Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ghalib talking to Ayesha. She asks him to leave but he calls Ayesha’s teacher in. Ayesha is shocked seeing her. Ghalib says don’t say you don’t know her. Rubel talks to Adi. Adi says I m fine, but why are you upset. Rubel says nothing serious. Adi says fine if you say so, how are things between you and Payal. Rubel says things are confusing. Adi asks why. Rubel says leave it, get well now. I will meet you later. He leaves. Ayesha’s teacher asks her not to worry, she will free her and take her with her. Ayesha says you don’t know anything. Ghalib says call Adi. He calls everyone out and says you should also know who is your Pankhudi.

Rubel comes and asks him to get out. Ghalib says give Ayesha back to me. Everyone come. Ghalib says this time I have proof. Rubel says you keep it and leave, else I will call police. Anuj says yes, I will inform them. Ghalib says fine, call them. Ayesha asks him to leave else. Ghalib asks else what will you do. I will show the proofs. Sheela asks what proof. Nilofer comes and is shocked seeing Ghalib. He says see your mum came. He greets her and says I called you here to meet her.

Ghalib says this lady is Ayesha’s teacher who taught her since childhood in Lucknow. The teacher says I don’t know whats going on here, but I know Ayesha since childhood. She says I taught her two sisters also. Ghalib says its clear now. He says I have more proofs, see this 10th and 12th memos. Adi comes and takes it. Ghalib smiles and says see it yourself, you will know she is my Ayesha, not your Pankhudi. ADi goes to Ayesha and tears the papers. Ghalib is shocked.

Ghalib says what did you do, it’s the proof. Adi says I did not love her to need any proof. Ghalib says you are mad, you could have read it. Adi says my love does not need any certificate, she is Pankhudi for me and will always be, no one can change this. Ayesha looks at her. Ghalib says what about her. Nilofer says Ghalib might have forced her to say this. Adi says I will get you arrested. Ghalib says I will take my Ayesha. Adi says my Pankhudi lives here, find Ayesha somewhere else. Adi pushes Ghalib. Ghalib says fine, if she can’t be mine, then she won’t be anyone.

Ghalib attacks Harish and Adi. The inspector comes and arrests Ghalib. Ayesha says wait. Ayesha comes to Ghalib and slaps him. She says what did with Adi today, don’t come infront of me again. Ghalib says you will know the truth very soon. Nilofer asks the lady to leave. She leaves. Nilofer and Ayesha go after her and apologize to her. The lady says I don’t like Ayesha talking to me like this, I understood Ghalib brought me for his wrong motive. Nilofer says Ayesha is doing this for humanity and to save a house. Ayesha gives her hand and says beat me, trust me, I m doing this for someone’s good. The lady blesses her and leaves.

Nilofer says Allah saved you today but till when. Ayesha says did you see Adi did not see the papers, how can anyone love someone so much. Nilofer says go inside. Anuj says I don’t understand, how can such people exist, I m sure Ghalub is doing this for money. Sheela says I feel Adi should have seen the papers. Anuj scolds her and says use your mind in right direction. She says maybe Ghalib is saying the truth. Adi takes care of Harish.

Ayesha asks Adi how can he trust her. Adi says I do. She asks how. Adi holds her hand and says you told me once, the one you love, you trust them. He says dad, Mama called me and said Ghalib met him in Kullu, he misbehaved with Bau ji too so he went in jail. Adi says my love will always be same for you. He says the world can think anything, for me you are my Pankhudi. Harish and Nani looks on. Ayesha leaves.

Mama tells his wife to leave him alone. She asks what is the matter, how is Adi and our Pankhudi. He says she is not our Pankhudi, she won’t come back to us, that girl is Ayesha, her lookalike. She is shocked. Ayesha talks to Ruksaar and says I m worried. She says I don’t know how can Adi love someone so much. Ruksaar says why don’t you want to marry Arif, he loves you a lot. Ayesha says no, that’s not love, love is what Adi does with Pankhudi.

Harish gets a letter and smiles. Nani sees it and says fantastic. Ayesha comes to them and asks what happened. He gives her the letter. Ayesha is glad and says I got admission in London school of design with scholarship, it means I have to go after one week, but if I go, Adi…….. She gets worried about Adi.

Payal thinks Rubel is hiding something and follows him. She is shocked to see Nafisa hugging Rubel as he celebrates her birthday.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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