Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nafisa persuading Ayesha to go and celebrate marriage anniversary with Adi. Ayesha says she can’t, as she is not Pankhudi, she does not have any right. Nafia insists. Ayesha gets ready and says I did not tell mum. Nilofer comes there and says go and sleep now. Ayesha says I will go and meet Adi, please, last time. Nilofer says fine, go in morning, sleep now. She makes her rest. She makes her sleep. Ayesha thinks she has to go to Adi. Ayesha opens her eyes to be awake. Adi does all the preparations for the anniversary. She is eager to meet her. He gets ready. Ayesha thinks mum wants me to sleep, where is Nafisa, she did not come to help me, I will keep an alarm and wear the earphones.

Adi says all set….. Its going to be 12 now. Everyone clock shows him 11.30 and he thinks clocks are not working, else time is delayed. He smiles and says can’t wait to see you. Nilofer says Ayesha slept, she is mad, and takes the phone away. She sleeps by her side. Adi says 10 mins more, will she come, why not, be confident, she will come, I will go down to do the arrangements, all the best Adi. The alarm rings. Ayesha asks Nilofer to stop her phone. She sees the reminder and sleeps.

Rustam talks to someone and says I need some pics of Kullu land slide. The man says I will send some pics. Ayesha wakes up and says its 12, I have to go now. She leaves slowly. Nilofer says you won’t go to meet Adi. She talks in sleep. Ayesha leaves. Nafisa says you go fast. Ayesha says am I doing anything wrong. Nafisa says no, else I would have not supported you, go. Rustam gets the victims pics. He says ots large file, so not coming. He calls Dr Chopra and asks him to send all pics on his office fax tomorrow.

Ayesha comes in Diwaan mansion and says why is it so dark here. Adi shows her a video of him and her. She smiles as Adi narrates their story. Music plays…………. Adi comes and says happy anniversary, we got married twice, we were ideal couple, Pankhudi Adi. Adi does some shayari. Adi sits on his knees and says happy anniversary Pankhudi. She looks at him.

Adi says I was thinking about this day since 4 days, I was mad about this day, I did not think its ours, not mine. He says I did this to remind you, I felt you will remember everything, but I forgot Pankhudi did not forget anything, just some memories where from mind to heart, so she is here today. He says I know I do foolish things, you know me, but I promise I will improve and be a good husband, I promise till you tell me I will not claim my right on you. He moves away and says I promise. He pulls a rope and many thin cloth sheets come in between them.

Adi and Ayesha look at each other through it. Main tumhe, haan bas tumhe chaha karun…………….plays………… Adi walks towards her and she turns. Ayesha cries. Adi says the day when you remember anything, I will get my gift. Ayesha says Adi, and comes to him. She says you filled my maang against my family in Kullu. Adi is shocked. She smiles. Tujhe waqt kahe…………..plays…………… He thinks of their marriage. They have an eyelock.

Adi calls out everyone and shouts come down everyone, Pankhudi got her memory. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Is Ayesha pankhuri then

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    I thnk it’s imagination of adi

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