Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Pankudi talking to Adi on phone… Adi says he knows that she went to Diwan mansion. He says that first he was upset but he later remembered that they have hidden this matter from her family.
Pankudi tries to talk but dint get the chance.
Pankudi goes inside and sits to talk with Mami.. Sheila and Latika wonders what Adi and Pankudi talked about.
Rubel Latika and sheila make a Plan B ! To bring Latika’s Mom to diwan mansion to include her in plan B..they were planning to tell Pankudi’s mamaji and mami about pankudi being the caretaker of the house. Latika first denies but then later agrees bcx Rubel said so.

mami tells Pankudi about Neha and asks if she noticed anything. Pankudi says she hasnt notice anything like that.

Nanaji comes and warns Sheila.. Sheila assures that Rubel wont do anything as such .

Mama returns ..Mami and Mama are chatting with Nanu ..when Latika’s mom comes and she starts doing the Daal cooking but Pankhudi proves to be Masterchef and deflects the hot oil..

Mamu and Mami take their leave , Shiela’s grand plan of revealing coming undone ..Pankhudi scolds Latika for her cheap tactics ..The Anuj family fall apart in internal squabbles which is brought to a grinding halt by Nanu who gives out a clear warning to Shiela and family..


Adi and Avantika are chatting , when Pankhudi walks in..Adi enquires about Mama n Mami.. Avantika gets alerted and gives a speculative look at Pankhudi when she comes to know that Pankhudi was at Dewan Mansion .. Before she can enquire further, Harish enters announcing that he has been selected to receive an award ..The event is sponsored by Dewan groups … Pankhudi realizes that this the moment when Harih’s lost esteem can be retrieved


Kayra has hurt her arms and is looking for first aid when concerned Nanu wants to know the reason..Kayra maintains a distance and runs away from him in search of the first aid box.. While rummaging through the box, Kayra has a flashback of herself playing and shanky telling her to stay put n play in the allocated area, the loud voice of Nanu yelling and Kayra cowering in fear..Kayra drops the medikit and runs away..


Pankhudi is about to leave for ehr job, when Avantika begins her mild interrogation..Pankhudi begins to stammer and looks flushed but Adi comes and advises her to calm down .. Avantika begins to wonder at Pankhudi’s sudden flights of fear whenever Dewan Mansion is mentioned ..

Adi enquires about the shooting spot of Pankhudi’s job, says he wants to surprise her


Pankhudi reveals her intention of getting Rubal to the award ceremony , Nanu supports her fully .. with Due blessings , Pankhudi begins to stroll towards her work place aka kitchen when she overhears Rubal telling someone on the phone that he will not be coming to the awards event.. Pankhudi does not like it a bit and immediately put her plan in motion ..she exploits Shiela’s love for glamour and gets her to come to the awards..

Shiela urges Rubal to accompany them to awards night.

Update Credit to: Nia

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