Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Anuradha picking Pankhudi’s call and is tensed. Just then Shanky comes and says Chote saheb is calling you. Pankhudi hears Chachiji’s voice and tells Avantika. Sensing Chachiji’s presence there, Pankhudi tells Anuradha to take care of everything, and take Shanky’s help in house work. Chachiji takes Anuradha’s phone from her saying what is the need of this. Adi tells Manik chacha to asks Revathi to go with him to Goa. Manik chacha asks Revathi to go with Adi. Chachiji tells Latika that they need to name the Pankhudi’s property on their name. She asks Latika to use Rubel in this. Latika tells her not to think of using her. Chachiji asks her to be careful with her mum in law. Latika laughs saying her mum in law is not clever. Just then sheela enters shocking her.

Sheela asks what are they talking about. Chachiji says she was teaching about the life. Sheela says she can feel her pain but you need to move on. She asks Latika and Rubel to think about the child again. Chachiji says she needs time to get over the pain of losing the child. Sheela says Pankhudi didn’t do well and God will punish her one day.

Adi comes to shopping with Revathi. Revathi insists to go home. Adi says he will not go until she does some shopping. Pankhudi and Avantika comes there and Sad version of PKDH plays in the background as they engage in eye lock. Avantika wonders what is Adi doing with Revathi. Pankhudi says may be Adi is trying to know the truth.

Chachiji tells Chachaji, why you allowed Adi to take Revathi. She says she don’t trust Revathi and wonders what to do? Adi asks about his dad. Avantika says she came for shopping with her daughter in law. She asks Adi, whether he will not greet her daughter in law atleast for formality sake. Adi says actually he needs to go. Avantika gets angry and says she will talk with Adi. Pankhudi says Adi will not go anywhere and he will be here until we come back.

Anuj comes to Preeti with Kapil to settle the bills. He says Chachaji asks him to take Kapil with him. Preeti says she is upset with him as he misbehaved with her jiju. Anuj says he agree with her but thinks Avantika overreacted. Preeti says she don’t have to say more. Anuj asks Kapil to sit and he will be back. Kapil gives a evil look.

Adi confronts Revathi and says you know the truth and I wants to know the truth. Kapil thinks to download Preeti’s documents from her computer. Just then Kailash comes and he starts acting. Preeti comes and greets him. Adi tells Revathi that he wants to know what her family is planning. He says if you dont tell me then also I will expose you all. Revathi says she didn’t do anything. Adi asks then from where did the will came in your bag?

Preeti asks Kailash how come he is here. Kailash says he came for his work. He asks about Sameer. Preeti says he is fine and says she is happy. Kailash says it is good that you are happy again. Preeti asks him for coffee. Kapil gets the feeling that there is something brewing between the two and thinks it can help him in future. Chachiji comes to Adi and Revathi. She takes Revathi with her on the pretext of taking her to the mandir. She asks Revathi what you told anything to him. Revathi lies that Adi took her for shopping. She threatens Revathi.

Pankhudi looks sad while the song mujhme zinda hain woh…. plays in the BG. She imagines Adi with her. Adi also imagines Pankhudi near him. Avantika tells Pankhudi that he can’t see Adi there. She says Adi isn’t waiting for them. Pankhudi sees Adi and looks at him. Avantika asks Adi what are you doing with Revathi. Adi says he came for shopping. Avantika asks him to accept his lie that he was waiting for Pankhudi. Avantika asks him, why you are behaving strangely. you are hurting my daughter in law. She asks what you are doing with Revathi here. Adi is speechless.

Kaira says it was a good chance to emotionally manipulate Revathi to know the truth. Adi says he remembered Pankhudi’s saying.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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