Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika asking Ayesha shall she start Adi’s marriage preparations. Ayesha nods yes. Avantika smiles and leaves. Ayesha cries and talks to Pankhudi. She says she knows everything what she is going to do, but she needs courage to see Adi becoming someone else’s. She says I want Adi to be always happy with what I m doing. She says please help me. Ayesha gets Nafisa’s call and she reminds her about tomorrow’s plan. Avantika sees Poonam’s pic. She talks to Pankhudi’s pic and says I hope she is right choice for Adi. Adi comes and the pic falls. He goes to pick and Avantika takes it and hides. He asks her about her office work. She says everything is fine now. He says you should give some credit to Ayesha. She asks shall I throw a party in her honor or prepare a speech. He says why are you saying this.

She says we decided we won’t talk about her. She talks about his life. He says its sorted, I m good. He says he is getting good sleep these days. She smiles and hugs him. He leaves. Avantika says don’t know how to talk to Adi about Poonam. Adi comes to Ayesha and sees her crying. He asks her what happened. She hugs him crying. He gets worried ad asks whats the matter. She realizes and moves away. She says why does this happen, when we wish to stay with someone, the person goes far from us, that stars look closer. He asks what happened, you have to tell me. She says nothing, you know I tell anything. He says its from heart and it has some reason.

She says nothing serious, I was missing my mum. He says what, missing mum? He laughs. She says I knew you will laugh, I won’t talk to you. He says I understand you miss your mum, girls leave their family and house, even identity, they give up so easily. He says I know the feeling when your loved one goes far, I asked this to Pankhudi. He says Pankhudi is very far from me that stars look closer. He gets sad. She looks at him. He says let the questions be questions. Don’t cry now. He says call the person you are missing, call your mum and lets have coffee together.

She says she does not know how to make coffee, she knows nothing apart from noodles. He says nothing? She says I m tired and will talk later. She leaves looking at him. Ayesha talks top Rubel and tells her plan. She tells Pankhudi’s pic that she has to sort Rubel and Payal’s life. Ambika and Poonam come to Mumbai. Ambika says thanks for agreeing to stay in Diwaan Mansion. Poonam says she will shift soon, as its not good to stay at other’s house. Poonam leaves for her seminar. Ambika tells her that she and Avantika will get her after the seminar.

Sheela taunts Payal. Ayesha thinks its time to start her plan. Ayesha talks to Sheela and says she needs a laptop. Sheela asks Payal to give her laptop. Ayesha says lets see it with her. Ayesha shows the social site and shows them Rubel’s location. Ayesha says Rubel is at HillView restaurant with someone. Sheela asks with whom. Payal gets a doubt and thinks Rubel said he has meetings in office, is it…………..Ayesha asks her what happened, Payal leaves. Ayesha goes after her.

Payal says I will find where is Rubel. She calls on office landline and asks the staff about Rubel. She comes to know he is having meeting and don’t want to be disturbed. Payal thinks if he is not at office, why is the staff lying, I have to go to that restaurant and see his meeting. Ayesha messages Rubel to be ready, as Payal can come any moment. Bau ji asks Mama why did Ambika go to Mumbai, is she hiding anything. Mama says no, she went to meet Avantika. Bau ji says this can ruin Ayesha’s life. Mama says she is just Adi’s friend, if Adi gets married, she can also start her new life.

Payal comes to the restaurant and sees Rubel and Nafisa together. She gets angry and asks what is he doing with her. She calls Nafisa shameless and asks her to get lost. He reminds her that they are strangers now and she should not be concerned about it. Rubel scolds Payal. Ambika comes to Diwaan Mansion. Sheela and Nani are glad to see her. Avantika comes and welcomes her. She says she will stay with us here. Nani says you can stay here for as long as you want. Avantika says she has some work here, her treatment of BP.

Avantika says Ambika’s niece Poonam will also stay here. Avantika says freshen up, then we will go for the work you came here for. Ayesha greets Ambika and thinks I don’t know what fate has for me, but I will pray for Adi’s happiness.

Poonam comes to Diwaan Mansion. Ayesha meets her and asks her to come with her. Poonam asks wjo are you. Ayesha says I m Ayesha. Poonam is stunned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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