Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ghalib saying how can this happen. The inspector asks Ayesha does she remember she married Adi. She says yes. Ghalib says I don’t believe this. The inspector says come with me, and leaves with Ghalib. Ayesha thinks one problem is over, now they will question me. She faints acting. Adi runs to her. Sheela tells Payal who was that guy. Payal says I don’t know. Adi makes Ayesha sit. Sheela says why does she faint so much. Payal says if she remembers about her marriage, it means her memory is back. Ayesha says I don’t remember anything. Sheela says then why did you say. Ayesha says that guy was after me in Lucknow, so I got rid of him.

Rubel asks her to take care. Everyone leave. Adi asks Ayesha what does she want. She says I want to meet Arif Sir, it’s a long story, lets go. He says but you are not fine. She says I m fine. Nafisa sings at the outhouse. Ruksaar asks her to stop singing, you sing moderate. Nafisa says you don’t value art. She thinks of Rubel’s words that she sings very well. Nafisa asks her did she see Rubel. Ruksaar says yes, 50 times, why. Nafisa says I saw him for the first time. Ruksaar says he is handsome like Adi. Nafisa says so what and leaves.

Adi brings Ayesha to Arif’s house. She says I will meet him, will you wait. He says ofcourse. He asks who is this Arif. She says let me meet first, then I will say. Adi asks shall I come. She says I have to talk private. He asks what. She gets angry. He says fine go. She says take care of the car till I come. She goes inside. Adi says who is this Arif. Payal says I have to tell about my pregnancy to Rubel, I can’t take such a big decision alone, I need to talk to him. She calls Rubel while he is working in office.

He says I will call back, I m going for an urgent meeting. She says I will wait for his call. Ayesha comes in Arif’s house and says can I meet Arif Sheikh, I came for internship. The guy says Arif does not meet anyone at home, go to his office. She sees a man talking on phone and runs to him thinking he is Arif. She sees him making a drawing. She says hi Arif, we met in Lucknow and you gave me an appointment. The guy turns and looks at her.

He leaves. She says is he avoiding me. She says I want to do internship here, Sir, we met in Lucknow. He does not hear her. She repeats. Adi waits outside. Ayesha says it will be your loss if you don’t give me a chance as I m talented. He asks can you justify the art. She says yes, I m the best. She says I did not tell my mum that I m coming here. Arif says what. She says Sir. He says tomorrow 9am sharp, because I like your confidence. She gets happy. Sheela talks to some Baba and says its Pankhudi’s ghost, come and meet her once.

Payal says I m sure Rubel forgot to call me, he does not have time for me. Ayesha comes out to Adi. She says I met Arif in Lucknow two months ago and I fell in love. Adi asks are you dating someone, do you love someone, is he Arif. Arif comes to meet Adi. Its Adi’s imagination. Ayesha comes to him. He says thank God, it was a dream. He asks who is Arif. She says I have to come here daily. He asks why. She says lets go home. Adi says I have to find out about Arif.

Sheela comes to Payal’s room and sees the pregnancy kit. She gets happy thinking of positive result. Ayesha tells same words like Adi dreamt. Ayesha says the fate won’t change. Adi says who is Arif. I m your husband and you can’t have any boyfriend. He says how can you be so indifferent. She says Arif is not my boyfriend, I m doing internship, I got it. Adi smiles and says Arif Sheikh, the designer. She says yes. She says my mood is good, take me to Ruksaar. He gets a call from Avantika. He says we are coming. He says we have a surprise at home, come.

Bau ji and Pankhudi’s family comes to meet Pankhudi. Sheela says Pankhudi has changed somewhat. Anuj says nothing like that, she came after a big accident, so she is disturbed. He says we have to call her Ayesha. Harish comes and sees them. Bau ji says we came to meet Pankhudi. Adi comes and greets everyone. They wait to see Ayesha. Adi brings her. Ayesha walks in. They are shocked to see her. Everyone get happy seeing her.

Adi tells Ayesha that this is her family. Her mum hugs her and cries. She sees Ayesha insensitive and says she is not my Pankhudi.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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