Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Varun speaking his heart out to Nani, but she does not hear anything as she is sleeping. Varun tells her everything about Vikram’s truth and that he truly likes Kaira. She then gets up and asks what is it. Kaira comes to call Varun. Varun leaves. Nani thinks what was Varun saying. Pankhudi’s mum have a talk with Bau ji. She says she forgot to call me. Bau ji says she is busy. They talk about elections. Amrita talks to Varun and asks him to do as Nani said and shift with Kaira. She says Nani loves you, she supports you, promise me you will go from this house. He says how can I leave you here alone. She asks him to go. Varun says I will talk to Nani in party.

Vikram comes there and claps. Amrita and Varun get tensed. Payal tells Pankhudi that Kaira is very happy. Pankhudi thinks about Adi and Vikram. She thinks whats going on, how can I help Adi. Vikram scolds Varun. Amrita asks Vikram to let Varun go, as he is getting money from Diwaans. Vikram says fine, and slaps Amrita. He hurts Amrita. Vikram warns Varun that he will not leave Amrita if he tries to be smart. He says I can kill Kaira. Varun and Amrita are shocked. Amrita says I will not let anything happen. Vikram says fine, then leave this house. Varun stops Vikram and promises him he will do as he says. He says fine, get ready, remember my eyes are on you, I m going for some important work and will be back soon. He leaves. Amrita cries.

Pankhudi comes to talk to Nani. Nani asks what happened. Pankhudi takes her suggestion about Adi. Nani says you can help him against his wish. Pankhudi is happy and hugs her thanking her. She leaves. Nani smiles. Vikram thinks he has to do something about Nani. Adi comes to meet him. Vikram says I want something from you. He says you all love Nani but she is creating problems in my home. He says throw out Nani out of the house before the party. Adi gets angry. Vikram sticks to his demands.Adi says no Vikram, this can’t happen, what do you think, we will agree to this, I m surprised to know you are insecure and scared of Nani, do you think she will influence Varun and spoil your game. Adi says she is part of my family, she will never go. Vikram wars about Kaira. Adi says you won’t understand relations. Adi says I will stand for Nani, don’t think we will do wrong with her. Vikram says think again, if Kaira………… Adi says nothing will happen to Kaira, as you did not get 175 crores yet. He says you will not harm your gold mine. Sameer comes there. Vikram asks what to do want Sameer. Sameer says its Preeti’s medical reports, she can’t work now, so I can take over the job, tell me when to join it. Adi says its your contract clause. Vikram is shocked.

Sameer smiles. Adi says inform me about Sameer’s joining, see you at the party. Adi taunts Vikram and leaves with Sameer. Rubel tells Payal that Adi is taking money to transfer it to Nani’s account for buying a house for Kaira and Varun. He says Nani wants Varun and is doing this to keep him in control, how can Adi do this, he believes in joint families. Payal says maybe Adi is not involved in this. Rubel says if Nani is making Varun apart from Vikram and Adi knows it, then I will not support Adi. Amrita tells Varun to be calm till Kaira is in the house. She says I have sent her to parlour. Varun says now we have to be careful.

Avantika says this is ridiculous, why did Vikram involve Nani now. Adi says he knows Varun loves Nani, Vikram is scared that Nani is influencing Varun and he may lose control on Varun. Amrita asks Varun to get ready. Varun says if Nani talks to me in party. Amrita says try to avoid, I promise I will not let you and Kaira stay in this house for long. Adi talks to Avantika about Nani. Avantika says i m proud of you Adi. Adi says don’t worry, we will see Vikram well, but Pankhudi and Nani should not know about this. Pankhudi thinks Adi is hiding something and she will find it in today’s party.

Harish tells Avantika lets go. Avantika says I don’t know why he called Adi to see arrangements. Harish says if Vikram thinks he can hurt our self respect, let him feel that, the point is Kaira, he can do anything, its better to be there to watch him. Avantika says yes, maybe Vikram’s mistake can come out. Sheela asks Pankhudi to get ready soon for the party. Pankhudi smiles. She asks Rubel about Adi’s problem. She says don’t feel bad of Adi’s words. Rubel says I m not upset, I know Adi, don’t worry, I did not feel bad. She says thanks. Rubel asks her about Adi taking 50 crores from company account. Pankhudi is shocked.


Pankhudi asks Adi when are you coming home. Adi says I m going to Vikram’s house. They have an argument.

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