Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Manik chacha talking to Rubel and says he will talk to Anuj and asks him to handover the department in the office. Adi overhears him. Manik chacha says he is hopeful that you will took Bhai saheb’s business to new heights. Then he says, I will send Kapil to office. Adi comes to Rubel and says don’t get influence by him. I did a mistake and I don’t want you to do the same mistake. Rubel says he is not understanding why Adi changed his stand. until yesterday you was talking about Manik chacha and said he was great and blah blah. Adi says he wants him not to trust anybody. Rubel says if that is the case, then he will not trust even on him. Chachiji hears this silently. Preeti and Sameer comes to Anuj. Anuj says he is happy that you both will work from

this office. Sameer thanks him. Anuj says he have to go for the meeting and is about to go. Preeti stops him and says today is Raksha bandhan naa. She ties the Rakhi on his hand. She says I wish Avantika di was with us. She says we always celebrate this festival very much. Anuj says I wish Avantika was here. But Avantika didn’t come. He asks what she wants in gift? Preeti asks him to call Avantika back home. Anuj is speechless.

Avantika is in thoughts, Pankhudi comes and says don’t stop yourself. Dont hurt yourself and Mamaji. She says nobody can replace the relation of brother and sister. Avantika says I will go and thanks her. She says we will know about Chachaji’s residence till evening. Pankhudi says she will try to call Anuradha. Kapil comes there, Anuj greets him. Anuj tells him that Sameer and Preeti will work from here. Anuj says Kapil calculates everything in a min and says he is a born genius. Sameer says we will leave for the meeting. Anuj tells Kapil that he too will leave for the meeting. Anuj pats on his shoulder and he sees Rakhi on Anuj’s hand and gets shocked. He says how can I let this happen and thinks Preeti must have tied the rakhi.

Anuradha comes to Shanky and asks him for his phone. Shanky asks where is your phone? Anuradha didn’t say anything. Shanky gives his phone to Anuradha and asks her to make a call. Meanwhile Chachiji searches for Anuradha everywhere.She comes to Anuradha and shouts aloud Anuradha’s name. Anuradha is shocked. Shanky asks do you want anything to Chachiji. Chachiji says she didn’t see Anuradha since long time and that’s why concerned about her. She says Anuradha is like Revathi for her. She asks what they were speaking about. Anuradha says Shanky kaka was telling about the old tales of this family.

Shanky says he will go and sees if anyone is coming. Anuradha calls Pankhudi and says her phone is with maa. She says I want to meet you and will come to your house on the pretext of market. Pankhudi says ok. Avantika comes to the office and tells Peon to inform Anuj that she came. Peon comes and tells Kapil that Avantika madam came. Kapil says Anuj bhai is in the meeting and he will not be able to meet her. Peon says ok. Kapil wonders why she came here? Peon tells Avantika that Anuj is busy and can’t meet her. Avantika says fine and leaves. Latika tells Chachiji that Adi was very much impressed from your family and he can’t get suspicious on them. Chachiji tells Latika to instigate Rubel against Adi. Revathi hears this and thinks she should tell the truth to Adi.

Anuradha comes to Pankhudi and says she came to tell the truth. Revathi comes to Adi and tells him that you respected the relation of a sister and now I came to fulfilled that relation. She tells Adi that you was right, “will was tampered”. She says her father had changed nanu’s will. She says it was wrong and you have to know the truth. She says I kept the photo copy of the original will with me and thought to give it to you. Adi says from where you got this strength. Revathi says she got the strength from this new relation.

Avantika asks Why Anuradha came here. Pankhudi says she came here to tell the truth. Anuradha says we don’t have any business in Sultanpur and we used to run the house with Nanu’s money. He used to send us fixed amount every money. She says will was changed. Revathi says her father loves her a lot but she is scared about her mother. Anuradha tells Pankhudi and Avantika that Chachiji always scared Revathi. She says Kapil is walking in the wrong path because of his step mother. She cries. It appears Chachiji is the step mom of Kapil and Revathi. Kapil tells Chachiji, how he kept Avantika away from Anuj. Kapil then tells her that Preeti already tied the rakhi to Anuj. Chachiji asks Kapil to be attentive.

Anuradha says Manik chacha thinks his second wife loves his two childrens but it is not like that. She says Revathi will tell Adi about it and she don’t want Revathi to be in problem. She asks Pankhudi to do something. Adi says I will cross all limits to protect this relation. He asks her to wipe her tears. Chachiji comes and Revathi gets scared.

Pankhudi tells Adi, how we will deal with Chachaji’s family. Adi says he will go home and throw him out literally. Pankhudi says you will not do such a thing.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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