Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Anuj explaining Sheela that I won’t die if I donate one of my kidney. Sheela says you are not young like me and says complications can happen in the process. She gives him promise not to offer his kidney. Adi asks Avantika to take the medicine. Avantika says I am fit and can donate my kidney to her. Adi agrees and says we will decide after meeting Preeti bua. Rubel says, Payal will also accompany us. Payal says I…Rubel says She would be happy as she didn’t attend our marriage. Pankhudi goes to her kitchen. Payal follows her. Pankhudi says I am making something for Preeti bua and asks, do you want to make something. Payal hugs her and says sorry. Pankhudi asks her to say sorry to herself and says somebody is asking you to do this. She says, do don’t

anything for which you will be ashamed later. She asks, I didn’t take you here forcibly, then why you are doing this…Pankhudi leaves. Adi looks at Payal.

Preeti calls Sameer and asks him to call fast as Di called. Nirmala asks Preeti to eat something. Preeti says I am not hungry. Adi comes and asks, why you are doing this? He says Sameer told us everything. Preeti is shocked and asks why? Pankhudi says, We are family for Sameer. Rubel and Payal looks on. Preeti cries. Adi asks, do you want to show you are sick? Pankhudi asks Preeti to bless Payal. Adi asks Rubel and Payal to touch Preeti’s feet. Rubel says you hided this from us. Adi asks her to bless the couple. Preeti stand up and hugs them.

Avantika tells Harish that I am fine. Harish says I have a request and says please don’t donate kidney to Preeti as organ donate in this age is bad. I have not objected if you didn’t have any health issues. Avantika says it is a small issue. Preeti says you are a perfect couple like Adi and Pankhudi. Payal get s Rohit’s call and she rejects. Adi makes Preeti eat something. Payal asks Pankhudi, where is the washroom. Pankhudi gives the directions and asks her to give her phone for keeping. She picks Latika’s call asking Payal to come to the club for party. Payal comes and takes the phone. Pankhudi wonders who is she ? Latika asks Payal to come to the club. Payal says I can’t come. Latika says, my brother is doing everything for you and asks her to come. Latika tells Rohit that she will come and asks him to leave. Rohit says I am not interested in you. Pankhudi asks, who is she? Payal makes an excuse of her friend birthday invitation.

Preeti asks Adi and Pankhudi to have a baby. Adi asks,are you pulling my leg. Preeti asks Adi, to convince avantika that she won’t let Di donate her kidney. Adi asks her to rest. Harish says it is upto you to decide. Avantika tells Anuj that I want to meet Preeti. Anuj asks her not to think about organ donation and says I am okay with Harish’s point of view. He says I will donate my kidney. Sheela breaks her mobile and says, my husband don’t care about his kids infront of his sisters. She asks Anuj to let Avantika go ahead with the donation. Anuj says let the test done. Sheela says if you are willing to give kidney then search a wife for you. Avantika asks her to stop being melodramatic. Sheela says, I gave him children’s promise. Avantika feels bad.

Adi and Pankhudi changes songs on the radio. Rubel says they are unique couple. Adi and Pankhudi starts their lovely fight. Rubel says I hope we have same understanding like them. Rubel says we will go to the office after dropping Pankhudi home. Payal says I will take a break from the office today. Pankhudi says, you have to go to the party naa and asks her to take Rubel with her. Rubel offers to come. Payal agrees hesitantly and thinks did I do the right thing by agreeing to Rubel. She gets Rohit call. Payal informs him that Rubel is also coming to the party. Rohit gets angry and asks, why? Payal says I couldn’t refuse him. Rohit says if you are happy being deewan’s bahu then I will go from your wife. Payal says it is not like that. She says, I will think something to stop Rubel.

Kaira comes to Payal and asks her to wear her dress at the Party. Rubel comes from office. Kaira asks them to have fun at the party. Payal says, shall we go for dinner as the party will be girls party. She says I will meet my friends some other day. Rubel asks her not to cancel her plan and says we will go some other day. He asks her to go and enjoy with her friends. Payal thinks she can’t hurt Rubel anymore. Pankhudi tells Adi about Payal’s friend Abhijeet’s birthday. Pankhudi says Rubel will be with her. Rubel comes, Adi asks, didn’t you go with Payal. Rubel says Payal already left for Party and says it is actually girls night out. Pankhudi says, why she lied to Rubel? Adi says, so that Rubel couldn’t go with her to the party.


Pankhudi comes to the party and finds Payal unconsciously lying on the floor.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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