Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nani taking to Nanu’s pic and saying its been two years now, the times have changed, the family used to be happy and its missing you. She sees Pankhudi’s pic and smiles. She dresses in a saree. She says no one had breakfast together since two years. Shanky says Nanu took Pankhudi with him, he did not think about others. Nani says that girl was special, she accepted everyone’s pain with a smile. She says I m worried about Rubel, he has suppressed his anger. Rubel is shown kicking the punchbox. She says Rubel is taking care of the business alone and is burdened. Shanky says its Payal’s mistake too, she would have supported him. Nani says Payal lost her innocence in being Page 3 limelight. Payal is shown attending a party.

Nani says Sheela used to do stupid things before and today no one is there to laugh with her. Sheela does laughing therapy. She asks Anuj not to take much medicines. Anuj says I lost, I could not see my family together. Nani says they are helpless, the happiness went from this house. Kaira settles with Vikram, Varun and Amrita in Europe. Nani says Sameer and Preeti went to Singapore. Shanky says we don’t know where is Avantika going somewhere since two years. Avantika is shown going to the temple and praying.

No one comes for breakfast. Nani says time is strange, we can’t say what it does. Shanky says I will give them breakfasts in their rooms. Nani says wow gulab jamun. Shanky says its Adi’s birthday today. Nani says I want to see him. He says even I want him to come back. Shanky comes and wakes up Rubel. Rubel asks did Adi come. Shanky says no, its morning. Rubel sees Payal sleeping. Nani comes to Rubel and says I came to talk to Payal. He says I will wake her up. He wakes up Payal. Payal greets Nani. Rubel says I will leave for office and says Payal we are going on lunch today. Payal says no I have to go in party. Rubel becomes upset and leaves.

Nani explains Payal to give time to Rubel. Payal says I m busy, I have a life. Payal says Rubel is doing Adi’s work too. Nani says you can’t blame Adi, did you support Rubel anyday. Payal says move on. Nani says how can you be so insensitive. Payal leaves. Sheela tells Shanky that she is fit and praises herself. She says I have joined laughter club. She misses Pankhudi and smiles.

Sheela says I will not let my family break. Anuj says what can we do, Adi and Avantika does not understand. Shanky says Avantika came and is very angry. She went in Adi’s room. Avantika removes the flowers from Pankhudi’s pic and scolds the servants. Anuj and Sheela come to her. Anuj says they did a mistake. Payal comes and says I asked them to put flowers. Avantika says have you lost it Payal. Payal says whats wrong with you, Pankhudi is dead, she will never come back. Avantika cries. Sheela scolds Payal and asks her to go to her room. Avantika says how can you be sure, did you see her dead body, do you have any evidence that Pankhudi is dead. Payal says fine, but she will never come back. Rubel comes and scolds Payal and asking her to apologize. Avantika says no, I don’t want any apology. Payal says I m sorry.

Pankhudi’s look alike is shown.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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