Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi telling Vikram that she is relieved as Adi is in good and safe hands. Latika asks Rubel, you came back. Rubel says he missed her so can’t stop him from coming back soon. She says your mom is doubting me. She thinks I am giving more importance to Chachiji than her. Rubel says mom is so sweet. Latika says she speaks sweetly with Chachiji as that’s why her mom in law have gone crazy. Rubel says you mean, mom is getting mental. Latika says she is mental. She says she was shocked before she didn’t get the property. Sheela comes and listens everything. Rubel asks when did you come. Sheela says she came when latika was badmouthing about her. She says she saw in a Tv serial how a bahu sent her mom in law to mental asylum. She says she will throw

her out. Rubel asks her to get cool. He says he will make Latika understand.

Preeti tells Nirmala that there is nothing between her and Kailash. He came to adopt a child. She cries miserably. She says Sameer doesn’t want to listen to her. Nirmala says we have to clear the misunderstandings. Chachiji tells Anuradha not to worry about Kapil as Chachaji is with him. She says they are his parents. She asks Anuradha to go inside. Revathi comes and the tray falls from her hands. Chachiji shouts at her to clean the floor. Pankhudi comes and asks her to apply the medicine. She asks chachiji to clean the floor. Chachiji is shocked and says she is not a servant to do the menial work. Pankhudi asks is Revathi is a servant? Pankhudi asks her to remember the conditions and clean the floor. chachaji and kapil comes back home. Sheela asks what doctor said? Anuj too comes in and asks about the hospital. Chachaji says get well soon hospital. Anuj asks pankhudi about Adi. Pankhudi says he is fine and said thanks to you for your help. He said he will come out clean soon. Anuj asks Chachiji, what she is doing. Chachiji says she is wiping the floor as pankhudi ordered her to do. Anuj asks Pankhudi to respect relations. Pankhudi thinks how shall I explain to you everything. Kapil is shocked to see his mother doing the work.

Pankhudi applies medicines on Revathi’s leg. She asks why you always keep quiet and gives chance to others to dominate you. Revathi says she can’t do anything to free Adi. Pankhudi says she knows that she prays for Adi day and night. Kaira comes and asks what they are talking. She says she has a good news and says tomorrow some guy is coming to see Revathi.

Revathi is shocked and excuses herself. Kaira thinks she is getting shy. She asks Pankhudi what happened in Delhi. Pankhudi says so much happened there. Vikram asks Adi whether he suspects anyone, who might be doing this to frame him. Adi says he don’t suspect anyone. Rubel tells Kaira that they try to frame Pankhudi bhabhi. he wonders who went to Delhi to frame her. Kaira says we need to be careful. Chachiji shouts at Kapil and says you messed up. Kapil says sorry. Chachiji starts acting. Kapil says sorry and says I felt bad to let you down. Chachiji says we have to throw Pankhudi out and says she will put some condition on Pankhudi. She brings tea for Anuj, Anuj asks why did you bring tea. Chachiji says she is like his mother and loves to do work. She asks him to come home early as some guy is coming to see Revathi. She says Pankhudi feels we are responsible for Adi’s condition and says she fears that Pankhudi would say anything to the guy or his parents. She asks Anuj to tell Pankhudi to stay out of this. Sheela asks her to tell pankhudi herself, Anuj asks Sheela to stay out of it and he will talk with Pankhudi. Sheela thinks chachiji is smart and she is doing everything smartly. She thinks to do something.

Kaira tells Revathi that they will get some clothes for her. Pankhudi says we shall go for a shopping. Kaira asks Pankhudi how they can trust anyone at one meeting. She asks Revathi, will you agree for the marriage. Anuj comes and calls Pankhudi. He requests her that someone is coming to see Revathi and asks her to stay out of this. He says it is a big day for Chachaji and Chachiji. Pankhudi is shocked.

Pankhudi gets some chit written by Revathi that please forgive me, I am leaving this house. Pankhudi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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