Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi says, Payal doesn’t want to take Rubel with her. Pankhudi says we have to go to the party venue. They leaves. Payal comes to the party and looks for Rohit. Rohit comes and greets her. Payal says I am little tired. Rohit asks her to have something and says you have to be with me all night. Payal says I have to go home. Rohit gets angry. Payal agrees to stay until he wants her to stay. Rohit orders a drink. Payal says I don’t drink. Rohit says it is just a mocktail. Latika looks at them wearing a mask.

Preeti gets angry at Sameer and asks, why did you tell everyone about me. Sameer says I can’t see if anything happens to you. Preeti says nothing can happen to me. Nirmala says your illness is our trouble and until when Sameer will handle

alone. Sameer asks her to keep quiet. Nirmala says, will she understand if I stay quiet. Preeti is hurt. Sameer says you can’t lose hope for me…Rohit says, ok, if you don’t trust me. Payal says I will have a drink and takes the glass. Payal asks, are you sure this is not a hard drink. Rohit says I won’t force you if you are uncomfortable. Payal drinks it. Latika signs him to come. Rohit asks Payal to enjoy the drink and goes to Latika. he says everything is going according to our plan. Latika says, I have taken my new step. Payal wonders where is Rohit and feels unconsciousness.

Preeti tells Anuj that I will go to bed early and asks them to leave. Avantika says I will sit here. Preeti asks Anuj to tell Avantika not to donate her kidney. Avantika says I will donate my kidney. Preeti says, you can’t be a donor. only yesterday you had a BP attack. Anuj asks them to stop it and says I am absolutely fit and can donate my kidney to you. Preeti says no. Anuj says I will take Avantika home and says we will decide tomorrow. Avantika and Preeti hugs each other. Anuj and Avantika leaves.

Pankhudi and Adi reaches the club and sees everyone wearing a mask. Adi says, it would be difficult to search Payal. They go on different ways to search Payal. Latika turns and faces Pankhudi but Pankhudi doesn’t recognised her because of the mask. She gets tensed. She is about to leave but Pankhudi stops her. Just then, light goes off and everyone shouts. Pankhudi comes to Adi and says I have seen Latika here. Adi says, may be but we came here to find Payal. Latika fears for her plan. Payal is feeling dizziness. Latika tells Rohit that Adi and Pankhudi are here. Light comes. Latika says Payal must have called them. Latika and Rohit smiles. Payal sees them smiling. Rohit says I lied to her and she accepted it.

Rohit and Latika passes by Payal. Payal calls him but they leaves. Payal faints. Pankhudi goes to the washroom and finds Payal lying unconsciously. She calls her name. She takes her with her. Adi is talking on phone. Latika tells Rohit that Sheela won’t allow Payal to stay back and Rohit says, then Payal will demand money as per our sayings. Police comes and raids the club. Adi tries to go inside but they refuses saying alcohol are used inside.

Pankhudi slips and asks Payal to leave. Police takes her in their custody. Payal comes out and informs Adi that Pankhudi is inside. Adi asks Payal to sit silently. Adi tries to explain to the police but in vain. Police takes Pankhudi in their van….PKDH music plays…Adi feels helpless.

Adi tells Pankhudi that I will be there at the police station with a lawyer. Payal watches with teary eyes. Payal comes to Adi…Adi asks, are you happy now. Pankhudi is taken away by the police. He says Pankhudi tried to protect you always as she had faith that she will win you. He says I will not allow you to harm her. She cries. He asks her to sit in the car. Sheela scolds Rubel and Kaira for allowing Payal to go to the party. Kaira supports Payal. Sheela says I am worried for her. She asks Rubel for call Payal. Adi calls the lawyer and asks him to reach at the police station. Rubel calls, but Payal doesn’t pick the call.

Rubel asks, where are you guys? Adi says, our car wasn’t working so got late. Rubel asks, where are you? I am coming there. Adi looks at Pankhudi.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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