Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela saying lets begin the arrangements. Sheela thinks to make Ayesha lose. Rubel wishes all the best to Payal and Ayesha. Adi tells Ayesha to make shopping list and they will do for shopping. She says no list, I have everything in mind. She asks him to go office. He says no, first I will do shopping and help you, then go to office for my meetings. Ayesha thanks him by heart. Payal tells Sheela that I have no clue about designing. Sheela says I know. Payal asks what will we do. Sheela says shopping. Payal says I can’t lose infront of Ayesha. Sheela says don’t worry, Ayesha will not win and you will not lose. She says I did all the planning, you just see how I make Ayesha lose.

Avantika says I don’t agree to this, whats the need to invite guests. He says it

will be a fair decision then. She says I won’t be a part of this. He says you have good sense of fashion. She says I can’t fool around, I will see you later. He says Ayesha needs your support. She says I won’t support any, I m sure you won’t understand this. She comes to Adi and asks is he not going to office. Adi says I m going with Ayesha. Ayesha comes and says lets go Adi. Avantika says do what you want, but don’t compromise Diwaan empire reputation. She leaves. Ayesha asks Adi to go office, and she will manage alone. He says even I know to manage my work, lets go for shopping.

She says you first attend meetings then we will go for shopping. He leaves. Ambika talks to Bau ji and says I was thinking to make the kuldevi mandir door by gold. Mama says it’s a good thought. Bau ji says we don’t need any show off to remember Pankhudi, she will be in our heart, why don’t we use that money for someone’s good. She says we can adopt some orphans, do their upbringing and manage their studies, start a trust on Pankhudi’s name. Payal says Sheela, lets go for shopping. Adi and Ayesha come back from shopping. Rubel comes home.

Sheela asks why did you come early. Rubel says Adi handled everything at office, but no use to come home early. Adi asks him to go with them. Sheela says no, he will be bored. Rubel says I don’t mind to come along. Sheela says no, we will manage. Payal and Sheela start leaving. Rubel stops Payal and says call me if you need anything and hugs her. Payal smiles. Sheela says lets go. Adi and Ayesha smile. Rubel says what? She is my wife and I will support her. Adi says yes, but Ayesha will win. Rubel says lets see. Adi says all the best. Rubels says to you too.

Ayesha says she will start her design work now. She thanks him and asks him to go and finish his work. He asks did you talk to Nani. She says yes, she is fine and did not say when will she come. He says I will try to call her. He says what happened is good, looking good. She asks what. He says you shaved my beard, so its looking good. He asks what did you think. She says nothing. He says I will come after doing my work and leaves. Ayesha says everyone is mad here and they call me mad.

Sheela comes to a designer and thinks to buy it. He is Payal’s friend Rocky. Payal requests him to let them use his outfits. Sheela says we will pay him double. Rocky says I love my outfits and won’t sell. Rocky says I will give you triple money. Payal says done but the outfits have to be best. Sheela asks him to come home. Rocky says no, I won’t come anywhere, you have to come here and take the outfits. Adi comes to Avantika and sees her working. She asks did you get time now for mum. He rests in her lap.

Avantika smiles. He says I feel like heaven. She says you are mad. He says I m your son. She asks him to say about Ayesha. Adi says you mean I come to you when I have work. She says don’t do drama, I don’t have time. He kisses her forehead. He says don’t worry about me, I m fine, good night. She says good night. He leaves. Avantika says I wish you told this seeing in my eyes. Ayesha makes all her designs ready and Adi comes. He says this is really very pretty, you do your work, I came to see if you need my help. She says thanks, you already helped me a lot and shows her showstopper dress. The papers falls. He picks it with her. Pyaar nahi dosti hai……………plays………… She looks at him.

Pyaar ka dard hai meetha meetha pyara pyara ………….plays…………. She says I have to complete this outfit, I m scared. He says don’t worry, but where to keep this. She says its showstopper, keep it in purple dress. Sheela comes there and sees this. Adi says we decided we won’t see each other’s designs. Sheela acts and says she is sleepwalking. She leaves. Adi says she has everything new everytime, you work, I will go. Ayesha smiles.

Sheela comes to Payal and says I will go and steal the showstopper dress from Ayesha, you come there and wait for me. Sheela confirms Ayesha sleeping and takes the showstopper dress. She says now I will message Payal and call her out. Avantika is also awake and goes out.

Sheela and Payal are planning something and Avantika sees them with dresses.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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