Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi telling Adi that he is very nice man and she is very lucky. She says, you are doing a right thing but your way is wrong. Mom and Mami ji will feel bad. Adi says, my brother is very selfless. he would never accept this chair if I offer him directly. Harish says, it will be alright soon. Avantika thinks, what is wrong with Adi. Rubel did his presentation perfectly. She asks for Adi and is informed that he went for personal work. Harish tells Pankhudi that this action is going to hurt Avantika and that’s why you have to be strong. Adi drinks the tea and says it is really bad. Pankhudi says, how will Rubel react when he came to know about this. Rubel calls Payal and asks why you are not picking the call. Payal says it is unknown number naa and says sorry. Rubel says it is a PCO number and asks her to save this number. Rubel says, I will come in 2-3 days. He asks about Sheela. Payal says she is fine and didn’t say anything. Rubel thanks her. He asks her to take care and disconnects the call.

Preeti comes home and sees Nirmala. Nirmala asks her, what happened in office as Sameer came home early. Preeti doesn’t want to discuss work. Nirmala says, Sameer is my son and I am worried for him. Preeti says, he is my husband as well and I am also worried for him. Minister tells Anuj and Avantika that their project will be passed as it is a clear project. Adi comes. Anuj says, we were meeting with him for the petroleum project. Adi asks them to do the meeting and sits to have snacks. Singh asks Adi to meet him at his office for the further discussion. Adi says, I am busy this week. Singh says, I am going out of India next week. Avantika says, you have to meet him. Adi says, we will postpone the meeting. Singh gets angry and leaves. Avantika asks Adi, did you realise what you have done. Adi says, you have fixed the meeting without my consent. Avantika says, we did wrong to make you MD. Adi says, why you are overreacting. Anuj says, your behavior is not acceptable. Avantika scolds him for his bad project and praises Rubel. Adi asks her to call Rubel then. Avantika says, he has gone mad. She asks Pankhudi to make him understand. She says I can’t see him like this. Did we do a mistake by making him MD. Sheela is happy though.

Adi cries in his room. Pankhudi supports him. Adi says, I can’t upset my mom. I have to take a big step. Pankhudi says, there might be some other way. Adi says, I have to take a final step at the interview. Pankhudi and Adi hug each other emotionally. Preeti tries to speak to Sameer. Sameer asks, what are you trying to do? If you think I am upset with you then I am not. I think you did wrong by firing those doctors. Preeti says, I am surprised why you have not fire them. She asks, do you have any issue with me. Sameer says no.

Preeti gets a call and is shocked. Preeti tells Sameer and says Doctor went on a strike. Sameer says, that’s why I told you not to fire the doctors. They leave. Pankhudi asks Adi to eat anything. Adi is not in a mood. Pankhudi says, I am hungry and I will eat. Adi says, you can’t make me eat. Pankhudi says, I am very happy that you will be freed from MD’s responsibility. She says, you have missed the pasta. Adi asks, you finished everything? Pankhudi says, yes I have eaten all. Adi says, I would have eaten if you ask me again. He asks her to order Pizza. Pankhudi says ok. Pankhudi feels bad for Adi.

Doctors tells Preeti to get back those two doctors. Preeti says you can’t blackmail the management. But they are adamant. Sameer says, we can make our rules strict. Preeti says, I will get the solution myself. Payal gives the plate to Pankhudi. Rubel comes home injured. Payal runs and asks what happened. Someone says about the accident at the site. Sheela gets hyper and says I asked you not to go there. Rubel says, I am fine. Sheela asks her not to be good. Avantika asks Pankhudi to call the doctor. Sheela tells Avantika not to show fake concern. Adi says, small accidents do happen here and then at the site. Avantika asks Adi not to be funny. Adi says, it is important to learn to be save. Sheela says, my son will not go anywhere. Padma says yes. Avantika says, let Rubel rest for now. Sheela says, I can take care of my son. She asks Mangal to take him to his room. Rubel says I will manage. Payal takes him to their room. Sheela says it is just a starting. Avantika says, bhabhi is right. Rubel will go to office from now. Adi says, then who will go to site. Avantika says, you will go there and work. Adi asks Pankhudi, where is his pasta. Adi worries for Rubel.

Adi tells Avantika that Purushottam Deewan is their company’s past and Aditya Kumar is the present and future. He says, we have to forget our past. Avantika slaps him. Everyone are shocked. Pankhudi is in tears.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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