Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pankhudi asking Vikram to take the right decision. Vikram tears the letter of his dad and says whatever I m is because of me, if my dad have adopted me and did a favor, then I have spent crores for his treatment. He says its good I came to know, I will not become like him. Everyone are shocked. Vikram leaves. Avantika looks at Pankhudi. Sameer’s dad supports Preeti. Even Sameer says the same and says Preeti did not use her parent’s power as I don’t like it. Sheela is worried and tells Anuj that Vikram is not Bhagadchand’s son, he adopted him. Varun is shocked and says how can this be, Vikram did not tell me. Anuj calms him down.

Varun says I m worried about him, how will he feel now. He says Vikram has always hurt my dad and he always had complains,

I can’t believe this, we are not brothers. Avantika scolds Pankhudi for making the wrong decision and trusting Vikram. Pankhudi says trust me, Vikram will change I m sure. Avantika says Adi should give up. She says if anything happens to Adi, then……… She leaves angrily. Pankhudi asks Adi to believe her as its about Kaira too. Adi trusts her. Vikram comes to his dad’s pic and is very angry. He says I know you might be happy that you made me lose, but I m still here, I don’t care. He says I want to know why did you do this, maybe to prove you are great.

He says I m happy that I m not like you. He says now I don’t want your name and values. He breaks the photo. Amrita comes to him and asks what will you do, he is your father. He says he is not my dad. Vikram says leave me alone. Amrita leaves. Adi comes to office and everyone stare at him. Adi says good morning everybody, don’t be surprised. He says when I m not guilty, I don’t need to run. I will not come here if I m proved guilty. Aparna tells him not to come. Adi asks her to find out who hacked his account. Vikram joins the pieces of the letter and thinks of Pankhudi’s words that his dad has given everything to him despite he had his son Varun.

Vikram gets a call and says I told you don’t call me, you will get the payment soon. Khanna says I have an offer for you. He asks Vikram to punish Adi and ruin the Diwaans. He says I will leave 150 crores. Vikram says but why. Khanna says if Diwaans are out of business, we can get some international tenders. He asks him to pass the wrong verdict. he asks is this deal on. Vikram says yes. Khanna says we will keep an eye on you. Everyone come home. Bau ji asks Avantika to trust him that Vikram will not do anything wrong. Avantika says you are experimenting with Adi.

Rubel gets angry and leaves. Pankhudi asks Avantika to have dinner. Avantika is annoyed with her. She leaves. Adi stops Pankhudi. Pankhudi tells him that she is sure Vikram will take right decision, trust me. He says I trust you and hugs her. Sameer talks to Preeti and says Vikram won’t harm us. His mum comes and asks Sameer to leave the job. Sameer says yes, but we have contract, else we have to give him advance and penalty. His mum says we will pay it if he is so bad, he can do anything and we should not be linked to them as Adi is ours. His dad comes and says I got a cheque and now you don’t need to work under Vikram. Sameer and Preeti are happy.

Sameer’s mum asks him to give the cheque to Preeti. Preeti smiles. Rubel asks Pankhudi where is Adi. Adi comes being tensed. Payal asks Adi to have breakfast. Avantika is angry on Pankhudi. She says come Adi, lets go. She asks Pankhudi not to come. She says there is no family get together, we will manage. Sheela says all the best to Adi. Varun says Vikram can’t do this, I will talk to him and stop him. Bau ji asks Pankhudi not to worry, everything will be fine. Pankhudi thinks about Adi’s words and tells everyone that she is going somewhere. She leaves.

Amrita asks Vikram to do justice and take the right decision. He says I think you all are mad, my dad is dead, don’t remind me what he did. She says so that you know that you don’t deserve to be called his son. Vikram gets angry. Panhudi comes to Aparna and doubts on her. Aparna gets tensed. She says I did not do this, trust me. Pankhudi says you accepted your mistake, we all know you did this, I will not tell anyone, don’t worry. Pankhudi asks her to tell the truth to everyone. Aparna says Vikram asked her to do this.

Pankhudi takes Aparna to the chamber. Varun asks Pankhudi to come soon as Amrita needs to go to hospital.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. Precap, why Varun telling Pankhudi about Amrita going to hospital???

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