Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone being happy knowing Pankhudi is alive. Ayesha is shocked. Adi goes out to see Pankhudi. Abhi mujh me kahin baaki thodi si hai zindagi…………………..plays………………….He sees a shooting star and thinks about Pankhudi making a wish seeing it. He closes his eyes and says Pankhudi. He is shocked seeing Pankhudi. He cries and shouts Pankhudi. Everyone hear him and rush out. They come outside the house and are shocked to see Pankhudi alive. They all cry. The inspector says she is in coma. Nani says don’t worry Adi, your love got her back from death, she will be fine soon. Avantika asks where did you get her.

The inspector says in Ghaziabad, we found she is Kullu’s landslide victim and we got informed. Bau ji thanks them for bringing his Pankhudi. The inspector says it was our duty and asks the ward boy to take Pankhudi inside. Harish says no, and asks Adi to take her. Adi lifts Pankhudi and brings her home. Ayesha says stop and everyone look at her. She brings flowers and welcomes Pankhudi by showering it in her way. Everyone smile. Adi walks in on the rose petals way. Ayesha keeps a smile on her face. Ayesha thinks of her prayer that she wants strength to live for Adi’s happiness by dying.

Avantika says lets take Pankhudi to her room. Everyone cry. Harish says we should call Dr Rustam for her checkup. Ayesha says she will call him. They go with Pankhudi, leaving Ayesha alone. Ayesha tells Nafisa that everyone is so happy and hides her tears. Nafisa feels bad for her and cries. Ayesha calls Dr Rustam and tells everything. Adi says welcome back to our room Pankhudi. They clean the bed. Avantika says stop it. She cleans the bed. Adi makes Pankhudi lie down on the bed.

They surround Pankhudi. Adi takes care of her sitting at her side. Rubel talks to Avantika and says sometimes it happens that victim does not get hurt in any dangerous accidents. Anuj says yes, dad was right, no one gets before time and more than fate. Avantika says where is Ayesha, it must be difficult for her, I want to talk to her. Rubel says lets give her some time. Nafisa comes to Ayesha and Ayesha smiles saying she is fine, its Allah’s miracle and this family’s love to bring her back. Nafisa asks is she really happy. Ayesha turns and cries. She says yes, its good news so I m happy.

Nafisa sees her crying and hugs her. The sisters cry sharing the pain. The inspector comes and says we suspect a foul play, someone has kept Pankhudi away from Diwaan Mansion. He says we wanted three thieves and I don’t know how they look and how they are, their identity change after every year. He says we got a lady in coma and we came to know she is Pankhudi. Rubel says why were they after her. He says even we don’t understand. He says we came to know Pankhudi was injured and a family gave her help, and she left then saying she will go to city and contact you all. Anuj says no, she did not call us, we believed she is dead.

Avantika says maybe she was fine in village and then she went in coma. Rubel says Adi searched landslide area for two years. Anuj says we all used contact and gave ad in papers, how did she get hidden from people. Avantika says maybe they have hidden her. She asks the inspector to find out and not involve media. He says fine, we did not tell anyone. Avantika says no one should know this. Anuj says right, happiness after long, no one should get this news. Rubel nods yes. Avantika thinks Pankhudi is back, I promise nothing will happen to you.

Dr.Rustam asks everyone to make Pankhudi feel nothing is unusual and she does not get any shock when she gets out of coma.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wonder. .who might be the one. Who wanted pankhuri not to come in dewwan mansion.. omg.. what if it’s one of the family members. .just love this show..its just unique!!!.well done writter

  2. Thats not real pankudi

    1. i think the theives are ayesha and her sisters…..beczz…they are 3 members…..

      1. they r nt 3 but 4 members

  3. I think Ayesha is real Pankhudi…

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