Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela telling Anuj that one day you will repent for making Adi, MD of the Deewan group. Pankhudi overhears them and gets tensed. Avantika comes to Goel and says I want to clear the misunderstanding which happened years ago. Padma says, there was no misunderstanding and everything is done now. Your son is married now. My daughter Anu is not married yet. Avantika says sorry. Padma asks her not to apologize. Goel says, it is about destiny. Adi is happy, forget the past things. Avantika asks them to feel at home. Avantika leaves. Padma and Goel plans against Deewans. Govardhan mama is going to wash his hand. Dadaji says to Ambika that he will agree Govardhan. Rubel comes to his room. Payal gives him chocolate. Adi comes and says I will come later. Rubel

says, I am embarrassed. He asks, do you have any work with me? Adi says, if you are not busy then we will go on a dinner. Payal says, we will go. Adi and Rubel laugh. Payal says, shall we get ready.

Pankhudi comes, Adi asks her to come for dinner. Payal asks, are you okay? Pankhudi says yes and asks Adi to come. Rubel asks, you are hiding something. Pankhudi says nothing. Rubel says, did Mom say anything? Pankhudi says actually mami is not happy with Adi becoming MD. She wanted this position for Rubel. She is thinking like a mother. Adi says, it is normal for a mother to become selfish for a child. Payal says, she asked me to understand Rubel. Rubel says, it is about business. I am not trained enough. Adi says, mama did this for everyone betterment. Adi says, she shall not be hurt. Pankhudi says, company can’t be blossomed without her blessings. Rubel decides to talk to her. Pankhudi says, mami needs a support of Payal right now. She asks Payal to make her understand. Adi asks her to win her trust. Rubel says I will help you. Pankhudi says, we have to unite the family. Adi says, we will do it anyhow. They shake hands.

Dadaji doesn’t give a chance to Govardhan mama to talk. Mama asks, why you are angry today. Dadaji says, because of you. He asks, you are upset as Adi and Pankhudi didn’t call you. Govardhan mama says, so you are pulling my leg. Dadaji says, yes. Shanky is looking at Adi’s photo in the newspaper.. Shanky asks Pankhudi to get ready as the journalist is coming to take Adi’s interview. Adi asks Sheela about Anuj. Sheela says, I don’t know about him. Journalist comes and greets Adi and Pankhudi. Sheela is jealous. Journalist asks, how are you feeling? Adi says, like a spiderman. He says, my inspiration is my nanu and everyone. My biggest inspiration is my mom. Avantika comes and joins them. Sheela couldn’t take it and goes inside. Pankhudi asks nanu to guide her.

Sameer’s taiji calls him. Sameer greets him and gives the call to Nirmala. Nirmala talks to Moriya bhabhi. She congrats her. Nirmala tells that taiji became dadi of a son. Preeti and Nirmala are upset. Sameer asks them not to be upset. Sameer says, baby is important but I don’t want them to be depressed. Nirmala says, I will try not to talk about the kid. Sameer says, even I want it but our family is complete without baby. I hope you understands me.

Payal comes to Sheela and says I got a gift for you. Sheela asks, what is it? Payal says, I got a saree for you. Sheela asks, do you want to keep you happy? I asked you to do something. Payal says, I can’t force Rubel as he is upset with me. Sheela asks her not to lecture her. Payal asks for a chance. Sheela asks her to take the gift back. Payal says, you have to accept me as your bahu. Sheela asks, can you do what I ask you? She asks her to break all ties with Pankhudi, from now onwards. Payal is tensed. Sheela asks, is my bahu ready to break all the relations with Pankhudi?

Diwakar and Ambika are talking about Adi and Pankhudi. Ambika says, I am worried about Sheela’s anger. She might be irked with Adi’s becoming MD. Diwakar says, Anuj took this decision. Ambika says, Sheela is right as she is a mother. Payal asks Pankhudi, how can I break relation with you? Pankhudi is leaving. Payal stops her and says I need your help. Pankhudi says, this house happiness is our personal preference. She asks her to become Sheela’s support and do as she asked. She asks her to break all ties with her.

Anuj gives his cabin to Adi. Sheela tells her brother that she bend all her life infront of others. She asks what to do? Padma smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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