Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nafisa saying how much she hates Ayesha, as she has snatched everything from her, including her first love Ghalib. She says I will ruin Ayesha’s all dreams and happiness. Rustam tells Anisha Nani about Adi’s progress. He says you are looking so pretty and she is shocked. She asks him to have breakfast. He says I have some emergency and will come tomorrow. Rubel comes to meet Sheela. She tells him about a stupid story how a girl comes in a rich house to claim their property, she says this can happen with us too, by Ayesha……. Rubel says don’t come in Ghalib’s words, Payal and I are going out for lunch today. Sheela is happy and wishes everything gets fine between them.

She says I will find out who is this girl Ayesha. Ayesha and Nafisa come in Diwaan mansion. Ayesha takes Rubel and Payal’s pic and asks them to be happy. She shows it to Sheela and says lets have a selfie. Sheela thinks Ayesha’s pic won’t come and everyone will know she is ghost. She sees the pic and says her pic came, I have to meet Ghalib and find out her truth. Adi asks Ayesha to come with him. Ayesha says have breakfast first.

Nafisa talks to Nani and fills her ears against Ayesha. She says Ayesha has changed, she did not care about anyone till now, she is so caring towards Adi, why is she doing this, Ayesha is doing Pankhudi’s act, but is she really thinking she is Pankhudi. Nani looks at Ayesha and Adi. Nafisa says you see her, she was mad about Arif but she denied to marry him, he was perfect for her, is she loving Adi now. She says maybe I m wrong, but you should see them with my view, I can see only love between them.

Sheela comes to the police station. The inspector says I don’t know you. She says what, I m Diwaan empire owner, Sheela Diwaan, see this family pic on Page 3. He says fine, you can meet Ghalib but for 15 mins. Nafisa sees Rubel’s car and says I will talk to him, he can’t avoid me. She sees him with Payal and thinks where are they going together. She acts like she is hurt. Rubel comes to her and asks Shanky to take her to outhouse. Payal sees Rubel has changed and smiles. She says lets go. Nafisa gets angry.

Adi asks Ayesha her college details. Ayesha says have this medicines. She says I don’t know details. Nani says yes, she will tell later. Adi says I will come with you to London. Nani asks him to sleep now. Ayesha gets Arif’s call. Ghalib asks Sheela what does she want. She asks him about Ayesha. He says no use, you all won’t believe me. She says they are fools. I m smart so came to ask you. Ghalib smiles and asks will you trust me. She says yes. He says fine, bail me out if you want to know the truth. She says fine, will bail you out.

Ayesha talks to Arif. He asks her to on the tv and see. She says I m not interested. He says please. She sees tv and is shocked. She sees Arif giving an interview in which he gives the credit to Ayesha. Ayesha says I have seen it, now bye. Nani sees this too. Ayesha says sorry, it was Arif’s call, Adi would have felt bad, I want to end Arif’s chapter. Nani asks why, he is giving your credit. She says yes, as he wants to marry me. Nanu says so whats the problem. Ayesha says I will marry the one I love. She leaves. Nani thinks about Nafisa’s words.

Ayesha scolds Arif and says I won’t agree to marry you seeing this drama. Arif says I did not do this to impress you, I was feeling bad and did this to rectify my mistake. Ayesha says fine, guilt over, now over. Arif says meet me once. She says no. He says I assure you I won’t talk about marriage, please. She agrees. Adi comes and asks Nani was it Arif’s interview. Nani turns it off. Adi asks did you talk to Ayesha’s mum, she will make Ayesha marry. Avantika comes and asks who is getting Ayesha married. Adi is glad seeing her.

Sheela tells the lawyer that no one should know she has bailed out Ghalib. She asks Ghalib what does he know about Ayesha. Ghalib asks but what will you do, if you promise me that you will make me married to her, then I will tell you. She says how can I do this. He says I knew you can’t, fine give me some money. She gives him and says now tell me. He says no, I will not tell, I wanted to go from here. I will go Lucknow now, if Ayesha does not care, then why should I care, she will come to me, bye. He leaves. Sheela says I will find her truth today at any cost.

Adi hugs her. She says no one informed me about your accident. Nani says how can you disturb you, you went for important work. Avantika says nothing is important to me than Adi and asks about Ayesha. She meets Ayesha. Avantika says I know Nilofer gave you a second chance and has an equal right, but you are our Pankhudi and can’t marry like this, I will speak to her. Harish asks her to take rest and says don’t worry, Ayesha refused to marry. Avantika says fine, but Nilofer should understand this. Avantika talks to Preeti on phone and says yes I reached, that checkup………. Adi asks what happened to you. Avantika says you need a checkup.

Harish says let Ayesha go now. Avantika says I want to be with both of them. Ayesha says I will go later and be with them. Harish says Ayesha does not listen to anyone. Nani smiles and says Ayesha is in love with Adi. Harish says no, she said she does not love Adi. Nani says can’t you see change in her, she wants to be with Adi now. Harish says we should not try to control her, let her make her career. She asks shall I ask her. He says no. She says fine, is this is true, I will not let her go from here.

Nafisa tells Nani that she is worried about Ayesha, she is seeing Ayesha become Pankhudi. Ayesha talks to someone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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