Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi feeling bad as Anuj asked her to stay out when someone comes to see Revathi. Pankhudi is in thoughts. Avantika says as that man is taken in custody and the case will solve soon. Adi says Vikram asks him whether he have suspicion on anyone and he thought to expose chachaji and chachiji. but remember about Rubel and didn’t say anything. Adi thanks Avantika and Harish for their support and says if you would not have been with me then I would had broken. Harish asks him to thank him for everything, from the time he was born. Avantika asks him to shut up and says every parent do the same thing for their kids. Pankhudi tells Kaira that she can’t come for the shopping and says she will manage home. Rubel says he heard everything

as Dad asked you to stay out of it. Kaira says she will talk to Dad. Pankhudi stops her and says Mamaji will feel bad. She asks her to be with Revathi as Chachiji will do something. Chachiji asks Revathi not to look like a scared girl otherwise the groom parents will think, they are getting her married forcibly. Revathi says she don’t want to get married. Chachiji threatens Revathi. Chachaji tells Revathi that he wishes to see her married and says he wants to do her kanyadaan. Chachiji asks her to get ready and also go for shopping with Kaira.

Preeti calls Avantika and asks about Adi. Avantika says Adi will be free soon. Avantika says he is innocent and will be free. Avantika asks about Sameer, Preeti is silent. Avantika asks what happened. Preeti doesn’t say anything and asks her to come soon with Adi. Latika tells Rubel about the groom Rahul, who is coming to see Revathi. Rubel says groom should be good, Latika says who cares, Revathi’s mom doesn’t care for her daughter. Rubel says, since their marriage is contract marriage, she will be free after his work is done. Latika asks what do you mean? Rubel asks her whether she has started loving him? Chachiji comes and says she is scared after whatever happened in Delhi. Rubel says, I hope you aren’t hiding anything from me. Chachiji says whatever they are doing is for his betterment.

Kaira tells Pankhudi that Revathi was lost and was uninterested in shopping as if she don’t want to marry. Pankhudi asks Kaira to be with Revathi as she can’t go there. The groom’s parents comes with the groom Rahul and Chachaji’s family asks him about his work and all. Chachiji asks Anuradha to bring Revathi. She nods in a yes. Nirmala asks Sameer about Preeti and says why you came alone. Sameer says don’t know. She says your Dad wants to talk to you as we know that you are having problems with Preeti. Sadanand says your marriage is mismatched with Preeti but she is right and I was wrong she is very clear and honest. She told you about her past and you know that. Sadanand asks him to have trust else relations will go sour.

Revathi comes, Chachiji praises Revathi. Anuj says if you permit, let Rahul and Revathi talk alone. Chachiji says Revathi don’t want to talk, she left that decision on us. Anuj insists. Rahul parents says this is a good thing as Rahul wants us to decide. Chachaji says they likes Rahul and fixes the marriage. Rahul Dad says alliance is fixed from their end.

Chachiji says they will decide. Rubel says both of them should talk with each other as they are the ones who will spend their life. Chachaji asks Anuradha to take Revathi inside. Revathi looks lost and sad. Pankhudi talks with Govardhan mama and says everything looks under controlled. Vikram asks Adi, whether you have any suspicion on anyone. Adi says no. Vikram says they got the reports of tests and says one thing is clear that you are clean. Adi is very happy. Pankhudi feels restless as she needs to talk to Avantika about Adi. She sees someone going with the luggage and goes after her. She gets the chit which reads,” please forgive me, I am leaving this house, Revathi”. Pankhudi is shocked.

Pankhudi asks Revathi, why she is going. Revathi replies she can’t hide the truth and can’t lie. She confesses that she is already married. Pankhudi is shocked by the revelation.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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