Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha crying. Avantika comes to her and asks her to pack her bags and do the preparations, as Adi can get a bride anytime. She asks Ayesha not to hold any grudge against her. Ayesha says no, as I know you are Adi’s mum. Avantika leaves. Ayesha thinks about Avantika’s words asking her to convince Adi to do second marriage. She thinks about Adi and cries. Its morning, Ayesha is upset and says she has to fulfill her promise. Mama gets a call from Ambika and she tells him that Avantika gave her big responsibility. Mama says but it’s a tough, how will we get anyone like Pankhudi. Diwakar hears this and shouts Ambika.

He asks her is she finding a girl for Adi. He says this is wrong and leaves. Adi comes back from jogging and sees Ayesha. She sees him and turns to go, but Adi stops her. He talks to her but she is upset. He says he got sleep without the pills and thanks her. Avantika comes and greets Adi. She is glad that he went for jogging and hugs him. She asks him to start a new life. Adi says when did you both become friends. Avantika says its understanding. Adi says I still don’t understand women. He says he will drop Ayesha and leaves.

Avantika says I don’t know how you will do this, don’t do anything that hurts you, as I know its not easy to love someone and forget. Mama and Ambika see some girls for Adi. Ayesha cries in her room. Adi asks her to come as he will drop her. Ayesha asks him to go and cries. She says she planned to sleep all day. He says open the door, I want to talk to you. She says she can’t. He says fine, are you sure, shall I go. She asks him to go. He says bye and leaves. Harish apologizes to Avantika. She says she will punish him and she will not talk to him like Adi. He says Adi is talking to him. She asks really? How did this happen?

She says I m surprised Adi did not tell me. Harish says we got emotional and it happened. She says I m glad and happy. He asks is her anger over. She says no, I have more reasons now. She asks him what will he do to make up to her and leaves. He says I can’t tell her I played poker with Adi to patchup. Ayesha arranges the chair at the dining table. Avantika comes and says she did not understand her well. Avantika tells Ayesha that she does not need to add a new chair but she needs to replace the old one. Harish hears this. Avantika leaves. Harish comes to Ayesha and asks her what was all this talk. She tells him Avantika’s words. Nani comes. Harish asks her if the club and cards working. Nani asks is Adi taking pills. Ayesha says no, he is sleeping on his own.

Harish asks Ayesha’s help and asks her to come tonight in club. Nani says I noticed she is very quiet, whats the problem. Ayesha says I m missing my mum. Harish says we will go to have icecream. Ayesha says no, I can’t come as I have Rubel’s work. Rubel comes and asks is the outfit ready. Ayesha says yes, I need one day to give finishing touches. Rubel says fine, no problem. Ayesha leaves. Nani talks to Harish and says something is fishy here. Mama and Ambika think about three girl for Adi. Sheela cries. Payal comes to her and asks is she ok.

Sheela says no, Harish’s serial has a mum in law, she is so bad, how can anyone do this with her bahu. Payal says why are you not talking to Rubel, you are not worried for me. Sheela says she was sleeping. Payal says you have to put extra efforts, this plan was yours, you wanted Ayesha to lose. Sheela says yes, its my mistake. Ayesha comes and hears them talking. Payal asks Sheela to male Rubel marry Nafisa. Ayesha asks Payal not to bring Nafisa in between. Payal asks Sheela to talk to Rubel else she will tell everyone.

Ayesha thinks what happened that Payal is asking Sheela to talk to Rubel. She tells Sheela that Shanky is calling her. Ambika tells Mama that they will meet all three girls and like Poonam the most, who has sacrificed a lot for her brother. He says lets see who is there for Adi. Adi and Harish play. Harish says Ayesha did not come today. Adi says she is busy with some order and calls her. Adi says she has deadline for work. Adi asks is she trying to avoid him.

Payal tells Rubel that the reasons for their problems is his family, so we should shift from this house and get independent. Sheela looks on. Ayesha hears this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. such a stupid story!i’m gng to stop watching this serial!!!!please bring pamkhuri back!i dn’t like this ayesha’s character!

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