Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikram asking for Diwaan’s employee’s details. He says sorry Pankhudi, Adi is now mine. He smiles. Rubel says I still think we did not do right by making Varun stay here. Adi says Kaira will stay here, did you not see love in Varun’s eyes. Rubel says I don’t know that, Vikram did wrong with everyone, I will not trust him and Varun. Pankhudi says Varun was helpless, if he is taking a step, we should help him. Rubel says I don’t agree with you. Adi says calm down, we will talk later. Payal says why are you trusting Varun, the decision is wrong. She says we should behave with him as Vikrma behaved with Adi. Preeti talks to Sameer and says its good Kaira came back. Sameer says will Kaira accept Varun. Preeti says we should give them some time, everything

will be fine.

Preeti says once we pay the advance, you don’t need to work for Vikram. Sameer’s mum comes and says I made tea, come. She asks Sameer not to leave the job. Varun talks to Kaira and apologizes to her. Kaira scolds him and says I m a fool, I agreed to what you all said. I won’t believe that you love me. He says you will think I m lying. She says I can’t even hate you. He says then why did you come to call me for dinner. She says I m a fool. Varun smiles. Sheela says I have seen Avantika hiding her pain in this house for 25 years so I m afraid for Kaira.

Avantika says there is lot of difference, Varun is with Kaira. She says trust me, they will be happy together. She thanks Pankhudi that they took the right decision and brought Kaira back. Adi says I know its not easy to trust Varun but Kaira wants him to be here. Kaira comes to them. Pankhudi says come and have soup. Kaira is upset and says Varun will be coming for dinner. Avantika says I think we should give her some time. Nani says she is right. She asks Sheela to get up. Nani asks everyone to smile.

Varun comes for dinner. Nani asks him to sit. Rubel asks Varun to do his work and brings his mobile from his room. Everyone are shocked. Vaarun goes to bring the mobile. Avantika asks Rubel what is he doing. Rubel says nothing. Varun brings the mobile and gives it to Rubel. Rubel stops him and says can you pass on the soup. Harish says I will pass the soup, you go and have the soup. Rubel says its fine. Harish says why can’t I work. Harish says its ok that you are upset with Varun, but don’t do this. Rubel says I will not leave him as his brother have ill treated my brother.

Harish says fine, do it, ill treat him, but you have to do it with me and Sameer also. He will feel bad, we will feel more bad as we are son in laws of this house. Rubel leaves. Its morning, Rubel talks to Aparna and comes to know that the trainees came. Rubel says Adi left, he will be there. Mama talks to Bau ji and asks him not to worry about Vikram and his past. Bau ji says his present is related with his past, I was knowing more. Bau ji tells Mama he will be back and leaves. Adi welcomes the trainees and asks them not to get nervous.

Vikram says finally you are out of my cupboard. He brings his dad’s photo and says I will be on your chair. He says I earned more than you and proved you wrong. I have defeated you dad. He says see how I sit in your chair and do justice with Diwaans. Everyone sit for breakfast. Nani says let Varun come, then we will eat together. Rubel says I m sorry, I can’t wait, I have a meeting. Anuj asks Rubel to treat Varun well as family. Kaira says Rubel is right, Varun has to follow rules is he has to stay here. Sheela says he is your husband, you have to spend your life with him, forgive him. Adi says he loves you and should be given one chance.

Varun comes and greets everyone. Rubel says how can everyone forgive him so easily. He says I don’t want to see his face. Adi says atleast have breakfast. Rubel leaves. Adi goes after him. Pankhudi and Sheela try to make Varun feel good. Nani says Sheela will make the lunch today. Sheela says fine, I m not afraid, I will make. Kaira taunts Varun. Varun feels bad. Kaira leaves. Rubel and Adi leave for office. Rubel says we should not support Varun. Adi says take a U turn, lets go home and kick him out of our home. Adi says Kaira will feel bad. Rubel says we have important meeting. Adi insists. Rubel says no. Adi says you also want him to stay in our home.

Adi says I know you are upset as he did not protect Kaira in crucial times, don’t bring your ego. Rubel says I don’t like him. Adi says you will like him later. Sameer greets Vikram and gives the audit report. Sameer taunts Vikram. Vikram is shocked. Vikram scolds Sameer and says I need a sign to throw you out. Sameer says I m sure you won’t do that as you have given a big advance to Preeti. Sameer smiles and says plans don’t work always. He leaves. Vikram says he has to end this story. Vikram smiles.

Adi and Rubel come to office and see everyone gossiping. They wonder whats going on. Adi asks Rubel to go and work and he will see here. Adi asks everyone whats the matter. A girl cries and says don’t act innocent Sir. Rubel comes and is shocked. The girl says they have mentally harassed me. She says I have all the records and shows the messages. Adi and Rubel are puzzled.

Vikram says Adi wants to keep relations with my wife, why. Adi asks whats wrong with you, have you lost it.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. Has this idiot vikram lst his mind…!!
    Hw cn he do such a cheap thing wit adi ,
    bt v knw that he wana create misuderstanding b\w panku n adi in which he wont succeed

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