Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th March 2013 Written Update

Nanaji stops Latika at the door step & tells her she is not allowed to step inside this house.

Rubal tries to stop Nanaji from insulting Latika.

Sheila thinks in her mind wow what an entry Latika has made & smile.

But Latika explains that may be her past mistakes are not worth forgiving but in bad times person is forced to make mistakes & that is why when she saw Aditya getting emotionally attached towards Pankhuri so in her fear that Aditya might call off their wedding so she got panicked & did all those mistakes & that she did it in here desperation but never had bad intention & she is trying to change herself & she feels guilty when she thinks about it.

Nanaji asks her to shut up & yells at her that who is feeling guilty & who is not she need’t tell him.

Aditya asks Nanaji to just calm down & Pankhuri also try to asks Nanaji but he tells them to better be quite & that so much has happened & you people were not feel the need to give even 1 phone call.

Aditya tells Nanaji that the were unaware that all this was happening without his knowledge & anyway if once Rubal decides something for himself neither you or me can change it & if mamaJi & mamiji want to give Latika a second chance why do we need to interfere.

Latika pleads Nanaji to give her 1 last chance & she promises that the kind of worthy daughter in law they expect she will try to be exactly that way & pleads.

Finally Nanaji agrees saying “okay fine!!!” & Latika says thanks & touch Nanaji’s feet but he is not happy.

Latika looks at Rubal & they exchange smile as well as Sheila thinks in her mind that this sorry might backfire on Nanaji(her father in law.

Next morning in Harish house Aditya & Pankhuri, dadiji & Avantika help Harish to take rest in his room & they leave Avantika & Harish alone when Harish asks where they are going so Aditya replies to drink water.

Avantika looks at Harish & he asks her that she must be extremely angry over the brain tumor news he had been hiding.

So Avantika replies sternly that obviously what did he reaction he expects?

Harish says he likes angry Avantika & that he is not able to digest new avatar of Avantika & he still likes her being angry over him little stubborn & stern & tells her that her stubborness has added 40 years to his life & her being stubborn has made her win again.

Avantika because he never has stopped her from being stubborn & she cries & asks why didn’t he stop her holding her hands when she was leaving his house & if he had stopped the situation would not be the same.

Harish says he just knows to stop with love & he never learnt to impose his decisions on her.

Avantika says he should have learnt it & stopped her from going away & when he knew the person he married is an arrogant & stubborn woman you should have learnt to be stern.

Harish wipes her tears & says he will learn & Avantika asks whats the use of it now & asks if he is confident that she will come back to him leaving behind everything.

Harish says yes he believes her & also that she has saved his life so now how can she leave her responsibilities towards him & she has to take his responsibilities & he’s not requesting but informing her.

Avantika says one thing he has learnt very well to impress her with his talks & hugs him & confess that she missed him a lot.

Back at Dewan house (langer -charity lunch for poor) is going on & Nanaji asks them to eat without being hesitant.

Nanaji shouts & asks shanky kaka where are cashewnut sweets & ladoo & asks shanky to serve hot puri & aloo-potatoes & fried bread) & that Rubal comes & asks “dadiji what is happening & why have u called these people here if you want to do charity why don’t you go to old age home or a charitable hospital why here??”

Latika asks “Rubal what are you doing & asks is this the way to talk with your dadiji & its dadiji’s house he can do what he wishes to do u cannot interfere” & asks Nanaji to forgive for talking intervene this way but Rubal was behaving unreasonably so she had to talk & Sheila also comes to see whats happening.

Nanaji asks Latika to be normal & not pretend to be sweet with him he knows who is what.

Rubal shouts & asks “dadiji why you always talk to Latika in this tone & that Latika can try to change & follow your rituals then why can’t he change his attitude towards Latika & if Aditya was in his place & Pankhuri had told him what Latika said he would have appreciated her & praised her coz Pankhuri is his favourite & Latika is saying it he thinks she is fake & what double standards does he have?”

Nanaji warns Rubal to tone down & asks him to shut up & that he doesn’t wish to give any clearance to his doubts & says “u & your dad(anuj) has no rights to question me ever hereafter & i don’t deny what i said to Latika coz its true & that person should project himself the way he is & not be fake & that i am noticing nowadays you are talking too much after getting hold of business & power which Avantika had given you & anuj you have not earned it so don’t you try to show new found money power & attitude to me understood”.

Sheila scold Rubal & Latika that have they lost their minds that so many times she has told them both not to open their mouth infront everyone & anytime asks why did they try to be oversmart with daddyji?”.

Latika says she was trying to impress dadaji as she wanted her to do.

But Sheila says but not this way by upsetting daddyji but the way she wish.

Aditya & Pankhuri are glad as well as tears eyed to see Avantika hugging Harish & Aditya wants to come in but Harish signals him to go but Aditya says they are hugging one another & jumps & says he also deserve a family hug & Aditya says it not fair to leave him & Harish asks him to come & hug him then finally Avantika calls Pankhuri to join them.

Pankhuri sits beside Harish & Aditya says they did not see anything & Harish warns PaYa that if their fake fights became real then he will make them stand on each side of bed like lampshades.

Aditya says no they won’t & then Avantika says Aditya & Pankhuri she has decided to stay..Aditya completes that you will stay here in dad’s house right?

Harish’s mom says she has made the right decision & asks her to home & pack her bags come back to take care of Harish.

Avantika says she’ll go to bring her bags.

But Aditya says no need as he & Pankhuri will do the packing & send it here & asks mom &dad to enjoy their moments alone & suggests there should be a big reunion celebration but Pankhuri they will celebrate but after dad gets well.

Aditya oh yeah i got excited & forgot about dad’s health.

But Avantika says but keeping a small celebration won’t do any harm & suggests to her mom in law that & all come for dinner at their home & she knows there are lots of issues but it will be nice to atleast have dinner together.

Aditya & Pankhuri says its the best idea for celebration & invite & send Avantika’s luggage & help her arrangements.

Aditya & Pankhuri leave jokes with dadiji to leave Harish & Avantika alone.

Sheila & Latika are tensed about Rubal & Nanaji’s argument.

Aditya comes & asks Nanaji why did he start the charity as he wanted to help.

Rubal sees Nanaji’s sweet behaviour & Sheila tells Latika to see how to impress the elderly & follow Pankhuri & Aditya do it smart way how Pankhuri came & without talking shred started serving charity food like a good daughter in law.

Sheila wants to serve but Aditya says he will do it on his own.
Rubal sees all this.

Aditya inform Nanaji that mom has decided to stay with dad.

Sheila is happy & asks how strange it will be without Avantika in this house will be empty when Preeti bua asks Sheila that if she miss her then she should call & request Avantika to come back along with Harish jijaji.

Sheila laughs & says just now all is become well between Avantika & Harish how can they be selfish & not be happy & inside her mind she says now she feels positive that Avantika’s black cloud has vanished & now everything will be the way she had wished.

Pankhuri informs everyone that Avantika has invited then for dinner at her house & will cook on her own & Nanaji says definitely they’ll go & Sheila says in excitement thats so nice as she feels like to fly & reach to see how Avantika is ruling in her house & laughs.

Rubal tells Sheila that he won’t go there.

Aditya stops Nanaji from reacting & tells Rubal that what he wishes he can do but if he comes his Mom will be glad but Rubal says he doesn’t need to do anything to impress or make others.

So Aditya says he need not impress anyone but rethink about coming to dinner party.

Latika asks Rubal why is he refusing to go Avantika bua has invited with lots of love so he should go then Aditya says to Latika now that she is going to be a part of this family she is also invited too.

Rubal says Latika will also not go along with himself & that is his final decision.

Sheila assures both Rubika (Rubal+Latika) will come.

Nanaji says he doesn’t understand why people have issues & bitterness between them & for what reason & he wish all get together for dinner but how???

Pankhuri says but if everyone will not sit together how will the issues be solved? Aditya says Pankhuri is right how will it happen & coz its a happy day to forget bitterness & Preeti says yes its indeed a happy day for he sister & sharing with her is the best thing.

Aditya shares his happiness with Pankhuri that dad is become alright & mom & dads lifes complication are resolved. Pankhuri agrees yes adi!!

Aditya now they will live life happily without any misunderstanding without any problem & he says he can’t believe that his childhood dreams have turned into reality.

Aditya says he is going on talking & asks her to say something too & Pankhuri says she is equally happy for mom-dad & Aditya asks & that’s it & asks to express it whole heartedly so Pankhuri kisses Aditya (peck on cheeks) & says that she that happy.

Rubal says where they were planning to take advantage of their fights but backfired now & that he wants to own Dewan mansion at any cost & if they don’t have a plan he has a second plan.

Sheila tells Rubal that his problem is that he doesn’t see the past & future & get impulsive & advice him to have control over his anger & he’ll fall flat on his face & she knows Latika couldn’t get success in making Aditya & Pankhuri separated but that doesn’t mean they cannot make Latika do something else & says Latika can be very useful to execute their plan.

Latika asks what she needs to do now. Sheila looks like she has a plan.

Precap:-Avantika says to all that after so many years this house has witnessed happy times.

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