Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sheila wearing elegant saree and jewellery, then asking Anuj how is she looking. Anuj honestly says she is looking a bit fat, Sheila says she is lying but Anuj says he just spoke truth, then for Sheila’s sake Anuj had to finally say that Sheila is looking beautiful and asks why she is dressing up for a dinner as if she is going to a wedding or something, Sheila says she has grand plans for today and will make the day memorable.

Adi dressing up along with Pankuri to go for dinner. Pankuri was about to open the lipstick cap when Adi came in front, resulting in a smear of lipstick behind Adi’s back (on shirt). Adi got busy on a call and says the caller many things, while Pankuri was about to rub off the lipstick, but every time Pankuri tries to go and do that, Adi sees or rather feels it, and then turns back, and later hurriedly ends call, embraces Pankuri tightly and says to Pankuri that she is acting as if she can’t wait to get close to her husband. Pankuri got embarrassed and says about the lipstick part, and Adi says why she is acting as if she did some big crime, and says it is nothing, quite a small matter, and even if anyone asks about it, then he will say that he got this mark of lipstick from his wife who has willingly put it

Rubel came with Latika in tow, but Sheila asks Latika not to go with them and reveals her special plans She asks her to come later.

Pankuri has gone to Harish’s house a little earlier than others and offered help to Avantika, Avantika asked that no help is required and asked Pankuri to spent some time with Harish. Pankuri says she had already spoke to Harish and will help her. Avantika asks her not to help and as she is her MIL, she should listen to her. Now Dadi comes and says she is Avantika’s MIL and she is asking Avantika to take help of Pankuri and this time Avantika has to agree and all three starts cooking together.

Nana enters Harish Mansion along with Preeti Maasi, Anuj, Rubel, Sheila and Shanky. Avantika welcomes everyone and asks Shanky to come and dine with them in dining table, which is sneered by Sheila-Rubel, and Sheila says when she will have Diwan Mansion under her control, the first thing which she will do is to remove Shanky from Diwan Mansion,
Nevertheless Shanky is very much pleased with that.

Nana was looking for Harish and asks Harish to come out. Soon Harish comes out and Nana asks why he acted even in front of his family members and he could have said about his illness much earlier, also adds how worried he and others were after hearing about his operation and finally hugs him after Harish apologizes.

Adi now came carrying Latika in his arms. Everyone looks shocked and surprised Adi says Latika got hurt in her leg and has cramps while ducking for cover from an approaching car, so he carried her inside. Sheila started tending Latika and messaged her foot after Preeti Maasi gave Sheila the necessary ointment.

Sheila was enjoying dinner when Preeti Maasi asks her about Pankuri’s jewellery, Sheila says she will call in a day or two, but Preeti asks her to enjoy dinner while she will call Sheila’s jeweller on her behalf. Pressurized into the act, Sheila finally gets up, goes aside and calls jeweller. The jeweller asks her to pay 25 lakhs and take the jewellery.. Sheila looks shocked and asks in disbelief that when price became 25 lakhs. Jeweller says that price was for that day and this is the current price of the bangles, and Sheila is quite exasperated, can’t decide what to do, when she turns around and spots Preeti, so she had to give in and asks jeweller to keep ready the bangles and she will pay the necessary amount and take those next day. Satisfied on listening that, Preeti goes away. Sheila looks upset on having to pay more suddenly.

The family have dinner together and after that Preeti says why everyone is so quite and proposes to play Dumsaras game where a name of film will be given and one person will have to act that out to make his/her team understand the name of film. Two teams are formed and everyone excitedly started playing. Adi beautifully gestures and Pankuri brought off the movie’s name. Then Sheila gestures something to Rubel, he sends someone sms, and Adi gets a call, goes aside, and there was a loud shout.

Rubel enters to find Adi near a blanket and asks what Adi is doing with his fiancee. Adi is shocked and says how can he enter the room without permission, and Rubel counters him, says he has every right to question Adi’s motives, and Latika slowly comes out of blanket now.

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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