Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th April 2013 Written Update

Episode asks with Adi questioning Rubel about what he was saying about her… Nanaji defends pankudi and warns Rubel. Preeti also says that he is happy that Adi chose Pankudi instead of Latika. Preeti also says that avatika did a big mistake by giving all the powers to them.
Sheila gets worried and Latika makes faces.
Harish stops the argument between Rubel and Adi… But Sheila suddenly says that they should break the knot. everybody gets shocked but she again understands what she was saying and down plays it. But Rubel shouts at her and asks her to stop her talks….
Sheila comes to welcome them.. everybody watches… Sheila approaches to latika and they both have talks to themselves…
Sheila asks them to get blessings from elders… nanji gives his blessings but preeti doesnot..
Even harish gives blessings but when he wanted to give shagun.. rubel says no to it and says harish wont be able to offord it making everybody upset again…
Rubel and latika were about to go when Sheila asks them to take blessings from Adi n Pankudi too… They both makes …adi says its okay…but Pankudi was too angry to even look at them. Sheila Anuj Rubel n Latika leaves
Nanaji says he wont ever dream of bringing this family together. Shanky Harish n Preeti asks for Permission to leave… Adi introduces Kaira to pankudi… both of them feels awkward…
Kaira talks to Shanky and tells him that she felt good seeing him.
Everybody leaves… Nanaji feels sad when Adi leaves without saying goodbye…

Sheila scolds Rubel n Latika for not even telling her about it… Rubel asks Sheila to stop her melodrama …Rubel argues badly with his parents..
Anuj feels really sad… Sheila comes and supports him but still thinks of a plan !
In kullu… Neha was talking to Naman and Neha’s dad hears it…. they get worried..

In diwan mansion… Latika Challenges pankudi … Pankudi answers back confidently..

Govindan informs eveyrone that he is going to Mumbai… Naman wasnt ready to bring Neha to his house so Neha’s dad gets worried..
Nanaji talks to Pankudi about the house…. So does Rubel talk about it to sheila and latika….

Precap..: Looks like their is a function or something….Pankudi talks about some jewelry

Update Credit to: Nia

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