Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sheila trying to woo Anuj to her side at night. She wakes up Anuj who was sleeping and was telling him how she is worried about family, about Nana Ji and thinks good of the family always. Anuj is somewhat impressed, at least he shows that in front of Sheila and Sheila goes to sleep, happy with the thought that she has won Anuj to her side and will win the trust of the family tomorrow morning during breakfast. With this plan in mind, she goes to sleep.

On the other hand, Govardhan’s wife is angry at the treatment meted out to her in Ambika’s house. Govardhan says he was repeatedly ignoring the calls of Ambika only because he doesn’t want to disnonour or lower his reputation further with insults and blames, and his wife not only went there without any invitation but also got dishonored badly and so crying is of no use at present.

Meanwhile at Diwan Mansion, everyone gathered for breakfast. Harish and Adi express their worry for Nana and was in a pensive mood. Preeti maasi says that Rubel had hurt Nana with his nonsense talk, but she didn’t get why Kaira is attacking Nana every-time with her scathing criticism and accusations. Kaira was absent during that time.

Sheila, Anuj, Rubel and Latika came after some time and took their respective seats. Sheila asked about Kaira and soon after Kaira also came for breakfast. Soon Sheila started with her fake sorrowful words and crocodile tears, Kaira asserts that Nana is hiding something and was repeating the same thing every-time.Pankuri asks her to stop repeating the same thing over and over again and asks her to stop accusing Nana everytime. She further says to kaira that if she doesn’t have any respect for Kaira, then she doesn’t need to respect nana but that doesn’t mean she will have to say same thing over and over again. Kaira feels insulted and soon goes away without having breakfast. Everyone watches but no one calls her back.

Sheila said about some relaxation therapy, sort of Reche Therapy which would make Nana relaxed and tone down all his apprehensions. Adi and Harish agreed to Sheila’s proposals immediately. Avantika was in two minds and was thinking what to do, but had to give consent as all others were agreeing to Sheila’s proposal, even Anuj praised Sheila’s proposal.

Sheila says she will make all the arrangement, but gives the task of convincing Nana to Avantika.

In kullu, Govardhan came over to Ambika’s house to do some taking. Pankuri’s parents were trying to make amends about the bitter after-taste of function, and was asking Govardhan for forgiveness, but soon after kailash came and started talking rudely with Govardhan, which infuriated Govardhan further, and he goes away in a huff, and says he will never ever enter the house.

In the meantime, at Diwan Mansion, Avantika and Pankuri went to convince Nana Ji about the relaxation therapy and says it will benefit him at this point of time. Nana was unwilling to take the therapy and was dithering about it all the time, says why doesn’t Avantika leave him on his own, to which Avantika says since they are his children, they have every right to take care of him and asks Pankuri to say something so as to convince Nana Ji. pankuri also requests Nana Ji to take the therapy, and Nana says that this saas-bahu duo is totally unstoppable and he has no other option but to listen to them. He finally agrees and gives his nod for the therapy to continue.

Avantika left for her work and asked Pankuri to take care of Nana

Meanwhile Sheila is in the room along with Rubel and Latika, and she vividly revealed her elaborate plan. She says that she will bring someone who is not actually a therapist but who will help them to reach to those dark truths which Nana is successfully hiding till now. Rubel and Latika’s faces brightens up on hearing it and soon after a man came whom Sheila introduces to Pankuri as a therapist.

The therapist went to Nana’s room, and asked whether all the windows are closed or not. Sheila asks Pankuri to close every window, and Pankuri does just that. Soon after he asks everyone to vacates the room and says he wants to stay alone with Nana so as to successfully conduct the therapy session. Sheila agrees to him and asks Shanky and Pankuri to come outside the room. Both of them goes out of the room, and before shutting the door, Sheila gives some hint with her eyes to the therapist and he responses in return.

Episode ends here.

Precap: After asking Shanky repeatedly, he finally announces the name of the killer, and Pankuri broke down into uncontrollable sobs.

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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