Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha and Ruksaar coming in Nani’s room. Adi says where did Pankhudi. Ayesha says lets go from here. Sheela thinks she saw Pankhudi’s ghost. Rubel and Nani come in the hall while Adi is going to his room. Adi opens the door. He comes in. Nani is shocked to see Ayesha and Ruksaar and closes the door. Ayesha says we did not know that guy will bump into her. Nani says if he got you, what would we tell him, I m going Australia tomorrow. Ayesha says don’t give yourself importance, it’s a small mistake, and it happens. Nani scolds them.

Nani says why did you hit Adi. Ruksaar says we did not had option, so I hit him with a rod. Aeysha says forget it, when can I go to see Mumbai. Nani says you won’t go anywhere. Ruksaar says lets go outhouse. Nani says everyone are in hall, be here silently, idiots. She sees Pankhudi’s photo and leaves. Ayesha says she always scold me. Adi tells Avantika that he really saw Pankhudi. Avantika says its imagination. Rubel comes and stops Adi. He says you are not going anywhere. Adi says Pankhudi needs me.

Rubel says stop it, she is dead. Adi gets angry and holds his collar. Adi says don’t repeat it. Rubel says I will repeat it till you understand, she is dead and will never come back. Adi is about to slap him but Avantika stops him. Adi leaves. Avantika says sorry to Rubel. Rubel says don’t be, you are also responsible for all tthis. Mama likes the food and Diwakar talks to Bau ji. He says Harish called and I felt he wanted to tell something. Nani asks what happened. Avantika says Rubel and Adi had an argument.

Rubel says mom you have disturbed Adi shouting ghost. Sheela says I saw Pankhudi’s ghost outside. She goes to her room. Payal says I don’t believe in ghosts, but its surprising, how can Adi and mum see her together. Nani says stop it. Harish says it could be Sheela imagined too. Payal says Sheela shouted Pankhudi before Adi saw her. Anuj says stop it, why are we discussing this. He says I feel we have to take Adi to a therapist. He says you have a big opportunity and you are not taking it seriously. Rubel says yes, attend the conference. Harish says I will book your tickets.

Avantika says I feel you want me to leave this house. Nani says yes, I m also going to Australia, work and life should not wait. Avantika says I won’t go till Adi comes. Nani asks everyone to go to their rooms. Everyone leave. Harish asks Nani about Ayesha. Nani says they are in my room. Harish says its good Avantika is going. Harish says I hope Adi comes home. She says he will come. Adi thinks he saw Pankhudi and finds her everywhere. Sheela thinks she saw Pankhudi’s ghost and chant mantras being scared. Ayesha and Ruksaar feel hungry and make fun of Nani.

Ayesha sees Pankhudi’s pic and talks to her. He says she might have been boring, and caring, so everyone loves her. Adi is on the road. Mama says I will leave now and sees Bau ji tensed. Bau ji says I m thinking Adi came back and Nani told that Adi is still in Pankhudi’s memories. He is going Manali back to find her. Diwakar says till when will this continue. Bau ji says we should talk to Adi, he has to move on with time. Payal comes to Rubel and sees him doing work. She says you are unwell, take medicines and sleep. Rubel says you remember that I m not keeping well. He smiles.

Payal says I m not against Adi, its his life, I know Pankhudi was very important in his life, but why is he spoiling your life. Rubel says we should give him some time. Payal says fine, let him take his own time. She says what about you, your wife needs your love and time, I waited for you at dinner table for two years. Rubel says its not Adi’s mistake but mine, I promise I will never give you a reason to complain. She smiles. He hugs her. Nani comes to Ayesha and makes them bring burqas. Ayesha says we are hungry.

Nani gets angry. She says hurry up. She asks them to go to outhouse, she is going Australia, so they have to follow Harish’s orders. They go back. Payal sees them. Ayesha covers her face with the veil. Payal comes to them. Nani gets tensed.

Adi sees Ayesha on the road and she runs. She is shocked to see Ghalib and is caught between them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Poor adi
    y r they all troubling him

  2. Ya me u r right
    bt aadi should understand that pankhudi is dead

  3. Kya hai jis serial ko dekho usi mein humshakal ka drama chal rha hota hai

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