Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi saying whatever she wants, she will tell him soon. but for now she needs to discuss soemthing with her lawyers. Sheela wonders what is her conditions? Nirmala is organising the puja at her relatives place. She introduces Preeti to them, she praises Preeti and says we could not meet in your marriage. Nirmala says lets starts the aarti. Sheela wonders where is that girl Pankhudi? She thinks she is trapped and what to do now. After Pankhudi returns, Chachiji asks loudly what is her conditions and then softens up and asks what is your conditions? Sheela asks Pankhudi to sit and have something. She says Bharatpur people don’t have patience, Chachiji says they are straight forward people. Rubel asks them to stop talking about Bharatpur and Dholpur,

and comes to the point. Pankhudi says you are right and says lets come to the main point. She says she has three conditions. Sheela says they will agree to her. Pankhudi says her first condition is everyone should get equal right and freedom, as everyone is matured, especially Anuradha and Revathi. They will get freedom, they can live as they want. Chachiji says what she meant by that, do we keep them bounded. Pankhudi says if you agree then she calls her mamaji. Sheela says why you are disturbing him again and again, I am here naa. She tells Chachiji, why you need power at this age. Chachiji says whether she did something to her childrens and says they tag her as step mom. Pankhudi says from today, Anuradha will take care of Kapil. She says no one will treat Kapil as a handicapped. He will have food by himself. Sheela thinks Pankhudi have gone mad. Chachaji says he accepts her conditions.

Pankhudi says her second condition is that everyone will have food together for one time, without fighting. She says it was nanu’s dream. And no one will try to break this house indirectly and directly. Chachaji accepts. Sheela praises her and says this is the small village girl who thinks of binding the house and not break it. She asks her to tell the third condition. Pankhudi says she wants Adi’s freedom in the next 4 days. She says she wants Adi to come back to this house, by hook or crook. Chachaji says how can it be possible, it is about the law, Avantika and Anuj tried a lot and 4 days time period is stupidity? Pankhudi replies that she wants Adi to be free in 4 days. Anuj says he is surprised that she is putting this condition. Anuj says you have hurt everyone, we are trying to keep him out. Chachiji says did you listen? Pankhudi says she don’t want to listen and asks did you accept my conditions else she would starts with the auction proceedings. Chachaji agrees and tells her to remember that she had hurt them very much. Chachiji says what is the guarantee that you will not change your mind after getting your conditions fulfilled. She says she wants a written statement. Pankhudi says she won’t write anything. Sheela says if we won’t be able to fulfill the condition then? Pankhudi says she don’t think that her condition would not fulfill? Chachiji asks Anuradha to get Kapil’s food to her room, Pankhudi says let Anuradha decide about Kapil’s food and his well being. Sheela tells Pankhudi that she is there with her. She says she don’t like Chachaji’s family and she is with her.

Pankhudi tells Latika to take tea for her as she is feeling pain. Latika says what nonsense and asks her to tell the servant. Pankhudi says prepare tea for everyone and let Shanky kaka taste your tea. Latika says shall I add poison to it. She looks at Rubel. Rubel says I told you to let her go, now suffer. He asks her to prepare strong tea for him. Anuradha says sorry to pankhudi for her doings. Pankhudi says she knows everything and asks her to not to feel scared. She says both of you shall move forward and do what you want. Govardhan mama says he will leave now and says Adi will be with you in 4-5 days. Pankhudi thanks him for his support. Govardhan mama says he can do anything for her. He leaves. Pankhudi thinks chote nanaji have to free Adi, he has to correct his mistakes.

Avantika says I read about these tests and the results would not be accurate. it is not full proof. Harish asks her to be positive. Avantika says Adi is nervous, he may say wrong. Harish says Adi can clear the tests. Vikram comes and says I like your confidence, he also wants to see the test results because he wants them to lose. Harish says truth everytime wins. Avantika says this test is not full proof and may be some errors can happen. Vikram says there is a errors possibility of 1: 1000 and your son isn’t lucky.

Kaira tells Pankhudi about her thoughts whether they will let Adi free, if they then their plan will be exposed. Latika says if they didn’t do anything then Pankhudi will auction the property. Rubel says Latika is fixed in Chachaji’s room and says they will make some plan. Pankhudi shows concern about Anuj and says he is feeling bad. Rubel says he will be proud of her once he gets to know the truth. Anuj says he can’t believe that Pankhudi is auctioning Nanu’s dreams. He says you was right about her, she is showing her true colours. Sheela says Pankhudi can sell her shares. she says we shall supoort the one who is winning and have to think about their betterment. Chachaji is bothered about Pankhudi’s conditions. Kapil says what about her conditions? Pankhudi says they will have to do it. Kaira says did you tell this to bua. Pankhudi says no, and says she will tell after going to Delhi and hopes Adi pass through all the tests. Rubel says he will be accompany her to Delhi. He says he wants to say sorry and wants to confess everything so that he would be at peace. Pankhudi and Kaira gets emotional. Rubel says he booked two different flights for them, she will go two hours before than him.

Preeti maasi calls Pankhudi, and says she reached there. She says don’t worry Bappa will do everything right. Pankhudi comes to Sheela and says we have to go to maasi, you didn’t get ready yet. Sheela says you are looking beautiful and says she will get ready in 5 mins. Shanky tells whatever you are doing is right. Shanky tells her that Chachiji says Anuradha and Revathi can’t go to the function. Pankhudi shouts and calls her. She says why you stop them from going to Puja? she tells Anuj that she needs a valid reason from Chachiji. she keeps quiet. Pankhudi says you are accustomed to control them but not anymore. It is my decision that they will go to the puja. She asks them to get ready to go to Puja. Sheela says she will get ready in 5 mins and asks Anuj to get ready too. She forcibly takes him inside. Pankhudi feels bad though.

Adi is taken for the Narcoanalyst test, while the Puja is going on in preeti maasi in laws home. All the Deewan’s family reach to the puja place and enjoys the Sri Ganesha welcome bhagan. Pankhudi is seen coming to the puja. Adi is taken to the room for the tests. Pankhudi prays with devotion and faith to Ganesha. Sameer asks Pankhudi about her. He says dont worry about Adi, Adi will clear all tests and we all will pray for him. Bappa will listen to our prayers. Sheela tells Kaira that Sameer’s kaka and kaki seems to be so rich, they decorated the house so well. Then she greets Preeti and says you are looking beautiful and happy. She greets Preeti’s in laws and says if Dadaji would have been alive then he would be happy. She asks Rubel to meet them. Nirmala says lets meet your chacha and chachi, Preeti says dont take tension about them.

While the Puja is going on, Nirmala feels uneasy and starts couging. Preeti asks what happened. Nirmala says don’t know, she got coughing suddenly. Again Puja resumes, Chachiji looks tensed, Chachaji looks at Anuradha and Revathi. Kapil has no option then to get involved in Puja. Nirmala praises Revathi and says you sang very well. She takes pankhudi for the Bappa darshan. Pankhudi says to Bappa that he is well aware what she wants. Anuj and Sheela offers their prays, Sheela says do some miracle so that all the property get back to me and send Manorama to sultanpur or other pur. She says just get her disappear from my home.

Avantika says why it is taking so much time for the tests, she asks him to go and check. Harish tells Avantika that today is the auspicious day, and have faith. Latika comes to Rubel and asks did you get any news about Adi. She says I hope he do any mistakes in nervousness and be in Jail.

Some guests asks Pankhudi that your husband is not seen anywhere, heard he is in custody. Pankhudi feels bad. Chachiji sasy you heard right, she feels pity on Adi. She says she is proud of Pankhudi as she is very courageous by coming to this puja. Pankhudi says Bappa will do justice. Pankhudi says you had promised me that you will free Adi in next 4 days, did you forgot. Chachiji smirks. Sheela tells Kaira about the unsweetened moadak to be auspicious. Nirmala offers some sweets, Pankhudi says aunty, Nirmala says is it not sweetened? Pankhudi nods yes. Nirmala says you are lucky you got this, Bappa will solve all problems and Adi will be free soon. Pankhudi gets a call and is scared to pick the call. The episode ends on her shocked face.

Vikram tells Adi that you have to go through the tests again. Human fear will make the person accept his sins. He says you are a child. Kapil says he will go to Delhi and do something to make sure that Adi won’t come out of Jail anytime.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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