Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harish being on the way. Adi calls him and says he will come to him. Harish says he wants to be alone, he is not in a state to talk to anyone. Adi says fine dad, I won’t come, but please take care of yourself. Adi thinks why did mum do this, I need answers. Avantika and Pankhudi come to Ayush. Ayush says Maa and hugs her. He asks why is she crying, I won’t leave you now, promise, you also make a promise you won’t leave me. Avantika promises him. Mrs. Verma says I know a mum can’t stop hearing her motherly voice for long. She says I know Avantika will have a tough way not, but it can’t break a mum.

Avantika asks Pankhudi to pack Ayush’s bag as he will stay in Diwaan Mansion now, with his mum, will he come with me. Ayush nods yes. She smiles. Ayush asks Mrs. Verma to come. Mrs. Verma says no, your mum will always be with you. Mrs. Verma says she will leave now. Pankhudi requests her to stay with them, as she will take care of her. Mrs. Verma says no, my work is over, now don’t stop me, take care of Ayush.

Sheela talks to Anuj, Rubel and Payal about Nana ji not telling anyone about Avantika’s pregnancy. Anuj says whats the use to think now, what could dad do that time, this was the best solution to save Avantika. Rubel says we did not know this will come out after 28 years. Payal says its good Mrs. Verma is a nice lady, else she could have used Ayush. Sheela says yes, I don’t think its anyone’s mistake. Payal says I think we should not interfere in this matter. Rubel says we are family. Sheela says Ayush is the son of this house.

Adi comes home and Pankhudi wants to talk to him. He says you can’t understand what I m going through, I will talk to my mum. She says who are you to ask her. He says I m her son, I will ask for my dad, did she not trust dad. Pankhudi says sometimes we can’t say it, like I knew it yesterday but could not tell you, it does not mean I don’t trust you. Adi is stunned and scolds her. Adi leaves. Avantika is with Ayush and thinks about Harish’s words. She thinks even Adi did not support her. Adi comes to her and sees her with Ayush sleeping on her lap. Pankhudi comes there too. Adi gets annoyed and leaves. Ayush wakes up. Pankhudi says I will talk to Adi and leaves. Avantika cries. Ayush asks why is she crying, I know everyone is troubling you, I will scold everyone, please don’t cry.

Harish comes his home and sees the flower bouquets at the door. He cries and says what happy anniversary. He throws the bouquet and gets inside. Pankhudi comes to Adi. She says I m sorry, you can scold me, but don’t leave mum alone, she needs her children. Adi says you are with her and now she has her son too, she does not need me. He says he can’t be great like her. She says pain gets less when its shared. He says what will I have to share. Ayush holds Avantika’s hand and pacifies her seeing her crying. He says he will get anything for her, icecream, choc. She says I don’t want anything. He says why are you crying, as Adi scolded you.

He says I will scold Adi and come. Avantika gets hurt and tries to stop him. Adi throws things in his room. Pankhudi asks him to accept the truth. Ayush comes and asks Adi to apologize to Avantika. He says mum is crying. Adi starts going and Ayush falls by stepping on the deo bottle. Avantika comes and scolds Adi for hurting Ayush. She asks are you ok my son. Ayush says he fell by the items on the floor. Avantika says Adi, don’t get me wrong, I m sorry. Adi leaves. Ayush says Adi will say you sorry, I promise. Pankhudi asks her to give some time to Adi. Avantika says I know you are there for Adi, but Harish is alone, promise me you will take care of him. She asks Pankhudi to help her. She hugs Pankhudi and cries.

Payal asks Rubel will Ayush stay in this house. Rubel says yes, he is Avantika’s son and our brother. She says will Harish accept her. Rubel says we can’t let Ayush go. Payal asks him to think about Adi, when society knows this, what about our reputation, the Diwaan Empire will have three shares now. Rubel says you won’t change ever, always money and property. Adi comes and hears them. Rubel asks Adi to come. He says lets have dinner first and asks Payal to arrange dinner. She leaves. Rubel tells Adi that we don’t know who is right and who is wrong, it will complicate things, the best thing is to solve this problem. Adi cries and hugs Rubel. Pankhudi comes to them. Rubel says I will help Payal, you both sit. Adi says you know what will happen after this, there is no use to discuss. He says mum scolded me for Ayush. Pankhudi says why are you thinking wrong way, she realized her mistake. Adi says its better if we don’t talk. He gets annoyed and leaves. Pankhudi thinks of his words and gets upset.

Pankhudi argues with Adi defending Avantika. Adi says he is leaving Diwaan Mansion. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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