Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani asking Ayesha to take Harish’s permission before going anywhere. Ayesha covers her face. Payal comes there and Nani is shocked. Payal asks whats the girl doing here at night. Ayesha hides. Nani asks her to go and sleep. Payal stops getting a doubt. Nani gets tensed. Payal gets head ache. Nani asks are you ok. Payal says yes I m fine, you too sleep. Payal goes to her room. Nani asks the girls to go to the outhouse fast. They leave. Nani closes the door.

Ghalib is finding Ayesha. He comes to know that she is in Mumbai. He gets her phone records. Ghalib asks why did she go there alone. Ghalib says book my ticket for Mumbai. He says I will go by flight. He says I m going to bring Ayesha, but why did she go Mumbai.

Nilofer scolds Ayesha for spoiling everything. Ayesha says I m sorry. She says I m hungry, give me food. Nilofer says fine. She asks Nafisa to help in cooking. Nafisa gets angry and says enough now. She says if I was there, I would have not given her food. Ayesha says I m not your child, when you get children, be strict to them. Its morning, Payal wakes up and gets vomiting. Rubel asks are you ok. Payal thinks to do pregnancy test and goes to loo. She does the test. Avantika says Adi’s phone is off. Nani comes to them. Avantika says Adi did not come home. Harish says give him some time.

Nani asks them not to fight and have tea. Payal comes to Rubel and is shocked. She looks at the kit results. She gets upset. Rubel wakes up and asks what happened, are you ok. Ayesha plans to meet Arif Sir. She says Nani went Australia, we are free, but how to convince mum. Ruksaar says you go, I will manage everything. She says go from back door, I will keep pillows under blanket, so that they think we are sleeping. Ayesha hugs her and thanks her. She takes an auto to meet Arif Sir. She takes her designs with her.

Adi looks for Pankhudi on the road. Ayesha gets down the auto and Adi sees her as she turns. Adi runs after her to stop her. Ayesha tries to escape. Adi asks her to stop. Ayesha then sees Ghalib. Adi says I m Adi, wait. Adi says stop Pankhudi. Adi gets her and her designs falls. Adi says Pankhudi and holds her face. Adi says I m finding you since two years. Ayesha faints. Adi holds her. Ghalib sees them and is shocked to see Ayesha.

Adi lifts her and takes her with him. Ghalib could not follow them. Adi leaves in his car. Ayesha wakes up and closes her eyes acting. Ghalib says stop the car and runs after the car. He misses them. He says Ayesha went with whom, I will find her. Adi says Pankhudi, get up, you made me run like mad and sleeping now. Ayesha thinks if I open my eyes, you will trouble me with questions. He says lets go home, family will be surprises seeing us. Adi smiles.

Adi says you came back. She thinks yes, what option did I have, one you and other Ghalib. He says why are you wearing burqa, I m excited to see you after two years. Nilofer slaps Ruksaar for making Ayesha go. Harish says don’t fight, we have to think what we have to do, how can Ayesha be so irresponsible. How will we manage things. Nilofer says I think we should go back, if anything happens wrong, Lord will not forgive us. Harish says no, we will sort out.

Avantika calls Adi. Rubel says I spoke to police, they will find Adi. Adi comes home with Pankhudi in his arms. Everyone are shocked to see Pankhudi. Adi smiles. Rubel says Pankhudi. Harish gets tensed. Music plays……………

Everyone try to talk to Pankhudi/Ayesha. Ayesha tells Nilofer to explain them that she is Ayesha, not Pankhudi. Everyone are shocked.

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