Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikram arguing with Nani and Pankhudi. Nani scolds Varunfor being silent always. Vikram says enough, get lost now. He says this is my house, Kaira is Varun’s wife and Varun is my private property. Pankhudi says no, Kaira is Diwaan’s daughter, not alone like Varun. Varun is still silent. Vikram says Varun does not talk without my permission, you should also do that. Kaira cries. Vikram asks Kaira to go back to his room. Pankhudi says Kaira will not bear anything. She says she will not stay in this house now, we are taking her back, how will you stop me, I came to take Kaira and will take her. Vikram says Kaira won’t go anywhere. Harish comes and says Kaira is coming with us now. Vikram says Mr. Comedian is also here, did you come alone.

Harish says Pankhudi called me here, if anyone else came, they would have not left you. I pity you, you have power and money which made you blind. Vikram says yes, I don’t care about anyone, you should care, as you are girl’s family, don’t forget its a big scene if girls leave in laws house. Nani says thats the problem of the society. Harish says we can’t trust this lamp post Varun, what will he take a stand for Kaira. Pankhudi says my parents are in peace as they know I m with a good life partner, they don’t care about me. Harish says Vikram won’t care about Kaira, the man who does not respect his wife, what will he respect others. Pankhudi asks Amrita how did she not tell her anything.

Amrita says I did not know his plan, trust me, when I came to know, I tried to tell you. I did a mistake. I m sorry Kaira, please forgive me. Amrita cries and says take Kaira from here as I don’t want Kaira to stuck with us here. Preeti talks to Sameer. She says mum is not talking to me normal. He says now you are at home and your differences will sort out. She says did I do any mistake. He says no, you do your duties well, she will be fine with time. Harish asks Varun to speak up. He says a girl like Kaira will never be yours again, leave her, think about your life, if you don’t say anything, then you won’t be able to say whole life.

Nani says I m shocked Varun, you are disgusting. Pankhudi says come Kaira, lets go home. Kaira tells Varun that you don’t deserve my slap too. I thought you are simple, and nice, but no, you are a coward. She says to love you was the biggest mistake of my life, why did you marry me and spoil my life. She cries and says you are still silent, I will pray no girl marries a guy like you. Harish says lets go now. Vikram says you are spoiling her life in anger. Harish says times have changed. She has her family, she will be safe and happy there.

Vikram says I know you will come to beg me after two days. Nani scolds Vikram. They take Kaira and leave. Preeti tells Sameer that Pankhudi came to know Vikram’s truth. Harish calls her and tells her everything. Avantika says why did Harish called us here. Rubel says everything will be fine, but maybe Nani went to buy a new flat. He asks Adi do you not know what she is doing, she is buying a flat for Kaira and Varun. He says how can you lie to me. He says I heard Nani telling Varun to stay away from Vikram. Sheela asks Avantika do you know this. Adi says its nothing like that.

Rubel says you are hiding something. Adi says I don’t have any idea about this. Rubel says Nani can’t live here, she has to go back, I don’t want her to interfere in Kaira’s life. Sheela asks why is Adi taking money. Rubel says its his right, but this is wrong. Harish comes with Pankhudi. Adi asks where were you. Harish says we need to talk about Kaira. Sheela asks what happened. Rubel says you have separated her from Vikram right, Nani is wrong. Everyone are shocked to see Nani bringing Kaira and Kaira crying.

Sheela runs to her and asks what happened. Kaira hugs her. Nani says we have brought her back from Vikram’s house. Pankhudi says yes. Sheela is shocked. Rubel says I told you Nani will do this. Rubel asks Nani to leave. Pankhudi says wait, first know the matter. She tells about Vikram. Adi and Avantika are shocked. Pankhudi’s family talks about Vikram. They worry about Kaira. He says we have given good values to Pankhudi, its hard to get good house for girls. Mama says yes we are sure Pankhudi has a good life. Vikram asks Varun not to be upset. He says Kaira will come back in two days. He says lets play cricket, go and get the bat. Varun is upset. Vikram shouts on him. Amrita tries to talk to him. He asks Amrita to shut up. Varun comes to Vikram with a bat and ball.

Varun thinks about everyone’s words. Vikram smiles. Varun does not give him the bat. Amrita looks on. Vikram says you are forgetting I start the match always. Varun moves his hand and this shocks Vikram. Varun says I will do the batting and you will do the bowling today.

Kaira tells Varun won’t come, I don’t need Varun. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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