Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi coming to the wedding venue while everyone looks at her smilingly. Adi looks at her while the song plays cham cham pyasi ki chunariya.. banni aawe lake banna… plays in the BG. Dadaji and Diwakar holds her hands and takes her to the mandap/ pavillion. Adi holds her hand and they both looks at each other. Adi says in heart, you completes me, your troubles will be mine. Pankhudi says in heart, you gave me respect, new recognition,and I want to share every moment with you. They eye lock and smiles. Harish asks Pankhudi, what she is thinking about?

Sheela asks Adi to keep his head high. Adi bends down his head so that Pankhudi can put garland in his neck. Adi puts the garland in Pankhudi’s neck. Everyone claps while the title song plays. Adi and Pankhudi keeps on looking at each other smilingly. Harish jokes. Rubel says Adi and Pankhudi bhabhi, this is for you. Kapil plays the piano and sings the ‘welcome back’ song along with the family. Adi and Pankhudi smiles. Dadaji tells Govardhan mama that Pankhudi is going to her near ones.

Sheela tells Harish that they will click the photos. Harish says he will talk with Avantika. Nirmala asks Sameer to come for photos. He seems tensed, Nirmala asks what happened? Sameer asks her to come and says he wants to say something. Avantika comes and asks what is the matter? Sameer says he was just searching for Preeti. They leaves.

Payal 1 plans to steal Adi’s shoes. Shanky hears her plan. Chachiji says, can’t we stop Kapil from going? Kapil says it is a matter of some years? Anuj says you have to surrender tomorrow. Chachiji asks, did you tell to Anuradha. Kapil says no and says he will tell her. Rubel comes and calls Kapil. Shanky comes and says he heard girls are planning to steal Adi’s shoes.

Avantika asks Adi to get ready fast, Harish helps him. Rubel take care of Adi’s shoes. Sheela asks Adi to take the pheras/rounds fast and bring Pankhudi home. she asks them to plan a kid soon and says the baby will grow up with Preeti’s baby. Adi asks her to plan Rubel’s marriage and says he is going to marry now. Payal 1 steals the shoes with help of Anuradha. Kaira says Anuradha is Pankhudi’s friend so she is with girl’s side. Kapil and Rubel says it is about their prestige now. Shanky comes and says Adi’s shoes is in Govardhan mama briefcase. Rubel makes a plan with Kapil, and Kaira.

Sameer calls Sadanand and Nirmala. Sadanand asks what is the matter? He cries and hugs her. He says Preeti’s report came? Nirmala asks, what is in the reports?

Susheela mami tells Payal 1 not to be on phone always. Govardhan mama asks Payal 1 to take care of his briefcase. Shanky comes and says someone came for you. Sameer says Preeti’s kidney is not working and dialysis process have to start soon. And have to do the kidney transplant. Nirmala gets shocked. Sadanand says everything will be fine, we will get donors. Sameer says Doctor said that she may lose her baby because of kidney failure. Shanky tells Payal 1 that he will give the bag to Govardhan mama. Sameer tells Sadanand that I might lose my child. He hugs him and cries. Nirmala asks him to have faith on God and they will show preeti to a good doctor. Sameer says I hope so, She will be totally devasted if she loses her child. Sadanand asks him not to think negative and asks him not to upset anyone. He assures nothing will happen to Preeti and his kid. Payal 1 thinks no one came for me. Rubel says he gave the briefcase after taking out the shoes. Susheela mami comes and asks Payal 1. Rubel laughs.

While the mantras are being played during the marriage, everyone looks happy except Nirmala and Sadanand who are tensed. Preeti looks for Sameer. Pankhudi is brought by the family for the pheras while the song mann gulabi huyi khushiyan jo tumse mili plays in the BG. Pankhudi sits beside Adi and starts the rituals.

Sameer comes back, Preeti asks, where was he? Sameer lies saying he attended a important call. Preeti asks, what happened? Sameer looks tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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