Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rubel and Ayesha talking. He says he is feeling guilty to drag Nafisa in his personal issues. Ayesha calls Nafisa and tells this to her. Nafisa says I want to do this, as I want you and Payal to unite, and I really want to help out. Rubel says I m really thankful to you. Ayesha tells him the plan to show Payal that he is having an affair with Nafisa, when Payal realizes that her husband is going far, she will change. Rubel thanks her. Sheela sees them holding hands and is angry. Sheela asks Ayesha to come for breakfast. Ambika talks to Poonam about Adi and Pankhudi.

Poonam says accidents happen with everyone, but it does mean people stop living. She says I want a guy who values relations. She says I will give the prescription. Ambika smiles. Poonam says I came to know Adi tried to find his wife in jungles for two years, even I could have not done this for anyone. Ambika says I want you to meet Adi once. Poonam says I told you homeo is my dad’s dream, and I have an one month course, so I would wish to halt the process for one month. She says I m sorry, I think you should see other girls.

Sheela acts sweet to Ayesha. Rubel smiles. Sheela thinks how to say her sorry, but what to do. Ayesha coughs and Sheela gives her water. Ayesha asks her is she fine. Sheela says yes. Payal comes there. Rubel leaves. Sheela thinks she can’t say sorry to Ayesha infront of Payal and leaves. Avantika talks to Harish. He says Ayesha is just like Pankhudi. She leaves for her meeting. Poonam says her brother is in hostel, she does not want anyone to get hurt. Ambika says we will wait for one month. Poonam says my seminar is in Mumbai. Ambika says Diwaan family will encourage you.

She says you have to marry one day and you will get a partner to share duties. She asks Poonam to meet him once, and fate has brought them together. She says when you go Mumbai, stay with Diwaan family, you won’t need to spend time separately. Poonam agrees to meet Adi. Ambika smiles. Poonam says but I won’t stay with Diwaan family. Ambika says fine and smiles. Ambika says how to tell Poonam that Adi is married to Ayesha, and how to tell Adi about Poonam.

Nani asks Ayesha what is troubling her, don’t lie and don’t hide. Ayesha says nothing. Nani says her day is complete seeing her. Ayesha is upset. Ayesha lies to her. Nani laughs. Payal comes there. Ayesha says her friend is in a problem, now she feels her husband can an affair. She says trust is important. She goes to make a call. Payal leaves. Harish makes special tea for Avantika. She asks him to bring it fast. She gets Ambika’s call and talks to her. She says I spoke to Poonam, she is sure about her. Avantika says I knew you will find the suitable bride for Adi.

Ambika says Poonam is going to Mumbai to attend a seminar, as she wants to become a big homeo doctor. Avantika invites them to Mumbai. Ambika says what will we say everyone. Avantika says no one will doubt, I will find some way to talk to Adi. Avantika asks her can she meet Poonam. Ambika says yes, I will send her pic. Avantika says fine, send after one hour. Harish comes and Avantika hides it from her. She likes the tea. She says she has to go now. He asks where. She says she has work and leaves.

Sheela takes Anuj’s laptop and draws in painting. Anuj comes and asks what is she doing. Sheela makes the sorry card for Ayesha. He gets happy and praises her. She says how to take printout. He asks her to go to library and he will command from here. She says magic. He says its called wifi. He laughs on her bad drawing. Sheela gets the printout and its dress designs. Ayesha says its my printout. Sheela says why did mine not come. Ayesha says maybe the command is not done right. Sheela goes to see and asks Ayesha to keep her flower printout.

Poonam’s pic comes and Avantika takes it. She says that’s for me, see its Poonam, the girl we have chosen for Adi. Ayesha is shocked. Ayesha says she is nice, very beautiful. Avantika says I hope she is perfect for Adi. Ayesha says yes, its about Adi’s life. Avantika says thanks for telling me that. Its good news for you, start your packing, as Poonam is coming to Mumbai. Avantika reminds her promise. Ayesha cries. Avantika asks shall we start the arrangements for Adi’s marriage. Ayesha nods yes. Avantika says thank you.

Adi sees Ayesha crying. He asks what happened. She hugs him. He asks what is the matter, you have to tell me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I feel like avantika is torturing ayesha..her acting is so annoying ..she have no manners to talk..i hate the way she snacthed a pic from ayesha s hand..shes so manerless

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