Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Chachiji giving sarees to Anuradha and Revathi. Anuradha says it is your favourite sarees naa. Chachiji says she didn’t do anything and says this is her blessings for them. Anuradha sits in her legs and gets emotional. Revathi and Chachiji asks, why she is crying. Anuradha says that CBI people will take Kapil tomorrow morning. She wonders about his punishment. Chachiji blames herself and says she can’t take his punishement. She says Kapil is hiding his sadness. Revathi says bhaiyya doesn’t want us to get sad.

Kapil plans the Adi’s entry with Baraat. He tells Rubel that he wonders whether he will attend someone else wedding after this. Rubel asks him not to get senti and disheartened. Kapil says he will be back. Rubel bumps into Payal 1. She asks him to collect the flowers and get it on the entrance gate. Payal 2 comes and helps Rubel in picking the flowers. She says she will do, rubel says he will manage. Payal 2 says we will do together. Rubel looks at Payal 1 while Payal 2 looks at Rubel. Rubel thanks her and leaves.

Avantika tells Harish that she met Payal and she is sweet. Harish says Didi is tensed about her marriage and wants her to settle down soon. Manik chacha comes and says panditji comes and asks her to talk to him. Avantika says you and Chachiji are our elders and we are okay with your decision. Chachaji agrees. Adi comes and says Kaira is after him. She is asking him to get ready. Avantika asks him to get ready. Kaira says Pankhudi went to get ready. Adi says she took hours to get ready and I get ready in 10 mins. Kaira says him to get ready fast. Adi bumps into Sheela and spoils her makeup. Adi jokes that you are looking like a zombie and then says she is looking beautiful. Payal 2 comes and says you are very beautiful. Sheela gets happy.

Avantika and Harish comes to Pankhudi’s parents with gifts. Avantika asks them to wear the same clothes during the wedding. Harish asks them to accept it. Ambika praises Pankhudi’s luck. Kaira tells Adi that you wore the same dress in Preeti bua’s marriage. Adi says what is the logic that I can’t wear it again. Anuj asks him to follow the rituals. Chachaji says it was nanu’s dream to see him with safa(turban). Adi asks Chachaji whether Nanu liked safa. Chachaji says no and says he was like you. He asks him to get ready soon.

Pankhudi is getting ready for her marriage and wearing the jewellery while the song main gagan ki pari hun plays in the BG. Payal 1 and Ambika helps her in getting ready. Susheela mami asks Payal 2 to check on Pankhudi. Payal asks, why we are behaving as if God is coming instead of bridegroom. Susheela mami says you will know after you gets married. Payal 2 says she will get marry in mandir and not waste her father’s money. Govardhan mama gets angry on Payal 2. He says she will ruin our prestige. Payal 2 says she will take the shagun. She thinks of a plan. Govardhan mama says that groom’s family have come.

Everyone goes to welcome them. Chachaji and Chachiji step out of their car and greets Pankhudi’s family, followed by Avantika, Harish, Sameer, Preeti, Sheela, Anuj, Kapil, Anuradha, Revathi, Kaira and Rubel. Nirmala and Sadanand comes and greets them. Shanky comes with his friend. Payal sister Neha says it isn’t easy to steal Adi’s shoes. Payal says she will do it. Chachaji tells Dadaji that they came to take his grand daughter. Chachiji asks him to show Pankhudi’s face. Dadaji asks for Adi. Rubel says he is coming. Adi with turban, comes on a horse as he is geared up for his marriage in a true filmy style. Rubel and Kapil helps him step down. Adi comes and touches Dadaji’s feet. Dadaji blesses him. Harish asks him to call Pankhudi. Payal 1 says Adi has to wait for Pankhudi and have to prove that he deserves her. Sameer looks tensed. Diwakar takes Dadaji’s permission to start the rituals.

Ambika pulls Adi’s nose as a part of ritual. Sheela and Harish asks Adi to take care of his nose. Payal 1 says Adi has to follow Pankhudi after marriage. Sheela doesn’t like Payal 1 and tells Payal 2 that she is speaking about Payal 1. Rubel says shall we go to bring bhabhi. Payal 1 shows Pankhudi is coming. Pankhudi makes an entry as a dressed up bride. Adi looks at her.

Adi and Pankhudi puts the garlands on each other necks as the first step of marriage.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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