Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha leaving out. She sees someone and stops. Sheela chants some mantras and tells Anuj to let her save her family. She says Pankhudi is a vampire. Anuj says she is not a ghost, it’s a simple case of memory loss. Ayesha sees Gabbar and talks to him. He barks at her. She says Adi kept him here to guard me. She asks him to go to Adi. She runs. Gabbar runs after her and barks. She says lets be friends. Adi comes and stops Gabbar. She hides behind Adi. Adi says be quiet, calm down. He ties him. Ayesha holds Adi’s hand.

Adi says don’t worry, he will like you in two days. Anuj says its good Avantika started her new life now. Sheela says she is not Pankhudi. Adi says you are loving to hold my hand. She asks why did you keep this dog. Adi gets angry. He says its my best friend. Ayesha goes to her room and shuts the door. Adi says she has her anger like before and laughs. Rubel keeps a meeting. Payal asks why is Adi not joining office. Rubel says Adi is busy with Pankhudi. Payal gets offended. He says stop being so insensitive. Payal says look at Ayesha, I doubt that she is not Pankhudi.

She argues with him. He gets angry and says I doubt did I do any mistake marrying you. Payal shouts on him. Rubel leaves. Rubel comes out and sees Nafisa singing in the garden. She sees him and stops singing. He says sorry to disturb you and leaves. Its morning, Nilofer is leaving for Dubai. Ayesha asks her to be back soon. Ghalib keeps an eye on Ayesha. Nilofer asks her daughters to take care. Ghalib says Harish brought Ayesha here to make her heroine, but where is Nilofer going. Ghalib says I have to save Ayesha at any cost. Nilofer leaves. Harish asks Ayesha to come with him.

Ayesha says I want to have breakfast with my sisters. He says fine, I will manage. Ayesha thanks him and leaves. Harish says you are like Pankhudi. He says lets go and counsel Adi now. Ayesha tells her sisters about Adi. Harish comes home and Adi asks about Ayesha. Harish says she wants to be with her sisters. Adi says its good, we should not cut her off them, we need to give her space, I think I should be friends with her family. He says now see Adi and Ayesha’s love story. He leaves. Harish says great. He thinks he takes this drama too far else it will be more complex.

The inspector comes and talks to Harish. Harish is shocked to see Ghalib. Adi asks whats the matter, who is he. Ghalib says he is the guy who has kidnapped by Ayesha. He calls out Ayesha and looks for her. The inspector says Ghalib said us that you have forced Ayesha to be here. Everyone come out. Adi gets angry. Harish says you are mistaken, we did not keep anyone here. Ghalib says I m not a fool, bring Ayesha. Adi and Ghalib have an argument. Ghalib says I won’t go without Ayesha. Adi says Ayesha is my wife Pankhudi. Ghalib is shocked.

Adi says she lost her memory in landslide. Ghalib says he is lying, all are acting. He says call her and ask her. Rubel scolds Ghalib and says Ayesha won’t come here. Ghalib says it means she is here, she will hug me seeing me. Adi gets angry. Ayesha comes.

Ayesha says she knows Ghalib. The inspector asks het did anyone keep her here by force, how does she know them. Harish gets tensed. Ayesha says Adi is my husband. Ghalib says what………. Adi gets happy and holds her. Ghalib says Harish did all this. He asks Ayesha not to be afraid, he will not let her stay here, come. Adi stops Ghalib. Harish says she is Pankhudi and lost her memory. Ghalib says if they are married, they should have proof. Shanky says we have proof, I will bring. Ghalib says they have scared Ayesha to keep her here, how can they be married, Ayesha did not go outside of Lucknow.

Ayesha says he always teases me, I came with my mum here. Ghalib holds’s Ayesha hand. Adi gets angry. Shanky shows the pics of Adi and Pankhudi’s marriage. Ghalib is shocked seeing it. He says how can this happen, she is my Ayesha. The inspector asks Ayesha doe she remember that she got married to Adi. Everyone look at Ayesha.


Ayesha faints and Adi runs to her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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