and I had to leave.

Payal asks, who was that girl? Rohit says, which girl and says, you might be mistaken? Payal asks, who was that girl? Rohit says she was my cousin. Payal asks, then why did you lied? She can’t be your cousin. Rohit says, she was my cousin. Payal asks, why did you lied to me? Payal cries and says one more lie. Payal asks him not to lie anymore. And says I am safe here because of Adi and Pankhudi. She says Pankhudi was taken by the police and she didn’t complain about me at home. She says Adi and Pankhudi supported me and Rubel supported me.

He loves me but I never reciprocated his feelings and this is called love. Rohit says I am fighting with your phupha and dad because of you. I am doing everything for you. Payal says I know what you wants. Rohit confesses to spike her drink and says I did this to trap you but Pankhudi was caught. What is my mistake in this. Pankhudi is in the hall and proceeds towards the door. She comes out. Payal slaps him hard and asks him to leave from her house. She says I don’t want to listen to you and says it is all over between us. Pankhudi comes and sees Rohit leaving. Payal turns and faces Pankhudi.

Pankhudi angrily comes to Payal and asks, is he Rohit? Payal is about to say. Pankhudi says I don’t know what you want? You want to convince me with your talks but you will never change. I already gave you so many chances but you lost it. I will not go against my family to save one relation. Payal says you are right and upset with me and asks her to listen to her once. Pankhudi says, why you doing mistake purposely? Payal says I was a fool. I had decided to tell everything to Rubel next day but I got Rohit’s call. And I trusted him. I want to move forward leaving behind my past. Pankhudi asks, what is the guarantee that you want to live with Rubel. Payal says, I will go to any way to fulfill the relation with Rubel. Pankhudi says I am giving you a chance for Rubel and takes her inside. Sheela and Anuj come out and sees them.

Anuj asks, what are you doing here? Pankhudi says we were just talking. Sheela says you were backbiting about me. Pankhudi says, why we will do that. Sheela says I have many reasons to send you out. And asks Payal to leave after giving the jewellery. Anuj says, Sheela you are over reacting. Sheela asks Payal not to take Payal’s side this time. Payal apologizes. Sheela asks her to go. Pankhudi says, Payal won’t leave from here. She asks her to think about Rubel. She says, he loves her but is upset with her. She convinces Sheela to give a chance to Payal. Sheela gives her last chance. Anuj asks Payal not to worry about Sheela’s saying. Pankhudi tells Payal that I hope you will adjust with our family this time. Pankhudi comes to her room and talks with Adi’s photo. Adi says, don’t give me credit. She searches for him. Pankhudi says I won’t talk to you.

Pankhudi tells Rubel that Payal is leaving the house. Avantika says what is wrong with you? Rubel says I can’t change anyone’s personal decision and says is that fair if family members suffers because of one person.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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