Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Adi thinking why did Pankhudi call the detective. Samrat talks to Vikram and tells him everything he knows about him. Vikram is impressed by him. Vikram says then you might be knowing what is it. Rubel says you have good sixth sense. Samrat says seventh. Sheela meets him and says I m your great fan, and wanted to meet you. Samfrat meets Adi. Sheela thinks she gave this idea. Samrat talks to Adi and tells him that he did paper work in the party. Adi recollects. Samrat says you look worried. Adi says impressive, good observation. Adi asks why do you think I m worried, I m fine. Samrat says the man is one that hides. Pankhudi says lets meet my mum now. Adi thinks how does Pankhudi know Samrat, did she bring him to know about Vikram.

Payal talks to Rubel about Pankhudi. Nani thinks i hope Pankhudi’s doubts get cleared, she is a nice girl. Vikrma talks to Nani and thanks her for coming. He says you have protected Varun as a mum. Nani says I m happy to see you protect Varun so much, but this is overprotection, he has to be on his own, its time to let him go, set him free. Varun comes there and Vikram scolds him asking him not to tell anything to Nani. He asks about Samrat. Samrat talks to Avantika. Avantika says we are surprised as Pankhudi did not tell any of us. Samrat says nice meeting you, see your around. Sheela comes and Samrat guesses whats in Sheela’s mind.

Pankhudi says I called him to know about Adi’s problems. Samrat compliments Sheela and she leaves. Samrat says she is very interesting. Pankhudi asks him what about Adi. Samrat says Kaira is related to his problem. He says Adi gave cheque to Vikram of Rs 25 crores. He says I came in party long ago. He says I did not wish to tell everyone. Pankhudi says it means Vikram is blackmailing mum and Adi about Kaira. Adi hears this. Samrat says you are on the right track, now you can solve this problem. He says my work is over. I should leave. He says you did not do wrong hiring me, Adi has heard everything. Pankhudi looks at him.

Samrat tells Adi that its wrong to bend infront of a wrong man. Adi gets angry on hiring a detective to spy on him. Avantika too sees this. Anuj comes late. Sheela says you should have come on time. Anuj asks what should I do now. Sheela says I got this new necklace, do its payment. She gives him the bill and leaves. Pankhudi stops Adi and asks whats between you and Vikram, I called him to know your problem and share it. Avantika comes and asks whats going on. Adi says she hired Samrat after me. Avantika scolds Pankhudi. Avantika tells her that she knows everything, about Vikram’s real motives. Pankhudi says please tell me everything. Avantika says Adi, tell her everything.

Adi tells Pankhudi everything and Vikram’s growing demands. Pankhudi is shocked. She says how can Vikram do this, he behaved so wrong with you, he acts so sweet. She says Kaira will feel very bad. How will we manage Rubel’s anger, why did you hide this. Adi says Kaira would have broken if we told her, I can’t see my sister suffer. Avantika says Vikram played the game smartly. We are planning against him. Pankhudi says I will tell the truth to everyone. Adi stops her and scolds her. Pankhudi says I will tell everyone. Adi takes her away and says don’t react so much. Avantika says Adi is right, you can’t overreact.

Avantika says Adi take her home, I will come with Harish. Pankhudi leaves with Adi. The party ends. Sheela says next time I will plan your honeymoon. Vikram apologizes as he called them back soon. Rubel says its fine. Vikram says you are very sweet. Varun says Nani is not upset. Vikram says I m happy that Varun loves Nani and so he came to meet her before me. Rubel says no, there is no comparison. Vikram greets everyone and says bye.

Adi and Pankhudi are on the way, Pyaar ka dard hai………… plays………….. They reach home. Pankhudi is annoyed with Adi. Adi stops her and they talk about Kaira. He says I m sorry, I know I behaved rudely with you. She says we have to take any step, we can’t be late. She cries and hugs him. She says how could we spoil Kaira’s life. He says nothing will happen to her, we will find any solution. He says I did not wish to hurt you by hiding this. She says I m sorry. He says its fine, don’t cry. He says Kaira is happy with Varun.

Kaira hears Vikram’s truth as he tells everything to Amrita. Kaira is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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