Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Pankudi and Adi entering Diwan mansion. Sheila was shocked to see them both. Pankudi tells Nanaji they want to tell them something. Adi tells Nanaji About Latika and Rubel’s contract Marriage. Sheila pretends as if she doesnot know anything !

Scene shifts to kullu … Govindan finished some work of a loan for Naman and gives it to Neha. Neha thanks him but when Govindan asked for the reason for the loan.. she couldnt answer.

In Diwan mansion, Adi gives all the details about the contract marriage to Nanaji. Preeti and Harish were shocked. Anuj too comes their. Sheila starts her fake acts and started crying. Nanaji gets up and tells sheila that he is not surprised..and also tells that he suspected their intentions even before. He says but he is surprised about the fact that Rubel is only doing it for property.
Anuj says to Adi that he should be ashamed of himself when talking about such things of Rubel.
Adi tells him to call the lawyer and ask for himself. Preeti also shouts at him saying that even he will be included in the plan and now he is pretending .

Anuj pretends as if he soesnt know anything. Adi asks him to do something before Rubel does something. But suddenly Rubel shows up and announces that its useless to do anything now. Everybody looks at them in surprise/shock.. latika and Rubel were smiling at each other.. They were married !

Rubel tells everyone “Meet Latika Rubel Diwan..My legally wedded wife” Latika had an evil smile on her face. Sheila was on shock as if she couldnt believe what was happening. She moved towards Anuj and fell on his Arms ;p

In Kullu Neha’s dad and Govindan talks about neha and Naman. Govindan tells him everything he and his wife saw. Govindan also asks him to talk to Neha about it.

Rubel asks Pankudi if he gave her a surprise. Sheila consoles herself saying that this cannot be true… Latika asks everyone..if they wont welcome her..and adds that even if no one welcomes, she will come in herself.. they both enters

Adi comes forward and tells that he is not surprised to see that Because everytime Rubel does something stupid and this wedding is one of that.. But he wishes him a happy married life.
Nanaji and Harish tries to advice rubel but he doesnt listen to them and answers back.

Adi tells him that marrying Latika is a life long punishment to Rubel (Nice line Adi 😀 )
Rubel asks them not to give their opinion on his marriage.
When Rubel said Latika is the perfect girl for her.. Pankudi objects that.. But Latika Shouts at her saying that they dont want any lectures from her…
Preeti also joins Pankudi and shouts at Latika. Rubel says She doesnt believe in past !
Sheila comes forward and talks against the marriage. Preeti reminds Sheila that she was dancing and enjoying and happy when their enagagement happened. Sheila then understands what she was saying and changes the topic.

Anuj talks in between and shouts at Rubel. Rubel answers him back saying that he doesnot need to show his unnecessary importance to everyone. Adi could take it and asks if it is the way to talk to his dad.
Kaira comes clapping hands congratulate Rubel and Latika. Latika makes faces at her.
Laika says to rubel that no one in this family respects their love…. Pankudi says to them that Respect needs to be earned…
Rubel couldnt take it and was about to tell everyone that pankudi is the caretaker of the house. but he stops. Adi comes forward and asks what he was saying about pankudi.. Episode ends.

Precap : Sheila asks Rubel and latika to touch Pankudi and Adi’s feet too ! Rubel gives them an angry look

Update Credit to: Nia

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