Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi and Pankhudi talking about the different Payal. While Adi is talking about Payal 2 coming to office to meet Rubel. He finds Pankhudi is gone, Pankhudi comes back with a glass of juice. Adi says he didn’t know when she went. Adi says we will make their love story. And says lets make our love story. Avantika says sorry for coming without informing them. She says she is restless about Preeti. Preeti says I will get green tea, Avantika asks her to sit and says she needs to take care of the baby. Sameer says I will get tea for you. Avantika says Harish is getting lazier day by day. Avantika looks at the reports and says may I have a look once. Sameer, Preeti and Nirmala gets tensed. Preeti says Di will never change and says you came to meet me or see the reoprts. She asks her to see it and says she is absolutely fine. Avantika says I know and says I will not asks about the report again. Nirmala takes the report file with her. Payal 2 mother comes home and says she couldn’t attend Adi’s marriage. Avantika suggests Payal and Rubel’s alliance. Payal’s mom says he is married naa. Avantika says but, he was misguided and anything can happen with anyone. Harish says he realised his mistakes and made a change in himself. Avantika says Rubel and Payal have soft corner towards each other. Harish asks her to think about it and let them know about their decision. She says she is okay with it.

Rubel is reading the newspaper in the garden. Payal 1 comes and says she will make tea for him. Rubel looks surprised. She asks him to take one spoon of sugar. Rubel thanks her but it was only his imagination. He thinks what is wrong with him. He sees Payal 1 coming towards him and thinks she is her imagination. Payal 1 asks for the cricket score. Rubel thinks he needs to go to the psychiatrist. Payal 1 asks, what happened to you again? Rubel asks, are you here in reality? Payal says she came here half an hour before. She tells him that Govardhan and Kamini are sitting inside. Pankhudi tells Mama that Adi is happy with this alliance. Mama says Payal can stay here but they won’t stay here as it doesn’t looks nice. Kamini says she wants Rubel to like Payal. Pankhudi says Rubel already has a liking for her. Payal 1 asks Rubel to make tea for her. Rubel oblige. Rubel looks at her while she is reading the newspaper. Sheela gets happy seeing Kamini and Govardhan. Pankhudi says mamaji came for some work and says Payal would stay here. Sheela hesitantly agrees. Sheela asks Kamini to stay with them but she refuses. Pankhudi says so it is decided that Payal will stay with us. Rubel gets happy. Payal says, but why should I stay here. Pankhudi says you can’t refuse and Rubel says no arguments.

Pankhudi calls Adi and tells him about mama and mami coming to their place with Payal 1. Adi says their life was looking boring and thinks to plan a picnic. Pankhudi says it is a good idea and says Rubel and Payal can spend time together. Adi says we will plan a dinner date for them. We will say we all are going but will back out at the last time. Pankhudi says she will talk to them and asks Adi to book the reservation. Pankhudi asks Payal 1 to get ready for dinner in the evening. Adi calls Payal 2 and invites for dinner. he says even Rubel is coming. Payal 2 says she will come. Adi asks her to give call to his father. He asks harish to drop Payal to a restaurant. Payal 1 calls Govardhan mama and asks, why I should stay here? Mama says he needs time to prove that Rohit is not bad. She says she will meet him. Mama says he will meet him alone and asks her to stay there. Pankhudi comes to Rubel and pulls his leg by asking about Payal. She invites him for dinner. Rubel says he don’t want to come. Pankhudi says Payal 1 is also coming and asks him to get ready fast. Payal 1 calls Rohit and asks him to come to a restaurant and don’t call her. Govardhan mama says to Kamini that we shall tell Pankhudi about Rohit and Payal. Kamini says not now, will tell later. Mama says he will decide after meeting Rohit and says they should not do anything so that deewan family gets hurt.

Rubel tells Payal that it is a good food joint. Adi calls Pankhudi and she says she will not come if he is not coming. She makes an excuse. Rubel thinks to call Adi. Payal thinks they shall leave as Rohit is waiting. Pankhudi asks them to go and she will come after Adi comes. Pankhudi insists them to go. Payal goes to call Rohit. Pankhudi tells Rubel that it was their plan to send them alone. Rubel agrees. Pankhudi calls Adi and tells that Rubel and Payal 1 left for the restaurant. Harish car’s stops on the road and he asks Payal 2 to take taxi and go to the restaurant. Adi tells Pankhudi that they will make their alliance. Pankhudi says the same. Rubel and Payal 1 gets down the car. Rubel says it is his favourite restaurant and tells about the pasta. Latika sees Rubel with Payal 1 and wonders who is she?

Harish send Payal 2 in the taxi. Adi holds Pankhudi and she falls on him. Pankhudi asks, why you scared me? Adi says get up as nanu is seeing us. Sheela comes and says she didn’t see anything. She says room is the best option. Pankhudi says she was cleaning and Adi scared him. Sheela says she will not tell this to anyone. Pankhudi feels shy and leaves. Adi says next time we will fall in our room. Sheela asks for Rubel, Adi says he went for dinner with my cousin Payal 2. Sheela gets happy. Adi asks, do you like Payal? Sheela smiles.

Adi tells Pankhudi to mixes love while cooking. Pankhudi says she don’t have any other option and says she would have gone out with Rubel and Payal 1. Adi thinks to call them to spoil their dinner date.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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