Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi trying to convince Preeti that divorce is not an option. Avantika says, we have to make Nirmala understand. Preeti says, what mom will do? Avantika says, I feel Mrs. Deshpande is responsible for your decision. Sameer, Sadanand and Nirmala come home. Sameer asks, why Preeti is crying. Adi says, two ladies are meeting so. Nirmala says, I heard Avantika talking about me. Avantika says, we were taking about you. Preeti couldn’t conceive and that’s thinking to take a divorce. They are shocked. Avantika says, my sister is dying each other and is very upset. She says nirmala actions are hurting her. Sameer says, Preeti didn’t discuss with me even once. I will divorce her if she wants that. Adi is shocked. Sameer says, I made her understand so many times

that child is not important for me. Adi says, you have hurt us and Sameer. Nirmala says, if Preeti wants to go then we will not stop her. Pankhudi asks Shanky kaka to deliver the cards to Sheela’s guests. Shanky kaka thinks to keep it in the bag.

Sheela brother checks the guest list and thinks to hide the invitees for Sheela’s friends. Shanky comes and puts the cards in the cover. Sheela’s brother smiles. Sadanand tries to make Nirmala understand. Nirmala says, I accepted that she can’t become a mother. Adi interrupts and says I don’t have experience like you. He asks her to think from Preeti’s point of view. A child gives a happiness and says why don’t you open a child ward in the hospital. Nirmala says, there is a vast difference between own and other’s kids. I can understand her pain but not as a mother. A child is needed for the relations. Preeti says sorry to Sameer. Sameer hugs her. Sadanand says, I will talk to Nirmala. Sheela’s brother tells his wife Padma about the cards which didn’t reach Sheela’s guests.

Govardhan tells Dadaji that he will be representing on behalf of his family. Adi tells Pankhudi that maasi is emotional. Pankhudi says, your children ward idea was good. Pankhudi says, I am nervous about the party. Adi says, when Adi is here then there is no fear.

At the party, Anuj asks about Avantika and Pankhudi. Avantika says, they will be coming. Harish thanks him. Rubel comes with Payal. Avantika tells Kaira that you are Adi and Rubel’s strength. Sheela brother and sister in law provokes Sheela. Adi and Pankhudi step down the stairs. Everyone smiles. Everyone compliments them. Adi says, whatever I am is because of my nanu. Anuj asks Adi not to be jovial as it is a formal party. Govardhan mama comes. Pankhudi is surprised to see him. Adi greets him. Padma asks Sheela to call her friends and enquire about the invitation.

Sheela calls her friend and asks when they are coming. She is told by her friend that they are not invited for the party. Sheela calls her other friends. She is shocked as the invitees didn’t reach her guests. Padma says, may be Pankhudi did it intentionally. Sheela asks Padma to tell Pankhudi to meet her. Pankhudi comes to Sheela. Sheela says, why the cards didn’t reach to my friends. Pankhudi says, I am telling the truth. I told Shanky kaka to deliver the cards. Shanky kaka comes. Pankhudi says, what happened? Shanky kaka says, I asked him to deliver the cards. Sheela gets angry and asks them to leave.

Sheela gets angry and pushes Pankhudi out of her room. She closes the door.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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