Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kaira asking Varun to leave from her life. Everyone are shocked. Pankhudi says fine, you tell him. Varun says let it be, I know her answer. Pankhudi says she did not ask you to go. Varun says she did not stop me, I should leave, I m sorry I could not fulfill your expectations. Kaira cries. Adi stops Varun and explains Kaira to accept Varun. He says you are angry and confused, this decision will make you regret in future, give some time to him and yourself. He says if you still think you should part ways, then its fine. Adi says let Kaira take the decision Rubel. Kaira thinks about Varun. Everyone looks at Kaira.

Kaira says fine. Everyone smile. Rubel asks Kaira whats wrong with her and everyone, how can they let Varun be at their home. Nani says I take his responsibility. Nani says don’t be shocked. Payal says what after you go to Australia. Rubel says we know you treat Varun as your son. Pankhudi says let her do her part. Nani says hear me once. She says I will never leave this house. Everyone are happy. Nani says you all wanted me to stay here, now when I am saying, you all look shocked. She tells Pankhudi that she has forgiven everyone. She says you all should treat me well. Pankhudi hugs her and thanks her.

Nani says I should be thanking you. She says you have given me a family, I scolded everyone but you always supported me. I was annoyed with Nanu, that no one heard me, and maybe with me, that I did not see you all. Nani praises Pankhudi. Nani talks to Anuj, Preeti and Avantika. She says Nanu is not there, I could not apologize to him, will you all forgive me. Avantika says don’t say this, we are family. Anuj says its your house, don’t say this. Nani thanks him and says I know I have full right to be here. Sheela smiles. Nani asks Sheela does she permit her to stay here. Sheela says yes. Nani scares her and laughs.

Nani asks Kaira not to be angry. She says Varun is a very good boy, give him one more chance please, I know him since many years, I know that he will keep you happy. Adi says its your house Varun. Varun promises him he will not give any reason to complain. Kaira hugs Adi and asks why did you do this for me. The doctor checks Amrita and says congrats you are pregnant. Vikram is shocked and happy. The doctor says take care of her and bring her to my clinic tomorrow. Vikram happily looks at Amrita. Anuj thanks Avantika and Adi for bearing Vikram.

Avantika talks to Sheela and says I know you want to talk to me. Sheela says we are related by 25 years, I always misunderstood you, but not today. Sheela cries holding Avantika’s hands. She says what you did for Kaira can only be done by a daughter. Sheela praises Avantika. Avantika says even I did many mistakes, dad always told that this house is everyone, but its yours first.

Avantika apologizes to her. Avantika opens her arms and says come, lets forget everything and show everyone nothing can come between us, I just love you so much. Sheela hugs her. Everyone smiles. Avantika and Sheela cries and smiles. Preeti says you both forget me, hug me too. Harish takes their pic. Anuj says its a happy ending. Pankhudi says no, there is still something. She hugs Rubel to talk to Nani. Rubel apologies to Nani. Nani says I did not feel right. Adi and Pankhudi are happy. Vikram tells Amrita that I will see how Varun does not come back hearing this house. Amrita says so you will use this child now. Vikram says what if we can use the news, I m really happy. Amrita says I will call. Vikram smiles.

Nani sees Varun crying. Varun says Rubel is right, I did not take a stannd for Kaira, how can he trust him. Varun gets Amrita’s call. She says there is a good news, I m pregnant. Varun says what, its such a good news. Amrita asks him to take care of him and Kaira. Vikram gets annoyed. Amrita says I won’t let anything wrong happen with them. She taunts him for being so selfish. Vikram leaves. Varun tells Nani that I know Amrita needs me now. Pankhudi says I think Vikram will not hurt her in this state. Nani says if you go back, Vikram will torture you. Varun says I know him, he won’t be quiet, he will do something. Mama talks to Diwakar. Ambika says Bau ji went to know about Vikram. They discuss about Vikram and his dad. Vikram says Diwaan thinks they won by making my family away from me, be ready now.

Rubel asks Varun to do his work. He asks him to bring his mobile. Everyone are shocked seeing him insult Varun.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. whats this! why does everyone go so slow on saturdays! its nearly 11 and not one update for diya aur baati form anyone!

  2. I really wanna know if sandhya wins the trophy or not

    1. sandhya Wil get trophy or not wat. Wil. Happening in the épisode

    2. She won it much to the shock of the other politician who told agrima not to let sandhya win

  3. Update Fast. Yar. diya aurbaati plze

  4. sandhya got the trophy yar !!!!

  5. n bhabho thinks dat kavita is responsible for sandhya getting the trophy n thanks dat kavita bitch !!!

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