Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela and Anuj taking care of Avantika. Sheela asks her to have food. Payal leaves saying she has imp work. Anuj asks about Ayush. Avantika says he is sleeping in room. Pankhudi says yes, I saw him sleeping, once he gets up, he will be with you. She asks her to get ready as she has to take her to Harish. Anuj says no, things may get worse. Avantika says she is right, I have to go some day. Adi cooks for Harish. Harish says he is fine. Adi says I left you alone yesterday night. He burns his hand and Harish worries for him. Adi says my wound will be fine, what about yours. He says breakfast is ready, lets have it, we will have lunch together also. Harish hugs him.

Payal asks Sheela why is she favoring Ayush and liking him. Sheela says calm down. Payal says Ayush will get equal rights in Diwaan empire. She says Rubel has to share things with him. Sheela says you are not worrying about relations, but property, bahus join homes in this time, not break, I don’t want any fight with family, go out. Sheela sees Ayush sleeping and thinks Pankhudi told her and Anuj to take care of Ayush, and Avantika and Harish.

Pankhudi says they will be sure that family is with them. She asks Sheela to think as a mum and she can understand Avantika. Sheela says I know Avantika before you, and I understand her, you can say it with a right. She says don’t worry, I will support Avantika. She smiles and praises herself. Avantika and Pankhudi come to meet Harish. Harish asks Pankhudi what she has to say. Pankhudi asks her to understand Avantika. He says he could not understand her in all these years and thought he is not suitable for Avantika, atleast he is not a liar.

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Avantika says try to understand, I did not know Ayush exists. He says its not about Ayush, its about hiding this from me. She cries and says I know I was wrong, I did a mistake, please forgive me, just once. Harish asks Pankhudi to take Avantika and explain her to stop hurting me and herself, truth won’t change if she repeats the same thing. Pankhudi says I know its tough for you to accept this, is your love so weak that it breaks by a mistake. They leave.

Harish thinks about Avantika’s words. He gets cardiac pain and falls. Adi comes there with lunch and is shocked seeing him. He asks is he ok and worries. He makes him drink water. Harish is relieved and Anuj comes. He asks what happened. Harish says nothing, Avantika came and after this, I don’t feel good. Adi asks why did she come. Harish says same old things, I can’t handle it. Adi asks Anuj to be with Harish and he will be back. Pankhudi asks Avantika to relax. Payal says Harish can’t forget this till Ayush stays in this house. Avantika leaves. Pankhudi asks Payal why did she tell this. Payal says what wrong did I say.

Adi comes home in anger and asks mum where is she. Avantika comes and asks whats the matter. Adi says why did you go to dad, when you went, his health got worse. Avantika asks what happened to him. Pankhudi says she took mum there. Adi says you are making things worse. Avantika says tell me how is Harish, I will go and see him. Adi says no, you won’t go. He says I came here to inform that I m leaving Diwaan Mansion. He says I will stay with my dad from today. Everyone is shocked.

Rubel asks Adi how can he go. Adi says everyone has right to decide. Avantika asks why is he punishing Pankhudi. Adi says why did you do this then, if you want us to be happy, then stop this. Sheela stops him, but Adi leaves. Avantika says Pankhudi, its all because of me, sorry. Sheela says don’t worry, we know Adi’s anger, it will go soon. Pankhudi says yes, I hope dad is fine. Payal says see Pankhudi, all this is happening because of Ayush. Sheela talks to Anuj and asks about Harish. Anuj says he was stressed. Sheela says ok, keep us informed and tells what Adi told them.

Anuj is shocked. Sheela says if Adi comes there, try to talk to him once. Anuj says fine. Sheela tells Avantika that Harish is fine, don’t worry. Ayush comes and asks did Adi trouble again. Sheela says no. Ayush says I heard sounds. Avantika asks him to complete his painting. Ayush goes to draw. Sheela says I can understand Avantika, daughter does not feel its her Maayka after her parents die, but remember this house is yours and like Pankhudi, Anuj and I will support you. Avantika holds her hand and thanks her. Sheela says our relation is 30 years old, I want everything to be fine like before. Avantika says yes, it will be, I know.

Adi talks to Harish and Anuj. He asks Harish to take care. Harish says it happened because of stress, not Avantika. He asks Adi to respect Avantika as she is his mum. Adi says so much happened. Harish says yes I m annoyed, but it does not mean you cross your limits. Adi says he will stay here and Pankhudi cares for Avantika, so she better be there. Harish asks why are you dragging her. Adi says he decided. Shanky talks to Pankhudi. Adi calls Shanky and he asks about his items to be sent to dad’s place. Shanky says fine. Adi asks about Pankhudi. Shanky gives her the phone and Pankhudi hears Adi scolding him saying he does not want to talk to her. She gets upset and cries. She says Shanky will pack your things, talk to him. Adi feels bad.

Rubel says I m sorry, but Payal is saying right, Ayush is the reason of all problems in this house. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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