Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Payal asking for decision making power. Rubel asks her to go to her room. Avantika stops him. A man walks towards the house. Avantika says fine Payal, every decision will be taken by only Payal, Pankhudi and I will not interfere in any matters. Adi says whats the difference, who takes the decision, the point is family should be united and happy. Pankhudi says yes, I m sure Payal will always take the right decision for everyone. Adi says they will not agree to take away rights from Rubel and they will take decisions asking Rubel. Anuj says no Adi. Avantika asks Sheela and Payal are they happy now. Few women ask for Pankhudi’s home. The guard says yes, this is the one.

Avantika asks Rubel and Payal to go and rest now. They leave. Harish says I think we should also move now. The guard tells Pankhudi that someone came to meet her. The oldies come and Pankhudi greets them. She says they have helped her after landslide, they took care of me and made me capable. Adi thanks them. Anuj asks how did they come Mumbai now. The lady says about a man who treated for for two weeks and then disappeared, he came with us. They call Ayush.

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The man comes in looking at the home. Pankhudi looks at him and smiles. Ayush walks inside and hugs Pankhudi smiling. Everyone find it a bit odd. Ayush asks are you fine now. Adi thanks Ayush for treating Pankhuid. Ayush says its ok. He asks her to give her hand and makes her wear the ring. He says its not fit. Adi says only I can make my Pankhudi wear the rung. Avantika asks whats going on. The ring falls in her feet. She bends to take it. Ayush says don’t touch, I will take it. He takes the ring.

Harish says why is he behaving like this. The lady tells everyone that Pankhudi knows Ayush is not normal. Pankhudi says yes, he is not mentally unstable, but he is slower than others. He has capability to have healing powers. Harish says yes, but why did you bring him here. The lady says his mind state is not well. Anuj asks about his parents. The lady says he did many favors on us, so we got him here to get his treatment done, if you can help too. Adi says we will help him, if you don’t feel bad, I will do all expenses of his treatment. The lady asks him to keep him somewhere, not in hospital.

He says we got him here saying he will get ring lady here. Sheela says why does he need other’s treatment. Adi says let us think for some time, you all rest in outhouse. Ayush asks will he get ring lady there. The lady says yes. Ayush takes Rubel walking sticks. He asks Rubel can’t he walk. Rubel says yes, I m lazy. Ayush says very bad. Avantika asks Ayush to go with others. Sheela says we can keep him at hospital. Adi says I was thinking shall we keep him in outhouse till he gets fine. Avantika says why, we are bearing expenses, then whats the need to keep him here. Sheela says what if he does something, he is weird.

Pankhudi defends him. Payal says we can’t keep any stranger here. Rubel says he is the one who treated Pankhudi. Adi says he can’t be alone in hospital, if he stays here, I m sure he will get recovered soon, he has saved Pankhudi’s life, we can do this for him. Pankhudi requests Payal. Payal says I m sorry, give him money, but he can’t stay here. She leaves. Rubel says he will talk to her, give me 10 mins. He goes after her.

He comes to Payal in their room. Payal cries and says I know Rubel, you are upset with me, you feel my demands are for my selfish desires. He says did I say that. She says I m sorry, I won’t give my rights back. He says he understands her, but he came to talk about Ayush, please permit him to stay in outhouse. She says he seems to be mentally unstable. I know he kept Pankhudi well, but we can’t be emotional, he is a stranger.

Rubel smiles and asks is her anger gone, lets sit and talk, I can’t stand for long, come. They sit and talk. He convinces her to give a chance to someone’s life if it can be made better from their hands, Ayush saved Pankhudi, even I want him to be with us till he gets fine. He says its simple, if we do good to others, it will be good for us. We can make his life better, please, do this for my happiness. Payal agrees. Avantika says I still think keeping Ayush here is not a good idea. Rubel and Payal come to them. Payal says she has no issue with keeping Ayush here. She says I don’t want any problem in Rubel’s life. Pankhudi thanks her and says Adi and I will take his responsibility.

Adi says I will call Ayush. Rubel says he already sent someone. Sheela asks Payal why did she change her decision. Anuj asks her to stop it now. Ayush comes with the oldies. Pankhudi says you will be with us. Ayush asks why, will you make me meet the ring lady. She says yes. He says then I will stay here, no problem. The oldies thank her. They say they will leave today, but will come to meet Ayush. Adi says you can come anytime. Pankhudi greets them. Adi talks to Ayush and says about everyone living in Diwaan Mansion. Ayush names Purshottam Diwaan. Everyone is shocked. Avantika thinks how does he know about our family.

Adi shows a room to Ayush. Adi touches his ring and annoys Ayush. Pankhudi asks Adi to apologize to Ayush and Adi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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