Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Avantika telling Harish that Vikram had everything planned. I know many people who will trust me and Adi. Its morning, Adi sits tensed outside the house. Pankhudi comes to him. She talks to him and asks are you afraid. He says no, I did not do anything wrong. She says then you should go office. He says you know me. She says yes, I want you to go. He leaves. Vikram thinks about Amrita’s words. Sameer comes to him. Vikram asks what do you want. Sameer scolds him for doing wrong with Adi. Vikram says so this is it. He says you brought this request to take the case back. He laughs on him. He says you told me that plans don’t work. He says its too late now, everyone has to pay for this, go back and work. Get out. Sameer leaves.

Vikram gets a call and is shocked. He says why can’t I sit on the chair if I m the head of dispute committee. He says Avantika, I will give the verdict at any cost. Sheela says its good that the media does not know about it. Rubel says don’t worry, no one will blame Adi. Payal asks Adi to stay at home, its not good if he goes office. Pankhudi says he will go, else everyone will feel he is guilty. Bau ji comes and everyone are happy. He says I want to talk about Vikram. He says Kaira will go back home happily. Rubel says I m sorry but that won’t happen. He says Vikram misused his wife’s reputation too. Sheela says now he will give the verdict against Adi.

Avantika says don’t worry, Vikram will not sit in the chair, we requested the chamber to appoint some other judge for this case. Avantika says it will be fair judgement. Avantika asks Adi not to worry. Pankhudi says no, Vikram should be with judge and he will sit on that chair. Everyone are shocked. Avantika says are you out of your mind. Rubel says we all know what Vikram will decide. Nani says are you sure we should trust Vikram. Avantika says I m surprised. Harish says maybe there is some logic. Pankhudi says I know you did this to save Adi, but till when will you save him.

Avantika says everything is not going to end. Bau ji says yes. He says Vikram will understand his responsibility if he sits on that chair. Avantika says are you kiddish. She says Vikram is cold blooded. Rubel says this is not a school. Bau ji says Pankhudi is right. Sheela says I think we should show Vikram the right way. Avantika says I don’t agree, its about Adi. Pankhudi says we have to make Vikram realize his mistake. Adi says relax, mum wants to know how can you be so sure. Bau ji says sometimes there is few things which can shake his root, I know few things about him. Avantika asks what is it.

Pankhudi thinks we will tell you later. Anuj says we have to decide. Avantika says I have decided, Adi is my son. Pankhudi says he is my husband. Adi says you are taking far. Pankhudi says I will make Vikram the judge. Avantika tells Pankhudi that if anything happens to Adi, she will never forgive her. Pankhudi says nothing will happen to Adi. Everyone go to the chamber. Nani says Pankhudi is right, but Vikram won’t be affected. Sameer tells his mum that Diwaans are his family. She taunts Preeti.

Preeti argues with her. She says I do everything for you all, to make you happy. She cries and says you can’t tell me anything like this. Vikram comes in the chamber and asks them why did they make him leave the chair. He says you are partial. He says Avantika is right, you are related to her. Vikram says don’t you trust me. They tell him that they accept Avantika’s request. Bau ji and Pankhudi come to talk to Vikram. Pankhudi says I m sorry to get into this meeting, she says Vikram can be the judge, we don’t have any objection. Vikram is shocked.

Pankhudi says we trust Vikram. The meeting is over. Everyone leave. Vikram asks Pankhudi why did she do this. He says you can’t influence me. Pankhudi says you can take any decision, I want it to be fair and right. Bau ji talks to Vikram. Bau ji says your father always did justice. Vikram says don’t emotionally blackmail me, my dad did not earn anything except his name. He says for me only money matters.

Vikram asks Bau ji what did his dad do that he was great. Bau ji says see his pic is still here, he earned a space in everyone’s memories. Bau ji calls a servant. Vikram recognizes him as his servant. Bau ji tells him that he was a servant’s son whom his dad adopted. Vikram is shocked. Everyone looks on. Bau ji says your name is not yours, and this truth shakes your identity. Vikram says I m not his son? Bau ji says yes. Vikram says why should I trust you, why. Pankhudi says its hard to accept this truth, so we brought him who has your adoption papers and a letter from your dad.

Avantika tells Pankhudi is things go wrong and if anything happens to Adi, then….. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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