Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi thinking about Pankhudi. Adi thinks of their sweet moments. He hugs her clothes and misses her. Pyaar ka dard hai……………….plays……………..She hugs Pankhudi’s pic and says I want to feel you and want to get your soul in me. I can live without you but does not want to live. Adi cries. Ghalib cries and uses 100 tissues. He gets angry saying he will find Ayesha at any cost. Shanky comes to Adi and is happy seeing him at breakfast table. Adi eats sandwich. Shanky says maybe everyone will come for breakfast today. He says no one ate together since two years. Avantika meets Adi and comes to him. Adi cries.

He wears glasses seeing her. She looks at him and hugs him. She says how are you my son. She says you were alone, how did you manage. Adi says Gabbar and Pankhudi were with me. She says ya I know. She says Pankhudi will be back, we will get her. She cries. Sheela comes to them. She asks when did you come Avantika, where is Harish. Avantika says he is always late, I came to meet Adi. Sheela says so I was saying….. Avantika holds her hand and says not today. Sheela asks Shanky to make breakfast and something special. Rubel comes and says Adi, good morning. Adi nods. Sheela says did Payal wake up.

Rubel says no, she did not. Sheela is annoyed. Nani comes and scolds Sheela. Everyone ask Shanky to send food in their rooms. Nani is upset seeing the family not eat together. Ayesha talks to Ruksaar. She says we should go for shopping and meet Arif Sir. Nani comes to talk to Ayesha and asks her to stay at home. Ayesha misbehaves with her. Nilofer scolds her. Ayesha says I want to go out, we want to go for shopping, we will wear veil. Nilofer says no. Nani is shocked. Ayesha insists. Nani agrees and says there should be any mistake. Avantika tells Adi I missed you. Adi says even I missed you. She says bring Pankhudi back soon then we will all live happily like before. Nani talks to Harish and tells her about Ayesha.

Avantika comes and hears them talking about Ayesha. Harish says she is an amazing girl. Harish asks where is my son Adi, I want to meet him. Adi comes and says I m fine dad. Harish hugs him. Adi is still in Pakhudi’s memories. Adi says I can’t move on, its not possible. Adi tells Shanky that he is going out to take Gabbar. Ayesha convinces Nilofer. Nilofer says fine, you also come. Adi comes to the outhouse. Ayesha says I will see. Adi gets Rubel’s call and leaves. Ayesha opens the door and sees no one. Adi comes to meet Rubel in his office.

Rubel says see everyone are happy seeing you here. Rubel tells about Aparna, she came office and apologized, so he kept her back. Adi says good. He says when Pankhudi comes to know this, she will be very happy. Rubel brings Adi to his cabin and makes him sit on his chair. Adi feels restless and comes out. He sees Gabbar and calls him. Ayesha is also there and thinks he is calling her. Nilofer asks Ayesha to put the veil. She covers her face. Ayesha scolds him. Nilofer and everyone see Adi and are shocked. Adi hears Pankhudi’s voice and is shocked. He walks towards her.

Nilofer and Ayesha leave in a taxi. Adi runs after them. Ayesha looks out at him. Adi sees her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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